Insurance Claim For Minor Damage


Format of letter to insurance company to tell them about minor damage that has happened to your car, and now you want a small amount of money to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Insurance Claim Letter For Reimbursement


I am writing this letter to acknowledge you about the accident I had, last night. I was going towards my home when suddenly a motorcycle came in front of my car. I turned the wheels towards the footpath to save the motorcyclist, and my car hit the pole.

It is a minor damage. The bumper of the car is broken, and I want to claim my insurance for the minor damage.

Kindly, sort out my case on first priority so that the car could be repaired soon.

Thank You!

Insurance Claim for Minor Damage

To: Secure Home Insurance
South Dakota, United States

I am writing in regards to the minor 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit our city last night.The earthquake did not cause any extensive damage, however there has been water dripping from the ceiling throughout the house. Therefore, I believe some pipes on the upper level were knocked down, or broken.

I have called a plumber to inspect this, and upon completion of the repair, I will send the total cost, and bill for insurance claim.

Trina O’Hare
South Dakota, United States

Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address


Sample format letter to write to an insurance company for change of address in the client’s database as now they have moved to a different place.

Request Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

Dear Sir,

I am an insurance policyholder of your company, writing to inform you that my permanent residential address has been changed as I shifted to a new home at this address:
(write your complete address here)

My Creditiantials are below:
Name, Address, NIC, Insurance Number, Policy Number, Any Other

Please update your records, and you shall send all future mailing to my new address. I can provide any other information you may require for authentication. Thanking you in advance.


Your Name

Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

Dear EFU Director/Manager,

SUBJECT: Notification for the Change of Address

I have insurance in EFU for a long time, and I am a regular good client of your insurance company. Actually, I have moved from where I was living, and from the address, I have provided the time I started with EFU. So my postal address is changed now. I am writing you my new permanent address below, and I request you to please replace it, or correct it from my EFU account.

I want you to please change my address from your company’s record to avoid misunderstandings, or any inconvenience. I like your company, and its policies, and appreciated your efforts to make it better, and efficient.

Here is my new address;

Maria Scott
Avenue, Bank Square,
Main Boulevard England

Thank you so much.

Maria Scott

Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

 Dear Manager,

My name is Ali Haider, and I have an insurance account at Habib Bank Limited. I opened this account two years back, and at that time, I was a resident of Bahria Town. However, recently, my family shifted to Johar town permanently two days back, and sold the previous house. I request you to kindly change my address on my profile as I received emails from the bank monthly. Please make this change as soon as possible because it would be very inconvenient for me to pick any mail sent to the former address.

I have attached a file that contains my new address along with other identification information. You can contact me for any further details, and queries. I would be very grateful to you if you make this change as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Ali Haider

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone


Insurance claim for I Phone. Sample letter to send to insurance company when either your cell phone has been stolen, misplaced, or damaged then insurance can be claimed for either refund, or repair the damages.

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

Insurance Department, (Enter Mobile Phone Company Here).

To Whom It May Concern,
It is stated that I had a phone (Enter Phone Model Here) in my possession since the past six months; the phone was working fine until I lost it today at the supermarket. I tried finding it as hard as I could, moreover I even made announcements regarding my phone but it was nowhere to be found, maybe someone picked it up, or someone stole it, I am unaware of that.

I am writing this letter to claim my insurance for my lost phone, and requesting you to kindly send me a new phone as soon as possible. My insurance number is (Enter Insurance Number Here).

Waiting to hear back from the department

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

I am writing this letter to acknowledge you about the accident I just had, last night. My phone slipped out of my hand, and fell on the road while I was doing grocery in the super store. The store keeper is eye witness of this incident. My phone is completely dead since then. I want to claim my insurance for this loss. As per the insurance terms, and conditions, the company owes me a new phone.

Kindly, study my case urgently, and settle my insurance claim.

Thank You

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

To: Citi Phones Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am a customer who purchased a cellphone from Citi Phones back in the month of February. I have recently dropped my phone, and the screen has cracked. I would like to have the phone repaired.

I purchased my iPhone X in February of (Date), and along with it I had purchased the added 1 year drop-protection insurance for $200. Therefore, I expect the repair to be free of cost.

