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Write a Mail to My Managers to Extend My Leave For After My Wife Delivery for Valuable Reason

Mail to Manager to Extend Leave After Wife Delivery

Hello Sir,

I want you to extend my leaves as my wife has given birth to my beautiful daughter. She suffered operation and couldn’t able to move on her own as she needs one partner all the time to look after her. The baby girl needs full care too, as my family is out of country and I’m the only one on which she can relay. So please extend my leaves I’ll do my work after that by doing double shifts.



HR Manager

Leave Application For Wife Went Into Labor

To: The Board of Managers

I hope that this letter receives you all in good health. I am writing this letter to inform that my wife has recently delivered a baby girl.

However, in regards to the recent delivery, there were some complications and an emergency C-section was needed for my wife. Thankfully, our child was delivered healthily and successfully.

I regret to inform that due to the complications in the delivery and the need of a C-section, my wife is currently bedridden and needs constant care of all times. Along with this, our child must also be taken care of. I take work very seriously however, due to these circumstances; I am unable to perform my daily duties until my wife recovers.

I request that you extend my leave for humanitarian reasons as it is not possible for me to balance work while I must take care of my wife and my newborn child.


John Kingston

Mail to Extend Leave for Personal Reason

Dear Manager,

Last week, I sent an application for taking a leave from the office for three days as my wife was about to go in labor. My application was approved and I was given off.

My wife got done with the delivery today but unfortunately she is really sick and still admitted in the hospital due to her critical condition. My leave ends tomorrow so I request to please extend my leave for another 3 days. You can look into my history that I have never asked for leave before. This is a really difficult time for me and if you grant me the permission then I would be greatly thankful to you.

You may contact me for any further clarification.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Employee- PR Department

23rd September 2018



Sample Application To Prepone Exam

Sample Application to principal or teacher to take Exam Early due to Obligations of Religious Festival to avoid any unhappy incident.

Request Letter to Principal For Change in Exam Date


The principal, Oxford grammar school

Respected sir,

With due respect I, John Marcus, am writing this letter to request you to take our exams 2 weeks before the announced date. As you know Easter is arriving and before that we all will be keeping fast and it will be very difficult for all of us to prepare for exams. This is the pious month for us to do good deeds and get closer to God and we would like to take full advantage of this opportunity. As you know the season is also not being easy on us and making it further difficult to stay thirsty and hungry and being able to concentrate our level best for the final exams. We want to give our best for the exams and we need a certain level of comfort to prepare. I hope you will understand my concern and ponder upon my request. I shall be very thankful to you for your act of kindness.

Yours obediently,

John Marcus

9th – B

Application for Leave from College

Sample application for Leave from College due to illness, marriage, exam, accident, internship or any other reason.

Application for Leave from College

The Principal,
ABC College,


I have been a bonafide student of your college in class—-Roll no —The marriage of my elder brother is going to be held in the next week .I will have to arrange all necessary items in this regard .I have to go to the market to purchase different necessities .

So, I do find me unable to attend my college. You are requested to give me a leave from ———-to ———– .I will be obliged in this context.

Yours obediently,


Application for Leave from College

Respected Sir,

I’m student of BBA studying in 6th semester, as my specialization is just started, I know these days are so much important for me but I want you to give me one day leave as I’m doing an internship and I’ve to go on an office tour to Islamabad on 14th of March. Please allow me one day leave I’ll be thankful.

Hoping for positive response


Ayesha Mudassar

Application for Leave from College Due to Grandfather’s Death

Roll no
College name

Respected headmistress!

Hope you are doing well. Last night I was informed that my grandfather who was ill for quite a time now has passed away and my family members asked me to come there in this time of grief to mourn with them. As this is the peak time of semester and I know taking a few days off will not be a smart decision but right now my family needs me in this difficult time. So it is my humble request that can I take a leave for the whole next week so that I can be present there for all the rituals.

Your student,


Leave Application from College

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that I am suffering from high fever since two days. So, I am unable to attend the college from 22nd December, 20XXto 24th December, 20XX. Kindly grant me leave for three days. I would be very thankful to you for your kind deed.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.

Leave Application for Tomorrow

Sample leave application to get advance leave from office, factory, school for tomorrow or upcoming day.

Leave Application for Tomorrow from School

The Principal
Deens High School
Miami, US

Sir, I am Leonard Baines and I am a student of 8th grade. I am the topper of my class and I am always remembered in kind words by my former teachers as well. My father is returning from Canada tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. I hope to go the airport to pick him up tomorrow so I would not be able to attend school tomorrow i.e. Friday the 13th.

I promise to attend school on Monday. I will cover the missed lectures of all subjects as well to score good grades in the finals. Kindly grant me leave for tomorrow. I shall be very thankful to you.

Leonard Baines

8th grade

Leave Application for Tomorrow

The Director operations,
CCPO Lahore.

