Leave Application to Go to Hometown

Sample leave application letter to go to hometown to meet family, friends, parents, grand parents for some days from office, factory etc.

Leave Application to Go to Hometown


The Marketing Director

MAC & Co.

Florida, USA

Sir, I am Kevin Belford and I am an employee in the sales department of your world renowned company. I have been working here for the past 4 years and I haven’t had any complaints. I am well treated and respected by all of my colleagues and clients. However, I have been working straight for a long time now and I haven’t taken any vacation. I have been feeling stressed out lately and dull. That is why I would like to go back to my hometown for a couple of days so I can spend some time with my family and freshen out. I have completed all my documents and delivered them to my colleagues as well. I will be available for contact if anything comes up. Kindly grant me leave for one week i.e. 7th November 2016 to 14th November 2016. I wish to continue working for you after the leave with the same enthusiasm as before. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Belford

Employee, Sales Department

Leave application to go to Hometown


The Coordinator,

JKL Properties Consultants,


Dear Sir,

It is respectfully stated that as per the local government circular, there is going to be a holiday tomorrow 20th December to express solidarity for the earthquake victims.

I have some issues related to our family agricultural land and I was looking for an opportunity to go back home and address the issues.

Let me take this day to go home and try to resolve the above mentioned problems.

My hometown is quite far from here and it takes around 9 hours to reach there. So I would like to add one extra day to this officially announced leave so that I can come back and resume my duties from 22nd Dec.

Please grant me leave from one day i.e 21st Dec and oblige.


Best Regards,


Sr. Consultant,

Residential and Commercial Property

Leave Application to Go to Hometown
Leave Application to Go to Hometown

Two Days Leave Domestic Work


The Manager,

Admin Department,

LESCO Lahore,

Subject: Leave Application for two days for some Domestic Work

Dear Sir,

I have some personal work at home. I need two days leave. Before accepting this application I want to inform you that I have completed all assignment that you assigned to me, because I always give the priority to my office work. I request you sir Please consider this application and allow me to leave for two days. So I would accomplish my homework. I need your kind approval.

Best Regards,


Admin Assistant

LESCO  Lahore

Leave Application For Go to Home Country

Sample Leave Application For Go to Home Country or Motherland, country of birth or country of your parents where you were born. Office leave application to go to home town for visit or meeting your family and parents.

Leave Application For Going to Motherland

The controller
Preston University

Dear Sir,

With all due reverence, it is stated that I need a leave of one month for visiting my home country. I am a foreigner and registered as boarder student. I do not originally belong to area of university. Every summer I have to visit my hometown to meet my family. My flight is due on coming Monday.

It is therefore requested that leave of one month be granted to me. It shall be very kind of you.

Yours obediently,


Leave Application for Visit United States of America

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am a arts student of 1sr year in your college. I have a good academic record and I have been in toppers of the class. The matter is that, my family is planning a visit to our native state America in the coming july, 2015. It has been 2 years we did not go there to visit our relatives. In order to visit America I will be needing leaves from the college.

So it is humbly requested that I need a leave for 20 days from college. This is submitted for your further necessary action and your kind approval. Please grant me the required leave at your contentment. I shall be very grateful to you for your kindness.

Looking forward to an approval to this application, thanking you in anticipation.

Shayne Ward,

1st Year Arts.

Leave Application To Go Motherland

Respected Manager HR,

I am Jamil working in Sharjah Sales office of M.H Materials from two years. Since I joined the company I never visited my home land and now I have plan to go to home country for one month leave. I request you to please grant me leave of one month of June so I will be able to meet my parents, siblings, other family members.

All of my family members missing me and I am feeling sad because they are calling me and ask me to visit the motherland. I hope on my return you will note my increased performance more happy personality and energetic to work hard on the job. Thanking you and waiting for your approval.

Sincerely yours,

Jamil Bhatti

Leave Application For Go to Home Country or Motherland
Leave Application For Go to Home Country or Motherland

Leave Application For Go to Home Country

Manager HR,
Company Name,
Location Address,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is humbly stated that I am living in your country for so long and working in multi international company of home appliance manufacturing. I live here in company employee apartments. All of my family members are in my home country and I am feeling home sickness. My mother is very aged remains ill due to backache. I want to go home and meet all family members as I am here for three years.

I am punctual in my duties and perform all tasks on time. Keeping my good reputation and punctuality under consideration please allow me to go back to home country. I’ll abide by all rules and regulation and will be here after vacations. I’ll be thankful.

Yours Truthfully,

John Smith