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Offer Letter for Part Time Employment

Sample Job offer letter for part time employment or part time job to hire new employees for your office, school, business, factory or company.

Offer Letter for Part Time Employee

Respected Kanza Faisal Khan,

Thank you very much for your interest in writing for some of my projects. Actually I have some projects as part of my life where I need to write almost all kind of letters, applications, proposals, memos, speeches, certificates and much more. The only rule I follow is: All the writings must be original and they must not include any single copied sentence.

As you are a fresh graduate I am sure your participation will add much more new(vocabulary, sentences) to these topics that is why I requested your attention.

What you have to do:

I will provide you the topics and you are required to write them in your own writings and good English. If you feel any topic is confusing, not clear, isn’t easy to write, you can skip it. You just need to write the only topics where you feel that you can write it better way.


As I told you this isn’t a big deal so payments are also small. We are paying $1USD for 100 words. Normally one letter or application contains 80 to 150 or more words.

This is not something that I will provide you all the work at once and you will need to do that all. I will send you the topics in small numbers (as per my requirements) so it would be easy for you to do this in your spare time. There are no other hard and fast rules so Whenever you want to stop you will get the payment and whenever we don’t have the work so you can have rest.

Don’t consider it a job of any kind this is just time passing, fun type activity which keeps your mobile charged with top-ups, give you a chance to have party with friends, sometime time give you pocket money. This will be on your wish and convenience to write the topics, the only one rule you have to follow is no copy paste allowed at any cost even for a single sentence. All the topics we write are easily available on internet but our job is to write them in our own words and vocabulary. I am offering you because I need your contribution in my projects.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Warm regards,


M. Sami Ullah


Job Offer Letter for Part Time Employment
Job Offer Letter for Part Time Employment

Reply to Employment Verification Letter

Sample reply letter for employee verification from old employer, bank, govt department or any other concerned place.

Employment Verification Letter Template

Mr. Ehsan,

Manager Corporate House

RST building, MN Road,


Dear Sir,

Subject: Employment Verification

This is with reference to captioned subject and your inquiry letter no. XXX/XXX/XX dated February 06, wherein you requested us to verify credentials of Mr. Ehsan Zahid newly recruited by your good self:

Please find below the needful:

Name:                          Mr. Ehsan Zahid

Employee Code:          110

Designation:                 Chief Financial Officer

Last Drawn Salary:      Rs. 300,000

Years of Service:         10 years

Performance:               Excellent.

Moreover, we may inform you that we have no pending settlements with him and we issued NOC to this effect. May you desire any further information, feel free contacting us.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Hashim Zahid.

Answer to Employment Verification Letter

To General Manager,

Human Resource Division DESCON

Respected Sir,

With respect, this is General Manager Human Resource NESPK writing. WE received an employment verification letter from your firm on 15th of June, 2015. It was dispatched for verification of work experience of our former employee John Smith. It is to inform you that John Smith worked for NESPK Engineering Services from July 2008 to June 2014. During his work he was the team lead of the Bhasha Dam Project. He has successfully completed this task. That is all related to his work experience at NESPAK here by verifying the fact that all details he has mentioned in his experience letter are true.

I wish him good luck and glorious success in your firm. I hope that I have replied to your confirmation letter in time.

Best Regards,

General Manager Human Resource


Reply to Employment Verification Letter
Reply to Employment Verification Letter

Thank You Letter For Job Offer Example

Sample letter to thank for the job offer with a reference or without reference to the employer.

Thank You Letter for Job Offer Acceptance

Respected HR Manager.

I am very thankful to you from the deep of my heart for offering me the job opportunity. From Mr previous job experience I believe that you will find me much more than your expectations in terms of my devotion, commitment and efficiency on the job.

I am also happy to say that now I will be on the right job according to subject specialty and major area of my studies. Once again thanking you and I will be waiting for job appointment letter as acknowledgement of the job posting.

Sincerely yours,

Yasir Hameed

Letter to Confirm Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Sir,

It is intimated that I received your letter regarding my selection as an assistant director in your office. Infect it is a moment of great pleasure and satisfaction for me that your selection board choose me for the position. Sir I want to confirm that I accept your offer and  I am available for this post. Sir I will resume by the date which has been mentioned for me to join.

Thanking you

Thank you letter for job offer acceptance
Thank you letter for job offer acceptance

Job Termination Letter in Urdu Format

Sample job termination letter in Urdu language available to end the jobs of employees, drivers, officers, executives, security guards, daily wagers and newly hired staff members etc.