Please guide me through the process of sending the phone in for repair.

Matthew Edgar
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Cover Letter for Insurance Agent


Sample cover letter for Insurance Agent, entry level insurance agent.  Cover letter for insurance company job. Cover letter for insurance company no experience.

Cover Letter for Insurance Agent

The Human Resource Manager,
Alpha Insurance Company.

Dear Sir,

I have come to know that you need an insurance policy sales agent in your firm, and it is exactly the same job I am seeking for. You have stated in your add that you want an energetic, outgoing, and persuasive candidate, and I am exactly the same sort of person. I like taking challenges, and overcoming hard targets.

I also have experience of two years as an insurance agent in a well reputed insurance company, and I want to continue my career with your organization. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter. I am interested to meet you personally to discuss further details.

I hope you will grant me an appointment for interview soon.



Cover Letter for Insurance Agent

Designation that applying for,
Company name

Respected hiring committee!

I was waiting for quite a time now for your company to announce their yearly job openings, and as soon as I read your requirements list, I must say I checked all the boxes. I have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, and i have a work experience of total 4 years. I did my internship in one of the most prominent banks of the country, and after that I worked there as a junior insurance agent for about three, and a half years.

To work in a multinational company like yours is a long time dream of mine, and I hope to play a vital role on a journey of more success of your company.

Hope you find an interest in my application.



Letter to Insurance Company Requesting Payment


Lost the cheque request to give a new cheque from the insurance company. letter for repayment of insurance after you lost your insurance cheque.

Request Letter for Issuance of Insurance Payment

The insurance officer,
XYZ insurance company.

Respected sir,
I beg to say that I had my bike stolen away the past week. As my bike was insured I wrote the insurance claim letter to the appointed officer, and received my claim in the form of a cheque. However since I am moving houses I don’t know where I lost my cheque. I have tried my level best to find it everywhere but alas every struggle of mine failed miserably.

I am thus writing this application to request the insurance office for a new cheque of the same amount under my name, and cancel the previous cheque. The previous cheque number was (XXX-XXXX-XXX).
I hope you will understand my situation, my need, and issue a new cheque on my name as soon as you can.

Thanking you,


Mr. Bran Shaw, NIC insurance company,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that last week the cheque I received from your office was stolen that day. I immediately informed your accounts office about this mishap, and they cancelled that check. Now I request you to issue me another cheque as my payment is due, and I am in urgent need of cash. I shall be really thankful to you if you take a quick action to my request.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark Aloha

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods


Sample letter to claim insurance for stolen goods, robbery, theft, or pirates etc from insurance company.

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

The Manager,
Safe Life Insurance

Dear Sir,

I am a businessman, and I have a departmental store. I purchased an insurance policy for my business five years ago having policy no 54321 which ensures recovery from insurance company of any goods stolen from store in case of any theft. I have been paying the yearly premium regularly, and my policy is active.

Unfortunately, some thieves broke into the shop last night, and stole miscellaneous inventory worth $5000. I am writing this to claim for my loss. Kindly, ensure that my loss gets recovered as soon as possible so that I may be able to repurchase the lost items which are necessary for running my business. A copy of police report, and other relevant evidence regarding the incidence is enclosed with this application for the purpose of your review, and verification.

I hope that I would be entitled to my claim at the earliest, and I thank you in anticipation.

Oliver Finch

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

Dear Sir/Miss,

Recently I came across a bad experience of robbery. All the house hold goods have been taken by robbers. They stole everything from the house. I, and my wife were out, but when we came back faced this tragedy. It’s a big lose for us but the good news is that we have the insurance of all the stolen goods.

I would like to request to please do the recovery of stolen goods as soon as you can, as me, and wife have insurance of all the stolen goods. It was really a blessing that we had done the insurance.

Looking forward for your response.

Name : James David
Address: 36 hasten, block C, New Jersey, USA

Sample Appeal Letter for Speech Therapy


Sample appeal letter for speech therapy, letter of medical necessity for speech therapy. letter to get insurance for speech therapy.

