Letter to Parents from Hostel


Sample  letter to your mother telling her why you dislike hostel life? Letter to your mother describing your new experiences in a boarding school. Letter to your father describing your life, and activities in the hostel.

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Mr., and Mrs. Akram,
Stuart Road,
Riga, Latvia

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are reading this letter in good health. I also hope that you all are doing well at home. I am glad to inform you that I have completed my postgraduate study with high grades. This is one of my greatest achievements which could not have accomplished without your financial, moral, and flexible support, and assistance. Moreover, the graduation ceremony is also going to be conducted by the department of my university soon. It would be a proud moment for me, and this can be made even greater if you both could join it.

Along-with all happening these days, my stay at my hostel has been extended due to some research work on some external work projects. A few of the companies have hired me for two months each, so I might not act according to the previously scheduled program of coming back home right after my graduation. I hope it would not affect the daily routines, and plans especially regarding my matters over there.

I would be looking forward to your kind response.

Kind Regards,

Nouman Zaib

Letter to Mother Requesting for Winter Clothing

Dear mother,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am also fine.

I have finished my midterm exams, and I am expecting a good result. I told you in my last letter that this winter I will not come home because of my final year project, and as you know last time I forgot to bring my one bag having my winter clothes as now winters are approaching, and I don’t have any clothes, and it is already cold here.

I request you to send my bag to my hostel. I am busy these days, and cannot come to pick it up so please ask brother to drop it at my hostel. Please take good care of your health, and pray for me, and my success. Love you

Yours truly,

Mary Merchant

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Dear parents,

It’s delighted to right you after a long time. Hope you all are in good health. Hope mom is taking all her medicines on time. I know I stayed very busy in exams, and i couldn’t find time to write to you, Sorry for that.

But now I am free from exam, I would like to visit home in coming weekend. So exhausted from my hostel life .Hostel food is not delicious at all. Miss my mom’s food.

Hope to see you all in coming week. Till then take care.

Love, Your only daughter

Letter to Mother for Her Giving Winter Clothes

To my wonderful mother,

Hey mum, how are you doing? Hope you are fine there I know it’s been awhile since we last saw each other but you know how work is. It keeps me traveling. Anyways I’m good, and missing you. I hope you can try, and understand. I was wondering if you could send me some winter clothes as I literally have none. You know me I’m a summer girl. Winter is here, and my work is mainly outdoor based so. II would really appreciate it.

Love you loads, and see you soon mum.

Your loving daughter,

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Write Motivational Letter for Scholarship


Examples of scholarship application letters. Motivation letter for scholarship undergraduateMotivation letter for scholarship sample docSample motivation letter for masters degree. Motivation letter for phd scholarshipMotivation letter for scholarship template.

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship Undergraduate

Dear Sir,

I belong from a remote under developed village from Bahawalpur (south Punjab). I have passed matric, and intermediate examination from local high school, and college with 90%, and 94% marks respectively in both the degrees. Sir, for further education I can not afford the education fee for a university degree. I request you to please grant me scholarship in any university where I could get my higher education without fearing finance issue. I have a great esteem, and motivation for higher education, and serving my dear homeland as you can asses it through my academic career so far. In my family nobody has ever reached a university because of the financial problems. Your help, and support can change my life

Thanks, and regards


Examples of Scholarship Application Letters

Among the factors of climbing the peak of success, quality education plays the most vital role in one’s life. I, Nouman Zaib, am a recent Master of English Linguistics, and Literature from NUML Lahore, and previously a BA from University of Gujrat, Gujrat. Although both have proven to be the key for a good part of my academic career; the degrees availed me of professional internship opportunities as well as lower grade jobs. Moreover, I have gotten the exposure of the local universities which I could afford financially.

Having BS, MS, and professional job experience, I am aiming at having a research opportunity in the international set-up to put my hidden abilities in practice. There are two major reasons behind why I wish to pursue my PhD in Indonesia on scholarship. The first, and the most important is that scholarship will make it easier for me as a research scholar to focus on the research. The other is to have the international exposure so that I could come back to my country, and hence contribute to the education system with the reforms regarding research. The whole plan has strong bindings, and ties with my personal benefits too in the long run.

Furthermore, as I have been to Indonesia, I have the knowledge of how the research is conducted in the field of Linguistics. Possessing the C1 level certification of Bhasa Indonesia, I am geared up to do study, and research on comparison between Sociolinguistics in the context of English, and Bhasa Indonesia. Therefore, I am very optimistic to grab this life changing opportunity of scholarship.