This letter is available in the image format and you can use this termination letter to terminate lower staff of your company. Letter is written in Urdu Language that is why it can be used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. You can write new letter in Ms Word and In-page for Urdu language.

Job Termination Letter in Urdu
Job Termination Letter in Urdu Language

Rejection Letter Sample for Job Applicant

Format of rejection letter sample for job applicant after the written test or interview for any position.

Rejection Letter After Interview

Dear Ms. Sobia Yaseen,

Thank you very much for your precious time to appear in the written test and interview for the post of management trainee. According to our company policy and employee selection criteria your are not selected for job offer. Furthermore your resume and others test reports are available in our record and in future we can shortlist you for relevant posts in this field.

Thanking you again and hope for the best.

Sincerely yours,

Nimra Sami
Manager HRM

Interview Rejection Letter Sample After Written Test

Dear Ms. Sonia

After review of your written job test results we are informing you that you are not falling in the selection list of interview candidates. We always provide work opportunities to new talent and for one next year we will keep your resume in the queue list for further opportunities.

Thanking in anticipation,


Nimra Sami
Manager HRM

Rejection Letter Sample for Job Applicant
Rejection Letter Sample for Job Applicant

Mr. Tony Oscar,

House No.0000, Super Town, Glasgow.

Rejection Letter for Job Offer from Employer

It is hereby intimated that your request of applying for the job of telephone operator in our company has been rejected by the competent authority. The company requires employee in between age of 20 to 30 years. As you have grown more than 30 years of age that’s why your request could not be entertained. However, you are encouraged to apply for our next jobs which may come soon probably in February of next year.

Hoping the best of luck next time.

Henrik Ibsen,
Deputy Director (HR),
London Fire & Rescue Service

Rejection Letter for Job Applicant

Mr. Herry John,

Respected sir,

Thanks for applying for the position of marketing media manager in nestle. We are sorry to inform you that your qualification and experience does not fulfill our job requirements and you have also not clear our required competency online test. We wish you all the very best for your future and expect much better performance from you. Thanks


Team HR, nestle

Job Application In Urdu Format Free Download

Sample job application format and letter in Urdu Language is available for free download. You can change the contents of this application for job in Urdu as per your requirements. But remember Urdu job application is acceptable only in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh for limited blue collar jobs. This application or letter for job in Urdu Language can be used for jobs in factories, production units, mills and offices for lower management positions.

For job applications in English Language you can visit Job Application Samples here.

Job Application in Urdu Language Image Format

Job Application In Urdu Language Format Free Download
Job Application In Urdu Language Format

You can change this application for any job you want to do as per your need. This application is written in Urdu for female ” درخواست برائے نوکری“to apply as accountant.

You can also request us in the below comments form to write any other application for you very quickly.

Download Links:

Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download

Sample Appointment Letter For Job in Word for Micro-finance Officer. Appointment letter format for temporary employees.

Appointment Letter Format for Employee

Robert & Co.
Mr. David Warner
North Street Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Warner

It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that you have been selected by the governing board of the company for the post of HR Manager. We wish you best of luck with this new job.

You are directed to report in the north wing of the company to Mr. Carlos who will be your trainer on September 12th 20XX sharp at 9:00 am.

I once again congratulate you for your achievement. I hope you will enjoy your experience in our company.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact us on this number 67474823478 in case of any quires.


Joy Root
HR Executive

Job Appointment Letter

Ms. Hammna Bibi
Gulberg III,
Contact No.

Dear Ms. Hammna,

With reference to your application for employment and subsequent interview, we are pleased to offer you employment with The First Bank Limited as Micro-finance Officer with effect from December 15, 20XX subject to receiving satisfactory references from two persons not related to you, clearance and reference from previous employers, and acceptable medical examination reports. Your organizational grade will be BG III.


Your employment will be governed by the rules applicable to the staff of the Bank and as amended from time to time.


You will export to Branch Manager or any other person designated by him.


The offer is conditional upon your being prepared to work and to travel or stay in any part of Pakistan or abroad as the Bank may require. Your services may be seconded by the Bank or any other organization or entity as the Bank may think fit from time to time.

Your first posting shall be at New Lahore Branch.


Your monthly gross salary will be Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only). This incorporates all statutory wage adjustments applicable to your compensation. Breakdown of your gross salary will be provided later on.

Facilities such as leave, gratuity and provident fund will be provided to you from the date of confirmation, in line with the Bank’s policies, with may be revised from time to time.


