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Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts

Sample request letter to ask for delivery of spare parts for maintenance of office machines, printers, computers, networking, cables, WAN, LAN etc. In this letter you are asking from the vendor/supplier to deliver the required spare parts and services of maintenance engineer for urgent services.

Spare parts Delivery Request Letter

Ms. Aana
Manager Client Services
Semi Office Corp
Branch Office
DHA, Lahore

Subject: Request for Delivery of Spare Parts

Dear Madam,

We at SemiOffice require two toners for photocopiers Panasonic Model No. DP 8020 P. Please deliver the toners at our Defence Office, Lahore. We need them very urgently because we do not have any single toner as backup and our office work is highly disturbed.

Looking for your response.

Thanks and Regards,

Ayesha Manzoor,
Manager Administration

Email for Spare Parts Delivery

Dear Sir,

It is a request for delivery of spare parts for maintenance of computers(details sent in an approved quotation) urgently. As mentioned in our maintenance contract you are bound the provide all the required services within five days after final approval of the quotation. Our office work is suffering and need urgent maintenance. Please reply back with the time and date when you will visit our office for maintenance work.

Sincerely yours,

Nimra Asad
Manager Administration

Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts
Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts

Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate

Sample request letter for tax exemption from sales.

Example Letter Asking for Sales Tax Exemption

Department of Revenue

Subject: Request Letter for Tax Exemption

Dear Sir,

A group of volunteers of AH Foundation had arranged a Movie Night at Ali Auditorium to raise funds for students of AH Foundation. Keeping in mind that the event was for a very worthy cause and all the fund raising had been donated to AH Foundation. Kindly exempt any taxes on the raised money from this event and refund the security amount of $ 10,000/- as soon as possible.

With Best wishes and profound Regards,

Muhammad Samiullah

Letter Requesting Tax Exemption Certificate

Dear Sir or Madam,

AH Foundation is a charity organization working for special education in underdeveloped areas. As per Ordinance 1984 charitable organizations are exempted from any under section A3. We are submitting our annual audit report and details of our projects.

On behalf of AH Foundation I request you to please issue Tax Exemption Certificate for AH Foundation. I will be at your complete disposal of any information/reports/ that you may require to process our request. Looking for your kind consideration.


Usman Amjad

Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate
Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter

Sample letter to inform the receiving of appointment letter of job with thanks. Thanks letter to company after getting the appointment letter available for free download.

Thank You Letter For Receiving Appointment Letter in Email

Respected HR Group Head,

I am writing this letter in reply of the appointment letter received by me sent by LACAS school. I am pleased to inform you that I agree to join the school at the set out conditions. It will be a good chance for me to perform in well known school. I will be there at school at 8 a.m sharp on 1st april, 2017. I would like to say thanks to you to trust me and to give me an opportunity to prove my capabilities.

Thank you

Laraib Sami

Thanks Letter After Getting the Appointment Letter

Mr. Mujtaba Khan
Leads, United Kingdom

Subject: Acknowledgement of Receiving Appointment Letter

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to receive my appointment letter for the post of [position] from [company]. I will make sure my attendance from my joining date as mentioned in my appointment letter. I hope you will find me ever best candidate for this post because of my dedications, qualifications and expertise in this field. I am thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Beenish Iqbal

Thanks Letter for Employer

Dear Ms. Areesha Awais,

Through this letter I express my thanks to you and the management for sending my appointment letter for the job as Manager Marketing. I confirm the joining of the job on exact date mentioned in the appointment letter and hope to prove myself the best performer on the job.

Thanking you,

Rimsha Arif

Appointment Acceptance Letter Format

Dear Sir,

With reference to my appointment letter in last week I am thankful to you for appointing me at the position of assistant manager. Big thanks for believing me and this job is according to my own interest as well. I would never disappoint you with my work. I agree with all the terms and conditions and the salary package as well.

I would join the company right after the end of meeting with the current organization.

Yours truly,


Thank You Letter for Receiving Job Appointment Letter

I am Ms. Nadia Ali, pleasingly writing this letter to you in reply of the appointment letter I received by your school yesterday. It is to inform you about my positive consent to work and provide services in such a well reputed and well organized system of education.

It has been my passion always to work in a challenging environment and to groom the students in aspects of education as well as information. I will be joining the school on 2nd May, 2016. I’ll be there sharp at half past 7, as said by you in the appointment letter.

I am really grateful to the management and selection committee to provide me the opportunity to serve under such a competent supervision. Thanking you.