Application for Duplicate Mark-sheet


Application for duplicate mark-sheet in school. Application for duplicate certificate. Duplicate mark-sheet application format. Application for mark-sheet return. Request letter for duplicate certificate sample.

Request Letter for Duplicate Mark-sheet

Respected Controller of Examination,

Respectfully I am writing for duplicate copy of my mark-sheet as I lost my Original Mark-sheet during the traveling from Delhi to Mumbai in the train. Sir, my name is Shunil, and I was student of BBA Honors, session XXXX to XXXX. Unfortunately I beard a heavy loss due to stolen of my luggage in train.

Now I humbly request you to please issue me a duplicate mark sheet on urgent basis, and I will submit any required fees for duplicate marksheet so i will be able to continue search of jobs.

Thanking you,
Enrl: 847G004

Application for Duplicate Mark-sheet


I changed my apartment last year, and during the process of shifting, some of my accessories went missing. Since then I could not find my original mark-sheet of high school. Currently, I need that document for the submission of my admission form.

It is requested to issue a duplicate mark-sheet to me as early as possible.

Thank You

Application for Duplicate Mark-sheet

 Respected Principal,

With due respect, I wrote this application to you to request for a duplicate mark sheet of my mid terms. As you know that during this time of year we have to send applications to universities for our tertiary education so all the required documents have to be sent to the university.

Unfortunately, I have lost my midterm mark sheet of A1, and I cannot proceed with the application until it is not sent to the common app portal by the school’s counselor. I must have disappointed you with such act of irresponsibility but I assure you that such thing will not happen again. Please approve my application so that I can get duplicate mark sheet from the admin office.

In addition to this, I am close to meeting my deadlines so kindly grant me the permission as soon as possible. I would be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Fatima Aamir

A level year 2


Sample Apology Letter to Teacher


Sample apology letter to teacher by student for coming late to the class. Application for allow me to attend the class when you are reaching late in school, college, or university. Sample Apology Letter to Teacher for misbehaviour, and for talking in class.

Sample Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior

Respected teacher,

ABC school,

Subject: apology letter to teacher

Yesterday I made a mess during your lecture, and in result you ordered me to get out from your class, and I miss behaved with you which is obviously unethical. But for the time being anger was on my head.

But now I realize that my behavior was really insulting, and unethical. For that I am feeling sorry, and shame, and assure you that I will never repeat this sort of behavior again.

Accept my apology, and allow me to sit in your class. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,



Roll no.

Apology Letter to Teacher for Being Late

The Principal,

Army Public School, and College System,


Subject: request to attend the class

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I had arrived late today at school for my first class, as my alarm hadn’t rung on time. I have apologized with my subject teacher for my negligence but she has refused to let me in. Kindly allow me to attend the classes so that I don’t have to further miss the important lectures being taught to all in the class. I assure you, I’ll be very careful, and will be on time in the future.

Looking forward to a prompt action from you.


Umar Shahzad.

Grade: XI-A (Pre-medical)

Sample Apology Letter to Teacher

Respected Teacher,

This letter is to apologize about my conduct in the class with you. I was disturbed from an incident which took place a day earlier but even then I should had not talked to you In the way I did. I admit that it was solely my mistake, and I really apologize for my conduct.



Apology Letter to Principal in School

The Principal,

Grammar School,

College Road

Dear Sir,

With due respect it is stated that me (Ali) under registration number accordingly with the official record no L1F14standard6th was absent for last three working days in your institution. I was victim of dengue, and was not in a condition to attend the school properly. It was a battle of nerves for me to attend the school with an undefined cause of the fever. My family doctor recommended a complete rest at home. That’s why I felt very ashamed that I missed the school those previous days. Kindly accept the apology on my behalf. I will try my best to remain in contact with the schedule you provided. All in all I apologize the act of not coming to school for illness. Hope I convinced you with the way I brief. I will be grateful to you for the act of kindness in my favor.

Yours Obediently,

Ali Hassan

L1F14 standard6th

Apology Letter to Teacher for Being Late

Write Apology to Headteacher if you missed a lesson, stating reason, how to compensate?


Mr. Sherwood Clyne


LLA High School

Illinois, USA

Sir, with due respect I have to state that I am Peter Broadway, and I am a student of 8th grade. I am writing this letter to apologize for missing a lecture last Friday. I was diagnosed with high fever, and severe body ache. I was not in state to attend college so I stayed home as per doctor’s advice. However, I am well again, and wish to somehow be able to cover up for the missing lecture if you have time.  Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Broadway

Roll No. 23

8th grade