Dear Sir,

It is humbly informed that my father had a heart attack a few months ago. Doctors advised him a monthly check up along with medicine. My younger brother is engaged in his exams so he cannot go with him. Kindly allow me a leave for tomorrow so that I may take him to Hospital.

Junior clerk of dispatch branch,

Ali Ahmed

Leave Application for Tomorrow from College

Respected Sir,

I would like to state that I have an urgent piece of work due to which I am unable to attend collage tomorrow.
Kindly grant me leave for 28th September on Thursday.

Thank you


Application for Tomorrow Leave

The Principal,
Junior Model School,
Cape Town.

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I beg leave to state that tomorrow is the 20th wedding anniversary of my parents and they have arranged a ceremony at home in this regard. Being the elder son I have to go there to be a part of their best occasion. So I will be unable to come to school tomorrow.

You are requested to grand me leave for one day, tomorrow 11th October. I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,


Paternity Leave Application for Wife Delivery

Sample of how to write leave application for wife’s delivery. Application for wife’s delivery from office, school, company or job/working place before and after delivery.

Paternity Leave Application for Wife Delivery

Dear Sir,

This application is to request a leave for a week. As my wife is in hospital for her delivery and in this time she requires care and attention of her husband so for this reason I request a leave for a week. I know that in these hours of need employer always cares for employees. I know that my application would be considered at top priority.

Sincerely Yours,


Leave Application for Paternity

Dear Sir

It is respectfully stated that my wife is a pregnant of the ninth month and her delivery is expected in the next week. Sir I have been getting her medical checkup on the regular basis from our gynecologist and she has now advised us to get my wife admitted in the hospital due to critical situation.

Hence I want to take her to the hospital tomorrow morning for the admission. Keeping above in view it is humbly requested that a leave of ten days may please be granted to me so that I can remain present at the hospital during admission days.

Yours obediently,


Leave Application in Email for Wife Delivery

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I cannot come to work today. That is because my wife is in labor. She is in the hospital already and I have to be there with her on time of delivery. It is a special moment for both of us and I cannot miss it.

All the necessary files have been archived on my desk. I will do an extra shift tomorrow to make up for the delay in my work.

I hope you will understand my position and grant me a leave for today. I shall be very thankful to you.



Leave Application for Exam

Sample leave application to boss or manager to appear in examinations in college or university while doing your job.

leave Application for Exam Preparation from Office

The Manager Operations,

Urban Waste Management Company, Scotland.

Dear Sir,


It is humbly stated that I am working as a Junior Clerk in your good office; I have always tried to perform my job honestly. At present, I am studying Masters in waste management from the University of Scotland in evening hours. The course which I am studying is quite relevant to my field of job. For study purpose, I have also obtained No Objection Certificate from the Headquarters.

As my final examinations are about to be commenced from next week and I need ten days leaves for the purpose of taking apart in the exams.

It is therefore requested to you to please approve my application for ten days leaves starting from 10 November.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours faithfully,

Anton Chekhov.

Office Leaves Application for Exam in Office


The manager, HQ technologies, US

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that my exams are starting from next week as I have told you that  I am doing MPhil in economics so I can get promotion. Sir I shall be really thankful if you grant my leaves from 6th January to 10th January 2016 so I can easily prepare and give my exams. I am looking forward to your positive response. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Barke Alex

HQ technologies


Application Format in Urdu Language for Maternity Leave

Sample application letter in Urdu language for leave on account of maternity, baby birth, child-birth etc for workers, teachers from their office or job.

In Pakistan Urdu language is announced as official language for all the government and private organizations. So In Pakistan you can use this leave application to apply for pregnancy leave. In private sector you can use this application for blue color job holders.

Application Format in Urdu Language for Maternity Leave
Application Format in Urdu Language for Maternity Leave

Download Inpage file Including “Application Format in Urdu Language for Maternity Leave”

Above attachment can only be opened with inpage (urdu writing software for computer). We also attached the image of the application. You can get idea how to write leave application in Urdu and you can write your own Urdu leave application in your handwriting by seeing the image. In future we will be posting new formats of Urdu leave application as well.

Leave Application Due to Vomiting

Sample Leave Application for School and Office due to Vomiting by food poisoning, temperature. This application can be sent from home or submit in office during the working hours when you need half day leave from office or school.

Leave Application Due to Vomiting

The Principal

Chandbagh School System

Sheikhupura Road, Lahore


Respected Sir,

I am writing this leave application on behalf of my kid John Peterson (KG II) for requesting his leave from school urgently as he had vomit in the school assembly and I was informed by the coordinator to take him home. Kindly approve the leave application for today and oblige.

Yours Sincerely,


F/O John Peterson

Leave Letter Due to Vomiting

Respected sir,

The Principal,
Roshni School.