Appeal Letter For Speech Therapy

United Kingdom,

Respected Mr. Charles Tansley,

With due respect, I want to say that I have speech problems. I have to learn public speaking skills for that I need a good voice, and I also intend to apply for a job in a radio which also requires the same. I have heard of you as a very famous doctor for speech therapy, and some of my acquaintances also had the best experience with you. But the problem is that your secretary gave me the time for next year to come if I have to see you. The problem is that my career will be ruined, and as the only breadwinner earning a job is very important to me.

Sir, I want to appeal that please give me time for this year, and as early as possible so that I am able to save my family from financial crises. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,
Arthur Miller

Insurance Appeal Letter for Speech Therapy

The Recovery Department,
Health Care Insurance Services

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of James Richardson, a ten year old child who is suffering from fluency disorder, and is facing challenges to speak properly. This is causing serious problems in his education as well as his social life. His earlier application was denied by your company as you do not consider it a diagnosed illness according to your policy. But it actually is a diagnosed illness according to international standards, and is caused by neurological disorder which is curable by getting a speech therapy. Moreover, it is a serious issue related to healthcare. So, I urge you to reconsider this case, and kindly accept this appeal application, and sanction claim for prescribed therapy. Opinion of some recognized medical practitioners is attached with this appeal. I hope this will help you take an appropriate decision in this regard. I thank you in anticipation.

Richardson Daniel
F/O James Richardson


Insurance Claim Letter for Loss


Sample application letter to claim insurance for burning in factory, machinery, loss of plant, or factory, production unit etc.

Insurance Claim Letter for Machinery


Mr. Liam Payne

Director Claims

IGH Insurance

Nevada, USA

Sir, I am Jackson Abraham, and I am a client at your company for over a decade. I opted to require services for my business’ insurance for which I have been paying an insurance premium timely. Sadly, there has been an incident at the factory recently. Due to some technical, and electrical fault, the mixing machine burnt out resulting in burning the sheets, and ruining the whole batch as well. I wish to appeal for insurance claim for the above mentioned loss estimating to $50000. I hope this matter is taken in notice seriously, and promptly.

Yours sincerely,

Jackson Abraham

Datt Town, Houston

Texas, USA

Insurance Claim Letter for Loss

Request Letter for Vehicle Insurance Claim

Mr. Alex Thornton

Head Claims

ABC Company,



Dear Sir,

I am wishing for your good health.

This is with reference to my motor vehicle policy no. XXX being underwritten by your Company’s Underwriting Department on the request of your Branch located in West Ham City dated 23 June, XXX for the purpose of insuring my brand new Honda City having model no. XXXX.

It is to bring into your attention that the above referred car had stolen from my house dated 15 January, XXX for which FIR was duly submitted in the police station of my town. For your ready reference, the copy of FIR is enclosed herewith.

As per my entitlements under the policy, please process my claim of $ 10,000, and direct the surveyor to visit my home at your earliest.

I am looking forward to seek positive response from your side, and I will be really obliged for your kind favor.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor

House No.1, Street No. 2


Letter for Insurance Policy Cancellation


Sample application letter to cancel the insurance policy you have purchased, or supposed to purchase from an Insurance Company. Letters are available to cancel all type of insurance policies below. Letter to insurance company requesting cancellation of your insurance policy/insurance contract etc. Sample auto insurance cancellation letter to agent or insurance agency.

Letter to Cancel Health Insurance

State Life Insurance Co.,
Lahore, Pakistan

Respected Insurance Company,
I have to say that I want to cancel the health insurance policy I have bought from your company. The reason behind this is that the reports on whose basis I had bought the policy have turned out to be erroneous. I had my medical tests again, and they have turned out to be negative for the particular disease.
So, I want you to cancel that Insurance policy on my name. I shall be very thankful to you.
Your Customer,

Letter to Cancel Life Insurance

Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd.,
Lahore, Pakistan

Respected Company,
I have to say that I want to cancel the life insurance policy I had bought from your company. The reason behind this is that I can no longer pay for it as my business has collapsed, and it is difficult to pay for it now.
So, please cancel it. I shall be very thankful to you.
Your Client,
Bill Gates

