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Job Termination Letter Format

Sample job termination letter for employees, staff members, managers, officers, contract employees. Sample job termination and suspension letter to employee involved in fraud, grouping, poor performance, misbehavior etc available for free download in word and pdf formats. Employment termination letter normally used for employee after expiry of contract, poor performance, misbehavior, misconduct with senior, manager or boss.

Job Termination Letter to Employee/Supervisor

Mr. Kumar,
Area Supervisor.
Mac Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Dear Sir,

I am sad to inform you that in the wake of ongoing rising inflation and deteriorating economic condition of the country, our organization is facing high financial pressure and we are compelled to terminate some of our staff members to lighten the burden. Unfortunately, the committee assigned for this purpose has proposed for the termination of your services as you could not meet the sales target for last three months and you were not able to deliver under pressure.

So, you will be relieved of your duties from this organization at the end of this month and all your outstanding bills will be cleared instantly. We wish you best of luck for your future.


Adam Hopkins
Mac Pharmaceuticals ltd

Employee Termination Letter Format

Dear Employee,

It is to inform you that due to your unsatisfactory work and your non-serious attitude, you have been terminated from your position as a manager from the Cape Industries Co. Ltd. You are no longer an employee of Cape Industries Co. Ltd.


Cape Industries Co. Ltd

Job Termination Letter Sample in English

Syed Qamar Abass
AH Foundation
Defense Campus

Subject: Termination of Services with effect from 12th Jan
The management of AH Foundation has decided to terminate your employment services with effect from 12th Jan. You were found guilty of misbehaving and using abusive language with following persons:

  • Syed Ali – Cashier, assistant accounts & administration
  • Mr. Amir – Watchman
  • Mr. Asif Iqbal – Driver

Please contact accounts officer for your final settlement bill.

Atif Naveed

Manager Administration
AH Foundation
DHA Campus
Hon. CEO.
Hon. Director
Manager HR
Accounts Officer

Job Termination Letter Format
Job Termination Letter Format

Sample letter of termination from employer to employees or staff members of the company. You can use this termination letter for employees to sacking employees, kick out the employees from the company of any post.

Letter of Termination Format


Subject: Letter of Termination

Dear Mr/Ms.__________,

As you know the current scenario of our company, we are facing acute shortage of funds because of decline in sales aroused due to bad slump in international market. We are not in a position to continue with our same expenditures; here we regret to say that we’ll have to layoff a number of employees. Moreover the management of the company has also decided in the meetings that when we’ll come out of this phase we’ll first priorities you for next inductions. We feel worth with our valuable employees and we believe on the concept of belonging with employees.

However, this decision of laying off is effective immediately. You will be paid today salary of Dec and Jan, salary will be paid on 28th February.

We wish you the best in your future.


Signatory Authority
E Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Letter of Termination From Employer
Letter of Termination From Employer

Employee Termination Letter Sample

Respected Employee,

It is to inform you that your job in our company had been temporarily terminated and you are being suspended for two months. Due to an identification of a fraud in your area of work the board has decided to suspend you for two months. No salary or any other job perquisites would be given in this duration. You are not allowed to come to office or involve in any other matters of the company for the required period. It is your decision if you want to carry on your job after the period or you may find a new job. Please inform the company if you find a new job.

Best Wishes,

Manager Human Resource

Employment Termination

Mr. Mike Atherton
Finance Executive,
West ham

Dear Mr. Mike,

This is with reference to agreement no. XXX/XX/XXX dated January 01, XXX with respect to your probation with the Company.

Our practice is to induct permanent staff only on receipt of positive assessment / feedback from human resource department on completion of probationary period.

We are regretful to express that you are not qualified under the aforesaid assessment criteria. You are requested to receive your original testimonials from HR department at your earliest possible convenience.

We hope that you will get ultimate success in your future endeavors.

Thanking you and with profound regards,

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor
Head of Human Resource


How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?

The fact is Boss always wants those people who are not much more intelligent.

Their performance should not be better than the boss. Boss always pick your weak points and prove you an unintelligent worker. Boss will hide your performance from the senior management especially where the boss is answerable and report-able. Boss will be angry if you show your performance directly to the senior management because they can promote you, can increase your incentive and may think to replace you with your boss’s position.

So if you are a job holder you must be careful about your efficiency. Because if you prove yourself better than your boss, than your boss can be fired any time.  But clever bosses never give you such chances and boss will fire you before you take such opportunity, everybody loves the job.