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter
Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter

Acknowledgement Letter for Appointment Letter

The HR Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Dear Mr.XYZ.

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have received my appointment letter on time and I’ll be at the office for my interview. As you mentioned in your letter that you’re firm demands acknowledgments of receiving and accepting appointment letters, I thought of writing this letter to you.

I have been waiting to be a part of your firm since a few months now and I can’t miss this opportunity.

Thanking you and best regards,

How to write a Salary Increment Letter?

Steps for Writing a Salary Increment Application Letter

Decide why you need letter or Application for salary increment?

  1. Decide whether you need to write a letter for salary increment
  2. What are the reasons that you need salary increment (find out some solid reasons)
  3. Whom you need to address in the salary increment letter (find out the right person)

How to write a good salary increment letter. All the steps for writing a salary increment letter are mentioned below.

  1. Subject Line: Do not mention the direct words in the subject line for specific salary increment. Like “I need salary increment of $2000 from August 2016”. The best way is to mention indirect words like “I am writing for promotion”,”Application for Promotion and Increments”, “Application for Benefits Increment”.
  2. Normally first paragraph of any letter mentions the purpose of the letter. But if you want to adopt a better way for your salary increment you must describe your achievements, expertise, education and working experience. Like “I am working as Manager Marketing and during the year of 2016 I achieved all the impossibles because of my experience, qualification and expertise”.
  3. In the second paragraph you need to mention your desired increment by using indirect words. In this way you may get more increment then you expect. But if you mention the exact increment that you want then there are chances that you may lose. Because if you get the same as you mentioned you might admire double or you may lose the step for negotiations.
  4. In the closing paragraph always be thankful or grateful for you are writing to. Like I will be thankful, I will be grateful, etc. A good letter can benefit you more than your expectations. In a good letter you can easily demonstrate your achievements in words and convey your demands very easily.

Samples of Application for Salary Increment

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts with Thanks

Sample acknowledgement letter of receiving gifts/money/payment/goods or any thing else.

Acknowledgement Letter for Gift Received

Khalid Mehmood
C-143/C , Block B, Harley Street
Johannesburg 419000, SA


Dear Uncle,

I just received your parcel and read letter inside that made us all happy to hear you are fine and enjoying your tour there. I have passed your sentiments to grandmother specially. I must admire the gift you sent that memorized me the days been passed with you here. Bundle of thanks for your affections and love for us.

Lots of adoration and regards for you

Yours kid
Ali Nawaz

Thanks Letter for Gift Received


Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Laptops as Gifts

Dear Sir,

We, at the AH Foundation, would like to express our gratitude for your generous gift of 3 laptops Sony VAIO D-550 with CD-ROM and other accessories from SemiOffice towards the noble cause of our organization. We are heartily thankful to your compassion and gifts to AH Foundation.

Best Regards,

Signatory Authority
Industrial Relations Manager

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts with Thanks from Uncle

Mr. Arijit Patel
Tajpur Town, Goa

Dear Uncle, in my previous letter I had informed you about my final’s result in which I secured 1st position in the whole school. You had promised to gift me a watch and I just received the parcel. Not only I was excited about the watch, you sent other gifts with it as well. I cannot thank you for this, because this was completely unnecessary as the watch itself was already enough. Thank you for the gifts. I wish to come and visit to thank you in person very soon.

Yours loving,

Gilinder Singh

Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Gifts with Thanks
Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Gifts with Thanks

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts

The Manager Operations,
Diamond Paints,
May 18,

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your cooperation and gifts you have given to national rescue service.

The management of national rescue service highly acknowledges the donation of Diamond Paints in shape of two numbers of air conditioners for the command and control room of the service.

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

(Edmund Spencer)

District Officer, national rescue service

Application for Volunteer Work

Below is the application to apply for volunteer work in an NGO or social organization. This is a very short and comprehensive application for volunteer work in any capacity.

Application for Volunteer Work Sample



I live in D.H.A., Phase-1. I graduated from GIK Institute with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I have a couple of weeks till my jobs kick in. I was wondering if i could volunteer in some capacity till then.

Best Regards,

Name and Signature

Application for Volunteer Work
Application for Volunteer Work

Application for Volunteer Work Template


Subject: Application Letter for Volunteer Work or Social Work


I’m (Your Name) doing Masters in English literature and French language ( arts and humanities) from Kinnaird college for women and did my graduation in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. I wanted to know demands and eligibility criteria for being an employee in [Institution Name/Company]. It is my interest to do work for disables. And kindly tell me if I’m not eligible then is it possible to work with this institute voluntarily?. I’m really enthusiastic to work for children of AH Foundation.