You will be eligible for medical benefits in line with the Bank’s policy.


You will be on a probationary period of three (3) months. During probation, you will be required to undergo job training. Your appointment will be confirmed on satisfactory completion of the training and probationary period.


Your services during the probation period will be terminable at one week’s notice. On confirmation of your services, termination notice will be of One(1) month from either side, or pay one month Gross Salary in lieu of the notice period.


Your remuneration will be reviewed in accordance with the Bank’s policy and will be based on the evaluation of your performance.


Taxes on your salary will be deducted in accordance with Pakistan Tax Law each month. Filing of personal tax returns will be your responsibility.


You shall not disclose or divulge except to persons having authority to require such disclosures under the law, any confidential information with respect to the Bank and also matters related to the customers of the Bank.

The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the expiration or the termination of this agreement. You have agreed not to do anything, which would prejudice the interest of the Bank. The terms of this offer are confidential and form the basis of a contract between you and the Bank.

An additional copy of the letter is enclosed. If you accept this offer of employment on the conditions outlined above, please sign the duplicate copy in confirmation and return to us immediately.

All of us at The First Bank Limited look forward to a mutually rewarding association with you.

Sincerely yours,

M. Samiullah
Acting Head, HR & Training

I have read the foregoing letter and I accept the offer on the conditions outlined above.

Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download
Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download

Date:                                              Signature:

Appointment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample Appointment Letter for Teacher Job from school free download. Format of teaching appointment letter is free and very good example for school, college and academy teachers.

Job Appointment Letter to Teacher

The City School,
Gulberg, Lahore,

Respected Miss Nicholas,

It is to inform you that on the basis of your education and other skills, our School has decided to appoint you as a teacher. Please confirm other details related to your job from the administration block of our School.


School Management

Appointment Letter for School Teacher Job

Respected Sir,

This letter is written to you as an appointment letter for the job of our school. You have been selected as the teacher to our junior classes. You are requested to join as soon as possible.


Beaconhouse School System

Teacher Appointment Letter

Ms. Minahil Qasim
Assistant Teacher Physics
LGS School


Dear Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am pleased to inform you about your selection and teaching job confirmation for the post of Assistant Teacher for Physics for A Level at LGS school with the effect from 13 April 20XX. All the terms and conditions with other benefits are mentioned on the attached employment agreement form.

I congrats you and welcome you on behalf of all the teaching and administration staff of LGS School. Now you are the family member of LGS teaching staff and I hope that we together will work very hard to achieve the goals of our school.

Sincerely yours,

Manager HR Services

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Dear Ms. Kanza, Congratulations!
This is to notify for your appointment as English teacher from 18 July 20XX. We welcome you on behalf of our school, teachers and administration staff members at faculty of Beacon House School System.

Please report to your section head Mrs. Tanzeela on 18th July with your original educational certificates. You are also requested to fill the enclosed employment biodata form required for this job and submit it to the HR Department.

Your probation period is for three months starting from 18th July 20XX. After your probation you will be able to get all the benefits officer by school to its permanent faculty members. We wish you best of luck.


Head HR Department

Appointment Letter for School Administrator

Dear Ms. Fatima, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview on 12th July 20XX. You are requested to join our school immediately as administrator and report to HR Department. All terms and conditions are enclosed with this appointment letter. We again congratulates you for your appointment on behalf of teaching and administration staff.


Head HR Department

Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School
Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample appointment letter for school teacher, principal, private school teacher, secondary school teacher in India, Pakistan, Europe, USA, UK, EU, UAE and middle east countries. Best letter of appointment for hiring teachers for school job at any position with salary and confirmation of job offer.

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Respected Ms. Laraib Sami,

Writing this letter on behalf of OBTC School System, we are pleased to inform you that on grounds of your interview and the tests that you qualified, the school management offers you an opportunity to serve as a computer teacher at our school. The salary offered to you is Rs. 40,000 per month. Its an honor for us to hire a competitive candidate like you. You are advised to give proper notice of your intention if you want to join the job offered by us.

Thank you

Principal & Signatory

Teaching Appointment Letter Sample

On behalf of The Trust School, Sabzazar campus, we are hereby pleased to let you know that the School Management Committee is offering you an exciting opportunity to serve as a Junior School Teacher at our campus. You are selected on merit after conduction of your test, interview and demonstration.