So what to do?

Just find the right person to whom you need to show your performance. Who can promote you in reality? Who can increase your salary? Who can be beneficial for you in difficult time? If you will be able to find the right person to whom you need to show your performance, only than you will be a successful employee of the company. Otherwise you will ever lose your jobs and face troubles.

Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example

Sample Job Transfer Letter template for employees from Employer or company. Sample Transfer Letter for Campus Transfer Letter, Department transfer, area of job transfer, city of job transfer, production unit transfer etc.

Transfer Letter to Employee


Mr. Farooq Ahmed
Marketing Officer
SemiOffice Technologies
Sales Office

Subject: Job Transfer Letter

Dear Mr. Farooq Ahmed

Ms Urooj Amjad, Marketing Officer Islamabad Sales Office , Has been transferred to Lahore Sales Office. To keep the Marketing Activities at Islamabad Sales Office going you are hereby appointed as Marketing Officer in Islamabad Sales Office.

After being relieved from Lahore Sales Office you are directed to report to Mr. Shafiq Ahmad, Manager Administration, Islamabad Sales Office. Your Taking Over Report at Islamabad Sales Office Should promptly be sent to this office.

Manager HCD
SemiOffice Technologies


Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example
Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example

Job Transfer Letter from Employer

Mark Simon
Assistant Manager Finance

Dear Mark,

As you know that our company has recently started a new division of automobile parts manufacturing with installation of plant in New York. We need passionate, hardworking and visionary staff to make this initiative a successful venture. Upon request from the head office for recommendation of such individuals under my domain, I recommended your name to be a part of this new team.

I am informing you with great pleasure that your services are being transferred to the new project as a Finance Manager and you will be joining at the new location from next week. I hope this new appointment will further nourish your career and I assure you that your services in this regard will be valued highly.

Steve Smith
Managing Director

Biodata Form Format for Job Application Free Download

Bio-data Form format for job applicants to submit with the job application and resume. Don’t worry that how to make a biodata form for job, now its available for free download from bottom links. The Job biodata format includes all the sections required for any job like personal details, educational background, Professional experience, Interpersonal Skills, Achievements, Health Declaration, Preferred Area for job, and Job Description. For more simple Biodata Forms please visit Employee Biodata Form format

Job Application Form

Semi Corp Ltd

Role:  Sales

Personal Details (please print this section)
Title Surname First Name (s) (underline the one you are known by)
Home Address Term Address (if applicable)
Post Code Post Code
Telephone Telephone
Email Email
Dates at Above Dates at Above
Do you need a work permit for permanent employment in the UK ? YES0 NO 0
Do you hold a full UK driving licence? YES NO

Education – Professional, Postgraduate, First Degree/Diploma

Please list all degrees/diplomas/professional qualifications etc. held or currently studies for, whether at first degree or postgraduate level. List most recent first and give all results known whatever the outcome.
From – To month / year Higher Education Institution
Award and Title of Award(HND/Degree/ Dipl/MSc/PhD etc.) Results(expected /awarded)

Education – Prior to Higher Education


Please list date (year)/qualifications/subjects (grades) of all of the highest level examinations that qualified you for your Higher Education course(s). (A/AS Levels/Scottish Higher/Irish Leaving/Access/GNVQ/Baccalaureate etc.). Include all examinations taken at this level whatever the outcome.
Number of GCSE/StandardGrade passes (Grade C & Above) Date (s)gained
Grade for Maths Grade for English Language
Number of A / A*grades

Employment and Work Experience

Please describe briefly any work (whether paid or unpaid) which you have undertaken. Highlight (*) the two most relevant and what you achieved.
From – To month / year Employer
Job Title and Responsibilities Achievements

Geographical Location


Do you have a strong preference for a particular location? If so, give details.

Personal Interests and Achievements


Use the space below to describe with dates (year) any spare-time activities. Include organising, leading or group activities. Those requiring initiative, creativity or giving intellectual development are also of interest.

Specific Evidence

As a sale Qualification Representative, You will work the Lead Generation Team within the Marketing Department to identify qualified leads Sales Team to follow-up with.

  • Follow-Up with leads to qualify them to be handed off the sales team

  • Lead include purchased webinar attendees to the live session and replay versions, customer referrals, and older leads within existing database

  • Follow-up via phone and email

  • Manage live chat function on website for new interested prospects, handing off qualified lead to sales team.