Letter to Cancel Loan Insurance

Jubilee Insurance Co. Pvt. Ltd.,
Lahore, Pakistan

Respected Company,
I have to say that I want to cancel the loan insurance policy I had purchased from your company for the reason that I no longer require it for my company, and it will become expensive for me if I continue to pay for the insurance installment.
I would request you to cancel the insurance policy I bought from your company. I shall be very thankful to you.
Your Client,
Diego Vas

Letter to Cancel Insurance Policy

The manager, IFG life insurance company, US

Respected sir,

I MR. J K Smith, would like to tell you that I have signed an insurance policy with you last week but as I researched I got to know that there are other companies that are offering a good policy than your company, I would like to cancel my deal with you as I am interested in somewhere else. I will visit you tomorrow for all the formal processes. I hope you will understand the customer’s demand, and will provide good policy next time. Thanks.


J K Smith, US

Letter to Cancel Insurance Claim

The manager, IGF insurance company, UK

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I have claimed insurance for my lost car last week  but fortunately I have found my car back, and now I wanted to cancel my claim request as I don’t need it now. I am very thankful to you as you responded to my request so quickly, and you have always been there in the time of need. Thanks


Mr. John David, UK

Letter for Insurance Policy Cancellation

Mr. Charles Whitmore
Directing Manager
HHB Insurance Co.
Texas, USA

Sir, I am writing this letter as a written notice for cancellation of my insurance policy. With full regret, I have to inform you that the change in your policy plan did not satisfy me therefore I would rather not continue it. Kindly accept this letter, and refund the unused amount of my insurance premium. With this letter I also advise you to seize monthly deductions from my bank account for the premium. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours respectfully,

David Afrom
Texas, USA

Letter for Car Insurance Cancellation

SBY Insurance Company,

Subject: Cancellation of Car Insurance

Dear Sir,

It is duly submitted that I am going abroad so I have to sell my car. My car (Registration No IHA-9898) has been insured by your company vide insurance policy # SBY/36355/16. It is requested to please cancel the said Insurance as soon as possible. I shall be grateful to you.

Best Regards

Jamshaid Ali,
Garden Town, Lahore

Letter for Insurance Policy Cancellation

Application for Cancellation of Endorsement Insurance Policy

Dear insurance company,

I am writing to you because I had an amendment made to my existing contract for my home insurance. I would like to cancel it Please because I have spoken to my husband, and we would like to change company due to the lack of polite customer service you have given me. I have had a few problems when I came to my endorsement insurance policy, and it is due to this that me, and my husband think that it would be easier to just cancel this one, and start a new with a different insurance company.

Thank you for the understanding.

Yours sincerely,


Letter to Claim Health Insurance


Sample application letter to insurance company for claim of medical, and health insurance due to surgery, sickness, accident injuries etc.

Letter to Claim Medical Insurance


Mr. Kevin Presley

Director Claims

EFF Insurance Co.

Florida, USA

Sir, I am writing this letter to claim my health insurance as I am suffering from a heart disease. Doctors at Laxan Hospital have informed me about the surgery that I have to undergo next week which costs approximately $30,000 including medicine charges. The dues must be paid before Friday. My insurance number is HK-0912. I am willing to provide you with any documents that are required. I hope you would treat this matter at the earliest as it is very important. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Flanagan

Miami, USA

Letter to Claim Health Insurance


Mr. Randolph

Manager Claims, and Services

ICI Insurance Co.

Texas, USA.

Sir, I am Mr. Harrison Ford, and I am your client over the last 3 years. I have been depositing timely payments on me, and my family’s behalf. With full regret, I have to inform you that I have had a car accident last week. A truck crashed into my car from the back, and the case seemed to be of drunk driving. Thanks to Almighty God that I survived but I suffered a broken right leg, and severe shoulder injury. After a surgery, and weeks rest, I am finally at home, and able to walk with crutches. Therefore, I would like to make a health insurance claim. I have attached all my medical reports, and bills with hope that they will be reimbursed by your company. I would surely visit you once I will able to drive on my own. Thank you for your cooperation.

Harrison Ford

Gilbert Street

Texas, USA

Letter to Claim Health Insurance