Subject: Medical Leave for two Days Due to Vomiting

Dear Sir,
Last night, I had some very mouthwatering but unhygienic street food. Due to which I have been vomiting all night and still have Diarrhea. I request you to kindly grant me medical leave for two days, i.e. from 31st July to 1st August. I shall remain grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Nafeh Khan
Grade: VI-A

Leave for Vomiting and Fever from Office

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I am not feeling well since one hour in the office. I am having vomiting with some drops of blood and now feeling temperature as well. I request you to please grant me leave for half day today. So I will go to the doctor for my checkup and tomorrow I will come to office in-case of recovery and better health otherwise I may remain on leave till health.

Warm Regards,

Wajahat Usmani

Manager Operations

Leave Letter for Office Due to Vomiting

The Director Operations,

Chicken Foods limited


Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that I, Ali Khan have been working in this company as shift supervisor. I have remained loyal and hardworking in my job responsibilities.

Last night, I had a small feast with my friends. We went to food street and enjoyed different kinds of meals there. We all ate too much due to intense hunger.

Due to over eating, I had several vomiting throughout the night and I couldn’t sleep for a single moment. I went to the doctor & he prescribed me heavy dose of medicine due to food poison. He advised to take complete bed rest for 1 day. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for today so that I can better able to perform my duty after that.


Ali Khan

Leave Application Due to Vomiting
Leave Application Due to Vomiting

Leave Application for Death in Family

Sample Leave Application for Death in Family. Leave Application Format for Death in Family for School, college, office, company, employee, factory worker or anyone else who is working somewhere else.


Dear Headmistress Shah,

It is on the unfortunate event of my mother-in-law’s death that I write to you. My family requests leave for both of our children for the next week, from 4th April to 18th April, to attend funeral services in our village.

Your co-operation is deeply appreciated.


Muhd. Qasim

Sample Leave Application for Sudden Death in Family

The General Manager,
Subject: Leave Application for Death in Family
Respected Sir,
I was greatly shocked to listen to the news of my Aunt’s death through my cousin yesterday via a telephone call.
So I have to go to Hyadrabad to attend her funeral ceremony. I request that I should be given casual leave for three days.
Yours Sincerely,

M. Samiullah


Sample leave application for death in family of any relation like uncle, cousin, anti, friend etc.

School Leave Application for Death in Family by Parents

The Principal,

Army Public School and College System,


Subject: leave for 3 days as my son’s uncle died

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that my husband’s brother has passed away. He was the best uncle my son had. They were both very close and loved each other a lot. Alas! He’s no more. I request you to kindly grant my son, Umar Shahzad of Class 3A, three days leave i.e. from 10th August, 2015 to 13th August, 2015 so that we can attend the funeral ceremony and observe the memorial services thereafter. I shall remain grateful to you.


Mrs. Shaheen Shahzad.

M/O Umar Shahzad.

Class 3A

Leave Application for Death in Family

Manager HR,

Company Name,

Location Address,

Subject: Leave Application for Death in Family

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is stated with sorrow feelings that my uncle was ill from last year. He was suffering from lungs cancer. He was under treatment in hospital, but ailment increased and was uncontrolled from last month. He died last night. Their family lived in Karachi that is very far from Lahore. I have to attend his funeral ceremony. He was very kind to me and my family, may Allah rest him in peace. I am leaving for airport in half an hour hence please allow me leave for just two days. Please be kind and allow me. Thank you very much.

Your playfully,

Usama Aslam

Leave Application Format for Death in Family
Leave Application Format for Death in Family

Sick Leave Application by Security Guard

Sample of sick leave application for security guard of office, company, school, college or university. Security guards can write the below application to request the replacement of the security guard during the absence.

Leave Application for Security Guard Due to Sickness

Dear Manager Admin,

Sir I am Anwar Lodhi, performing duties at entrance gate of company head office. Sir I am not feeling well and it is becoming very hard for me to stand up during my duty time. I am feeling weakness and sometime darkness into my eyes. Sir I request you to please grant me leave so I will go to doctor for medicine. I will join back my duties after recovery of my health as early as possible. Please arrange alternate security person during my absence.

Thanking you,


Anwar Lodhi

Application for Sick Leave by a Security Guard


The In charge Security,

Dear Sir,

As you are aware of my duty, I have been performing it with my utmost sincerity and professionalism. However, due to sudden change in the timing of my duty from day schedule to night schedule, I have been feeling constant headache since yesterday. Today, I am feeling rise in my body temperature due to fever, perhaps caused by acute physical fatigue. I am afraid that I shall not be able to perform my duty tomorrow due to fever. I am writing this to you after completing my today’s duty. I shall be very grateful to you if you grant me leave for tomorrow so that I could go to the hospital for my medical checkup by the doctor.

I shall be very thankful to you for approval of my application. I am grateful for your time and kind consideration.

Yours truly,


Sick Leave Application for Security Guard

New Jersey,

United States,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am suffering from severe illness. The doctor has advised me to have a complete bed rest for a week due to illness. Please provide me with a leave of one week. I shall be back to work as soon as I get well. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Sick Leave Application by Security Guard
Sick Leave Application by Security Guard