  • Other duties as assigned

The following questions are designed to encourage you to provide evidence of specific abilities. Your examples can be taken from your education, work experience, placements or spare-time or other voluntary activities.

Planning, implementation and achieving results:Describe a challenging project, activity or event which you have planned and taken through to a conclusion. Include your objective, what you did, any changes you made to your plan and state how you measured your success.
Influencing, communication and teamwork:Describe how you achieved a goal through influencing the actions or opinions of others (perhaps in a team context). What were the circumstances? What did you do to make a difference? How do you know the result was satisfactory?
Analysis, problem solving and creative thinking:Describe a difficult problem that you have solved. State how you decided which the critical issues were. Say what you did and what your solution was. What other approaches could you have taken?

Additional Information


Please write here any additional information, not covered elsewhere, which will strengthen your application.Where did you hear of us or see an advertisement?

Specific Skills

1. List any languages that you know including level of proficiency (basic/working knowledge/fluent/mother-tongue).2. Specify your experience with any generic computer packages/programming languages (limited/working knowledge/extensive)/3. Indicate any other specific relevant skills (laboratory techniques, graphics skills etc.).

Career Choice


Explain why you have applied for the job function (s) that you noted on the first page. Offer evidence of your suitability (e.g. courses undertaken, work shadowing, skills, strengths and experiences). Emphasise why you consider yourself to be a strong candidate.

Health Declaration


Please give details of any health matters of relevance to the work applied for (see note within Guidance Notes and Monitoring Data).



Referee Referee
Name: Name:
Position: Position:
Address: Address:
Telephone: Telephone:



Please give any dates when you are not available for interview. Please give date from which you are available for employment



The statements made on this firm are true. In understand any false statements may jeopardise my application and may lead to an offer being withdrawn. I have attached the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Data.
Signed: Name (please print) Date:

Job Description

Conduction phone consultations and online demonstrations maintaining detailed documentation of all prospect /customer interactions providing general marketing

& sales coaching to customers.

Responsibilities Include:

· Exceeding assigned sales quota

· Maintaining a 10% conversion ratio (from lead to closed deal)

· Demonstrating proper pipeline management (3 pipeline additions per day)

· Meeting minimum talk time and call expectations (average of 4 hours and 80 dials per day)

Minimum Qualifications:

· Positive, enthusiastic attitude

· Strong work ethic

· Excellent communication skills

· Willingness to learn ins and out of our sales system

· Ability to adapt to innovative sales methods

· Detail oriented

· Ability to multi-task, manage and meet deadlines

· Bachelors degree or 2 years of related work experience

Ideal Qualifications:

· Bachelors degree plus 2 years of related work experience

· Proven success in sales

Fire and passion attitude

Biodata Format for Job Application Free Download
Biodata Format for Job Application Free Download

Download Links:

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Sample Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager. You can use this application for any managerial or assistant managerial posts.

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager


The manager

Dear Sir,

As a keen and hardworking candidate, I wish to apply for the job of assistant manager in your company. I am a graduate with degree in marketing. I have extensive experience in professional environment.

Having graduated from a well-known institution I had no problem in finding work. I have worked in many companies under different projects which have further enhanced my skills. However, with my given skillset I believe I can perform better in an improved environment. That is exactly why your company appeals me.

I believe I am a very suitable person for the job. I wish to seek an interview with officials as my resume cannot truly express my talents. I will call again soon to confirm my application status.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Application for Assistant Manager


Subject: Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Dear Sir,

It would be a treasured opportunity for me to apply my diversified experience in the domain of management. This position relates to my 3 years of experience in various organizations. I believe that I meet all the essential criteria of the position which you will see from my CV (attached with application). I believe that I am well qualified to make an effective and useful contribution to your organization.

I feel my CV simply touches on the highlights of my career and a meeting will prove a better forum to discuss my background in further detail.


Your Name

Cover Letter for Assistant Manager Position

Mr. Mick Neilson,

Director Human Resource



Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your advertisement published on your website www.semioffice.com and in one of the leading newspapers of our Country dated xx-xx-xxxx.

I may inform you that I am an Associate Chartered Accounts from Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and qualified the prestigious exams back in the year xx-xx-xxxx. I completed my articles from PWC, one of the big four chartered accountancy firms of the United Kingdom.

Thereafter, I got selected by the same firm as Supervisory Senior to carry out financial consultancy services as well as internal audits. I gained professional experience of 2 years including one year in the Assistant Managerial Role.