Desperately waiting for response.


Your Name and Signature

Application for Volunteer work

The HR Manager,
HAC Agri Limited, Lahore

Dear Sir,

I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering program. I heard about the hiring offer by your company in newspaper. After going through your company’s profile, I have decided to volunteer in your firm so that I can gain knowledge and experience which would be beneficial for my future.

So kindly grant me the opportunity to work as a volunteer. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Faithfully,


Letter of Appreciation to Employee Free Download

Sample Letter of Appreciation to Employee from Employers for best services, long service, good performance, leaving the company or for hard work. This letter can be used for HR and HCM Departments, Managers, Executives, Officers, Accountants and all other posts within the organization.

Performing Arts & Theatre ‘14

Letter of appreciation

Dear Participant,

On behalf of “AH Foundation” and the respected management team of Performing Arts & Theatre’14, we are thankful to each one of you for your participation. It’s a real honour to have you here.

The institute intends to provide you all a platform to show your talent. This institute for special children recognizes your individual as well as collective efforts that you have exhibited on this charitable form.

We would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Thank you,
Manager Marketing

Employee Appreciation Letter Sample


Subject: Employee Appreciation Letter for Achievements

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am deeply impressed by your accomplishments, achievement and your invaluable contribution to the welfare of our society. After surfing through your website I came to realize that there’s a reason as to why the withering moral fabric of our society hasn’t really diminished altogether; it’s because of such courageous efforts. I am appreciating your efforts through this letter.

Best Regards

Manager Admin

Letter of Employee Appreciation Sample for Achievements
Letter of Employee Appreciation Sample for Achievements

Acknowledgement Letter for Job Well Done

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Ltd,
United Kingdom

Respected Austin,

I am writing this letter because I want to appreciate you with an open heart about the job you have done at the company. You have become the best employee in my eyes, and have improved a lot since you have joined. But there is still a lot to achieve. I want you to improve more and more with the passage of time so that you become eligible for the promotion.

Your Employer,

Manager Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Ltd

Letter of Appreciation to Employee

George Duke, Accounts department

Respected sir,

We are pleased to inform you that you have performed very well this year. Your evaluation report has shown excellent results and we congratulate you on this success of you. We appreciate your dedication and sincerity to the work. We wish you all the very best for your future and hope to see you giving your best like this.


Team HR

Appreciation Letter for Airport Staff for Good Service

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you about your staff’s behavior. Last Friday was my flight from Lahore to Doha and flight was late round about 2 hours, I was travelling for the very time and don’t know much about these things. Your staff helped me a lot, as they took me to passenger’s lounge and offered me some food too. They were very good in service and have helpful nature. This was very good experience. I appreciate your work. All the best for future;



Kamran Ahmed

Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase

Sample Letter to request discount from seller or distributor for company, office, school, client or vendor etc.

Sample Letter Requesting Discount from Supplier

Dear Supplier,

As you are supplying us the material that is essential in our shoes production since 2015, it has been noted from your recent consignments that the type of material you are supplying is available from other suppliers in the business at a bit less rate than you are getting from us. You are having payment from us on cash basis with per piece unit of items. We have always made our payments on time and it has never been delayed a single day.

Keeping in mind the company’s terms with you, this time we require a reasonable discount on the supply so that we can cope with the current market pricing on our goods. It would be highly appreciated if you regard us with this discount.

Production Manager,
Shoes Industry.

Discount Request Letter to Supplier

Letter to the partner company requesting it to offer some discount at the end of the year based on the long good relation

Respected Manager,

I am writing on behalf of finance department Nestle Products. Coca Cola and Nestle has attained quite a good client customer relationship since the start. We have been using your products for past 5 years and there has never been a single complaint against your products.

Keeping in view the past long experience and history that we share, you are requested to issue us a discount on all the orders made in last month of this year. As this year is about to end, let us enclose it with good terms. Doing so will enhance the business relation between two firms and Nestle will look forward to continue using your products by renovation of the contract which is going to expire at the end of this year. It will have a lot of other benefits as well.

The combined sale of the company will increase as we would be able to manufacture large number of products from the same cost. We are looking forward for the acceptance of this end year discount request.