The monthly salary offered to you is PKR 17000/- with free pick and drop service. It is a best opportunity for you to work in a competitive and challenging environment and prove yourself as well as avail the chance of grooming yourself.

Please let us know about your consent by a formal thanks letter within one week, if u wish to join the school with the salary and services offered. Thank you

Appointment Letter for School Teacher
Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment letter for School Teacher of any subject like computer, math, English, science, physics, chemistry, biology of any position like senior teacher, junior teacher, or principal etc.

Employment Confirmation Letter for Permanent Employees

Sample Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer for permanent jobs. This letter is to be issued after or at the end the probation period for welcoming the employees as permanent staff of the company. The job confirmation letter for employee or staff can be used for any post like, officer, executive, manager, supervisor, director, CEO or contract based job.

Job Confirmation Letter from Employer

Mr. James Docks, Alex Traveller, US,

Respected sir,

I would like to inform you that your trial period is off now and you have done a perfect job. We hired you on weekly salary basis in order to check your performance but now company has decided to make you a permanent employee and fix your salary on monthly basis. We wish you a good luck. Thanks.


Team HR, Alex travellers, US

Employment Confirmation Letter Format

Dear Atif,

This letter is to inform you that you have been made permanent employee of our company. The probation period of two months had come to end. After analyzing your work company have decided to make you a permanent employee of our company. From now on wards you can mention your designation and our company name with your signature.

Further you have all the perquisites which are provided to our permanent employees. You are liable towards your job to the company. From now you are required to provide a notice of a month when you are going to change your job. we hope you would work with great motivation and determination.

Sincerely Yours,

M. Haroon, Head Group HR Policy

Letter for Permanent Job Position

Ms. Urooj Ashraf
Microfinance Officer,
The First Bank


Dear Ms. Urooj Ashraf,
I have pleasure in informing you that you have successfully completed the probationary period and your employment with the bank is confirmed as Micro-finance Officer with effect from March 15, 20XX. You will be accordingly entitled to all facilities and benefits embedded in the appointment letter dated December 19, 20XX and other terms and conditions as stated in the appointment letter will remain unchanged.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the family of The First Bank Ltd and look forward to your long and enriching association with the bank. I believe that you can contribute greatly to the achievement of the Bank’s goals. In doing so, I am sure you will find this experience rewarding and enriching.

Truly yours,

Manager HR Service

Employment Confirmation Letter Format from Employer

Dear Mr. Philips

It is intimated that you have been on probationary period since last year. Your performance regarding your professional knowledge and its practical implementation, your behavior and interaction with your superiors and colleagues has very closely been monitored /evaluated which is found satisfactory.

I am therefore pleased to inform you that your probationary period is hereby terminated and you are permitted to continue your service in the existing position as a permanent confirmed employee.



Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer
Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer

Application for Rejoining The School, College or University

Sample Application for Rejoining the College, University or School after long leave or vocations by teacher, professor, assistant professor, principal, headmaster, senior teacher etc.

Application Letter to Rejoin Job as Professor in College

The Principal,
Kinnaird College for Women,

Subject: Request for reemployment after medical treatment

Dear Ma’am,

With due respect, it is stated that I have  served at Kinnaird College for Women, for 17 years. As you are aware, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and so due to my deteriorating health I had resigned then. Now that my medical treatment has completed successfully, I humbly request you to kindly reemploy me as the assistant professor applied psychology department. Attached with this application is my medical certificate declaring me fit for this job. I look forward to continue working earnestly at Kinnaird College, a place which is like a second home to me.

Looking forward to a positive response from you.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,


Rejoining The School After Leave

Respected sir,

I wasn’t in town. Will join you as soon as I find the opportunity to. I will most probably drop by tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll be there on Saturday.



Rejoining The College After Resignation

Dear Principal,

I “Sumbal Arif” left the college three months ago due to health issues. Now I am fully recovered and medically fit to rejoin the teaching job again. I request you to please give me an other chance if any position is vacant relevant to my profession.


Sumbal Arif

Rejoining The University After Absents

Dear Sir,

I’ Komal Sami visiting faculty member for Business classes. I was absent for two weeks from the University due to my father’s health. My father is heart patient and two frequent heart attacks sent him to hospital in ICU. I am elder one in my family so it was my first responsibility to take care of my father. Now my father is released from the hospital and he is happy at home. This is why i was absent from the University. I request you to please consider this as leave application from me and allow me to join my classes. I will be thankful to you.


Komal Sami

Application for Rejoining The College, University or School
Application for Rejoining The School, College or University