Please find enclosed herewith my resume for your ready reference. I will be suited to your requirements and my professional attributes will become valuable aspects to your Organization which will surely add value and commitment. I am looking forward to receive encouraging response from your good self.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Mark Boucher

House No. xx, Street No. xx

East hem

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager
Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Application for Rejoining The Job

Sample letter to rejoin the job after resignation or long vocations due to emergency without notifying the employer, company, office, manager. This job rejoining/rehire or rehiring letter sample can be used for any post of management, drivers, cashiers, administrator etc. Rejoining letter after absents/absence from office, factory, business, mill, hospital etc.

Rejoining Job Application Sample

Ms. Maham Ch.

Subject: Application for Rejoining Company and Job

Respected Sir,

It is requested that Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz S/O Taj Muhammad has been working as Electrician + Driver with Natlass Afghanistan since 3 years. I have come back to my home on 17-05-12 for a few days on Personal Leave but I received calls from the Natlass Company that I only return back after receiving any further call of rejoining. I am waiting for the call since last three months and yet there is no such call of rejoining I received.

I request you to please consider my request for rejoining even in new terms of the low salary. My leaves can be considered with no salary.

I am much needy and deserving person having no other income sources to take care of my family(including wife and children). I request you to please give me the opportunity to rejoin the Natlass Afghanistan Company and I will be thankful to you. I am available to rejoin at any time and day.

Looking for your favorable response,

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz
Electrician & Driver

Application for Rejoining The Job and duty
Application for Rejoining The Job and duty

Application for Rejoining Job After Medical Leave

The manager, HR department, Bata shoes, Lahore,

Subject: Rejoining At Job after Sick Leave

Respected sir,

With all due respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I have submitted a leave application 3 months ago as I was suffering from kidney disease, I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney, as advised by the doctor I was supposed to start my medication and to have a complete bed rest for 3 months. I had undergone a surgery and I am perfectly fine now. I understand that work must go on and I appreciate your cooperation with me in this time of need. I would like to inform you that I am fine now and can join duty right after approval from the company. I am looking forward for a quick response as a have to continue the work. Your corporation will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ali Khan
Sales department, Bata shoes, Lahore

Rejoining Job Application Format

To: Manager HR
Global Corporation
West Street, Rochedale, UK

Subject: Application for Job Rejoining 

Respected Sir,

I am Ms. Minahil Qasim. I have worked for four years with your company and performed very well during my job tenure. Four months back I resigned from the job due to domestic and medical issues. Now all is good, I am medically fit and domestic issues have be resolved. From a reliable source I came to know that the post I left is still vacant. I request you to please allow me to rejoin the job for the same post and monthly salary. Now after some relaxation I believe that my performance would be more efficient. I will be great full to you.

Looking for your favorable response,

Sincerely Yours,

Minahil Qasim

Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company

Sample application letter for rejoining the company as accountant, manager accounts, accounts officer, finance manager, finance officer, audit officer after a long vocation and leg injury.

Application for Rejoining as Accountant

Respected Manager HR,

I am Mujahid Amjad, was an accountant in your company for three years. Unfortunately I left the job because I wasn’t able to come to the office due to leg injury in a road accident. I remain absent for six months and I also informed the company through an application about my problem. Now I am good in health and want to join the company again. I request you to please consider my application for the same post I left “Accountant” and give me a chance to work for the betterment of the company. I will be thankful to you.


Mujahid Amjad

Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company
Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company

Rejoining Letter after Having Medical Issues

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to rejoin the health care company. Three months I was forced to leave my job in your company as I had a liver infection and I was very bad. The doctor told me that I would have enough time to wait for the process of leave or holiday application and so I left. The infection was very bad and I had to wait for a liver transplant.

I would like to have my job back because I love working with this company and I enjoy the work that I did. Helping people and getting them better. I am a very hard worker and I am motivated and determined to succeed. I hope that you will give me my job back and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Suzanna Lake

Job Application for Disabled or Special Person

Sample job application for special person or disabled person in company, school, college, NGO or on Govt Vacancy by Using quota system.