I hope that i have convinced you enough to accept this end year discount request. I shall be very thankful on Nestle’s behalf for such a great favor. Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly,

Purchase Manager

Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase
Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase

Response Letter to Request for Discount

The Purchase Officer
The QQ Fabrics

Dear Concerned,

This letter is response to your request for discount in the fiber costs. It is regretfully stated that we have been providing the raw materials of premium quality at market competitive rates to our valuable customers and suppliers since 1980. We assure you the least possible pricing and rates for our material and services. Being customer we offer quality and price both in your interest as it is our competitive advantage.

Yours Sincerely

Sales Team
Twinkle Fibers

Discount Request Letter

Subject: Discount Request Letter

Respected Sir,

We from the “Company” would like to personally thank you for your donations and your support from which our company is thriving. On the 10th of July 2016, a bake sale will be taking place in the Defence branch. We are requesting you, our generous donors, to be able to provide us with your various products that can be used in the bake sale.

Unfortunately as the “company” is a charitable organization dependent on the funds and donations from various donors, we may not be able to buy the products that are to be used in the bake sale due to the high costs.

So we thereby request you, our generous donors, to provide us with the products that are to be used in the bake sale for free or at least at subsidized rates and prices. We are very much grateful for your continuous support and dedication. I shall be personally available at all times if you are in need of any information or assistance regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name and Signature

Letter Requesting Scholarship Donations

Sample letter requesting scholarship from donations, Zakat or charity for studies and further education. Scholarship request for school, college and university studies for poor students as well as scholarships for students of backward areas.

Sample Request Letter for Scholarship

Respected Sir/Mam,
I am mehwish ehsan from Pakistan. Global Giving Org. provide me your link. I am a medical student and I need of donation for my education and for my family. I don’t want to leave my education at mid. I assure that I will return it to the donor as I get the way of earning.

Kindly help me and provide me some info regarding it. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.
Anxiously waiting for your reply.
Mehwish Ehsan

Scholarship Request Letter from Donations


Subject: Request for Sponsorship

Dear Sir,

I am 21 years old Jahanzeb Abbas Lasi suffering from Muscle disease living in Pakistan (Baluchistan) this is a remote area where Medical facilities are not available still I am living with this disease. I will never loose my hope, [organization] is the only my Hope, GOD bless Prof. Abdul Haq and Mrs and their team who is working for patient like me.

Since 1984, I have finished my 10 years of my school but in our area we don’t have school for further education. I want my education to complete, How people like me to get further education So, Please help me in this regard. I want to continue my education but in our Area we don’t have further support or any institution who allow me to go through my further education.

Please arrange education support/sponsorship for me I will really appreciate.



letter requesting scholarship donations
letter requesting scholarship donations

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for Guests

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for School, company, office, business, factory, mill or NGO with the purpose of meeting, quality checking, medical checkup, standards checkup and collection of donations and charity from companies, corporations, foundations etc.

Invitation Letter for Foreigner Guest (International Guest)

Consul General
United States of America
Clifton, Karachi

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to you for your kind letter and look forward to welcoming you to our Institution.

It would be an honour for us to share with you our work and you meet with our students. We will be in touch with your office to liaise the schedule as per your convenience.

Looking forward to your kind visit.

With kind regards,

Dr. Ayesha Manzoor

Visit Invitation Letter for School 1

Subject: Invitation Letter for Visit

Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for your reply and commitment for donation to [organization]. As for as your question is concerned regarding Down Syndrome. Please note that [organization] is the largest one in Pakistan and dealing almost all types of special children. We have 8 Kanal campus in Defence with state of the art facilities according to international standards. We have a down syndrome section and expert teachers for this section.

Today is 23 March 2017 and this is holiday. So Tomorrow I will get back to the institute and send to the exact figures of how many Down syndrome students we are catering at this time. Our overall strength in the institute is 503 in both campuses.

I will request you to visit our institute and you will be shocked to know about the institute, its environment, departments, facilitation and the state of the art structure we have been built with passage of time. In simple words I hope you never seen any institute like [organization] anywhere.

Looking for your visit to the institute. For visiting purpose you can come on any working day during Monday to Friday from 8:45am to 1:00 pm.


Dr. Iqra Iqbal

Invitation Letter for Visit of School 2

Subject: Letter of Invitation to Visit

Dear Sir,

Hope you are fine and doing best. With reference to previous visit of Senior Officials from Bata, I am writing to request for visit of [place/venue] during July 2016 as it was discussed and promised by Mr. James. From 2nd July 2016 to 19 July 2016 the institute is fully operational. We welcome again to the Senior Official of Bata to visit our campus again and see by yourself how we are serving the society.

Best Regards,

Visit Invitation Letter Sample
Visit Invitation Letter Sample