Job Application Letter for Disabled Persons/Special Persons

The employer
Bata Pakistan

Subject: Job Application for Disabled Person

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I want to do a job in your organization for the purpose to achieve my life goals. I am hardworking and able to work in a challenging position. I have done 6th month training from Sapphire Textile Mills in fabric making. Currently I am working in AH Foundation, Lahore on khaddi for fabric production and on Stitching Unit. My achievements in the International Special Olympics are as follows:

  1. Gold Medal in Boucher game from China
  2. Silver medal in Boucher game from China
  3. Silver medal in Boucher game from China

So kindly allow me to do job in your organization and accept my job application. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Faithfully,

Awais Ibrahim

Job Application for Disabled or Special Person
Job Application for Disabled or Special Person

Job Application for Disabled Person

The Director General,

London Fire & Rescue Service.

Dear Sir,

Allow me to address you on the subject of applying for a job of Telephone Operator for your service in special quota of disabled persons. I have impaired vision but capable to look slightly in morning time. In my academic record, I have secured my degree of A Levels from Special School of Learning with A Grades in all subjects.

I have also been working as telephone operator in my school after completing aforementioned studies. I assure you that I can perform the job of a telephone operator in exquisite and better way.

You are requested earnestly to please consider me eligible for final interview, for the job of a telephone operator in disabled quota.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Anton Chekhov

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

Sample Letter of recommendation to refer someone for job, employment or internship. You can print this letter on your company/organization letter head or on white paper just for reference. These recommendation letters can be issued by professor, doctor, minister, boss or blood relations.

Job Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

To whomever it may concern

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss Mr. Lee Heading. Mr. Lee Heading is a former employee of mine. I am a company director of BHS (British Home Stores) I have a number of stores all across the United Kingdom and Lee was one of my very best managers his duty was to go to each of my stores and make sure that it is running smoothly. He would spend a week or two there send me the report then I will send him what I want changing if anything does and send him my views. Last week he left my company to go and get a chance to like his dream doing the one job that he has been wanting to do his all of life to become a care worker.

Over the years that I have known Lee I can say for certain that he is a very caring person and he will do anything to help people. Not only have I known Lee as an employee but as a friend as well. He asked me to write him a recommendation letter so here it is. Lee is a very good hard worker and he can do anything he puts his mind to. Very motivated and determined.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mike Lonesome

Sample Internship Recommendation Letter from Institute


This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Khan of Semester 4th S/D/O Faisal Khan is  a bonafide student of Kinnaird College. She is currently enrolled in the MBA Program with Media Studies Major. Our Master’s degree program requires hundred hours of community service/internship in a renowned institution to enable the students to enhance their practical skills. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potential and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I recommend her strongly to do Job, Internship or Community Service at your prestigious institution.



Department of Media Services

Recommendation Letter for Job Format from Professor

It is certified that Ms. Aiman Ayub of Semester 2nd D/O Ayub Malik is a bonafide student of Kinnaird College for Wemen. She is currently enrolled in B.Sc (Honors) Program with Applied Psychology major. I Strongly recommend her to opt for AH Foundation as Psychologist. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potentials and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I recommend her to apply for this post at your prestigious organization.

Dr. Sumaira Mohyd

Head of Psychology Department
Kinnaird College for Women

Letter of Recommendation for Job and Internship
Letter of Recommendation for Job and Internship

Sample letter of Recommendation For Job And Internship by the professor, lecturer, teacher etc.

The Technical Recruitment Manager
Insta Robotics,
Tokyo, Japan.

SUBJECT: Recommendation Letter For Job And Internship

Respected Concerned,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter of recommendation to you in favor of my bright student Mr. Wuhan. He has been a top student in BS class of 2017. His research has brought a good name not only to him but me as his mentor and the university. His conduct during studies and research under my supervision was as excellent as a competent student.

Moreover, he is a team player who has brought results from his research in collaboration with his team. I surely recommend him for internship/job in robotics R&D department at your prestigious company. Kindly consider his application with full good turn.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Li Chin

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Nelson as a very promising candidate for any job. He has been a very hardworking and dedicated person in my observation.

During his studies he showed exceptional skills which will make him a valuable asset to any company he joins. Apart from studies he has also proved his proficiency in extra-curricular activities. I trust him and endorse him for any position of job or internship he is applying into.

Further information can be updated on demand.


The principal

Job Interview Call Letter Sample Format

Job Interview Call Letter Sample Format from company for the applicants to appear in the interview and test for job on given time after advertising the job in the newspaper or web. You can use this letter in the emails for interview call as well.

Sample Call Letter for Interview


Ms. Minahil
50-C1, Faisal Town,
Tel: 042-36114059

Subject: Preliminary Test and Job Interview Call Letter

We refer to your job application against our advertisement in the newspaper. You are advised to appear for a Preliminary Written Test followed by Interview on (Mention Day, Date and time) at the following address;

SemiOffice Corp
Faisal Town, Lahore

Please note that:

“This is a preliminary test & interview call for the job applied and does not guarantee employment with us.
“No TA / DA will be provided to candidates appearing for the test.
“Bring this letter with you on the above mentioned date and time of test.
“Bring photocopies and originals of your academic & other credentials along with a recent snap.
“Please bring pen & pencil with you; however use of calculator is prohibited.

Please do not hesitate to contact undersigned if you have any queries.

With best wishes,

For SemiOffice Corp
G.M. HR & Admin

Letter for Written Test Notification & Interview Invitation

Dear Applicant,
You are hereby notified in response to your application for the vacant position.
A written test is being held on September 30th, 2016 Tuesday at 10:00 AM till 12:00 noon. Kindly come along with a blue ball point & a blue marker.
You are advised to reach at least 15 minutes before the decided time.
Wish you best of luck
HR Department

Interview Call Letter Format in Email

Dear Sami,

You are invited for an interview at OBTC on Wednesday, 3 October, 2016 at 4pm. Please report to manager HCM/HRD/HRM after your arrival at the following address:

Office 221, 2nd Floor, Trade Centre, Gulberg, Lahore

Should you have any questions please contact us on 042-46453376355.

Kind regards,

Director HR

Confirmation Letter of Interview Appointment

Dear Muhammad Samiullah,

We received your application for SEO Marketing vacancy at Seganta Tech, few days ago, through Rozee.pk.

We are glad to let you know that your application has been successfully passed through our first phase of screening. The next stage is the interview phase where we will fulfil the rest of the formalities, before we can make a final decision. In order to proceed to the next stage, before we can schedule an interview, please send us a copy of your latest CV and the times you can be available for the interview.

Please feel free to contact us using the details given below.

Kind regards,

Ali Malik
Operations Director
Seganta Tech

Interview Call Letter for Student

The Alumni Financial Aid Committee,
King Edward Medical University,

Dear Ms. Fatima,

It is to inform you that you have been shortlisted for receiving the financial aid & scholarship award by The Alumni Financial Aid Committee of King Edward Medical University. You are requested to appear for an interview with your complete original documents at 10:00 am on Monday, 28th July, 2016. Please find the sample interview questions enclosed with this application. Kindly come prepared.

Good Luck!


Alumni Financial Committee.

Interview Call Letter Format Free Download
Interview Call Letter Format Free Download

Job Description of Marketing Manager template

Sample job description of marketing manager in hospital, fmcg, manufacturing company and industry to explain the duties and responsibilities of the marketing manager.

Job Description of Marketing Manager

We are looking for active and experienced applicants for post of Marketing Manager. The job includes variety of work which ranges from office work to sales promotion in field. The Marketing Manager will also be responsible for advertisement of the company. Applicant should be willing and capable to handle working with a team as well as an individual.

Age of the applicant should be between 20 to 40 years at the time of applying this job. Candidates with Master’s degree in relevant subject and having more than 5 years of experience will be given preference.

Job Description

Name: _____________

Title of the position: ______________

Department: _____________________

Reports to: ___________________

Overall responsibility: Supervise department staff and find ways and means to enhance funding for the organization.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Working on all the possibilities of fund raising
  2. Dispatching letters and emails on timely basis
  3. Arranging meetings and executing campaigns which are necessary for institute

Consults with

  • All levels of management


  • Good organizational skills
  • Cooperative behavior with staff as well as with donors
  • Well defined marketing tools
  • Handle elusive tasks given by management

Resource Development Manager

Job Description of Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Sam


Reference to your job application about marketing manager, I want to inform you that we are considering your application, but before we call you for an interview we want to describe the duties of marketing manager.

  • The person should be masters in marketing from well recognized university, and should have at least 5 years of experience in this field.
  • Marketing manager will be responsible for marketing of all our products, including new and old products.
  • He will be responsible for planning and designing of new marketing strategies.
  • The selected person should be able to prepare marketing campaigns and should be capable enough to implement it.
  • He should be well aware of online marketing and should also be expert in social media marketing.
  • The selected person should be independent in decision making, hence he would be considered responsible for all decisions.

Hope the above description is enough for you to understand the seriousness of this job. I wish you good luck in your interview that will be conducted on 25th December 2016.

Best Regards

HR Manager,
Hair International