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Job Experience Letter for Marketing Executive

These experience letters for Male and Female Marketing Executives, Marketing Associates and Customer Services are available for free download from below links. You can use this experience letter for any post/position like Marketing officer, Sales Officer, Sales Associate, Business Development Officer and for many other similar jobs. You just need to change the name, father name, company name and dates in the below letters. Please Print the below experience letter on the letter head. This Experience letter is best example for employees of telecom companies.

Marketing Executive Experience Letter Sample  1


This is to certify that Mr. Usman S/O Mr. Ali Ahmed has served in WorldCall Dot Com (Pvt) Ltd. on the post of Marketing Executive from 30th day of December, 2010 to 28th day of February 2016.

During his tenure with us we found him sincere, hard working and he bears a good moral conduct. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

 Signatory Authority

Chief Operating Officer

Job Experience Letter for Marketing Executive
Job Experience Letter for Marketing Executive


Experience Letter of Job for Marketing Executive 2

To Whom It May concern

This is to certify that Miss Kanza D/O Mr. Faisal, CNIC 33302-6473837-4 has worked as Marketing Executive at Mobilink from 14th June 2016 to 14 January 2017 in its Head Office.

We found her responsible, enthusiastic and hard working girl during her working tenure. She is a dedicated worker and possesses pleasant manner. She can prove to be an asset for any organization. We wish her success in her future endeavors.

This certificate is being issued at the request of Miss Kanza.

Signatory Authority

Job Experience Letter for Female Marketing Executive
Job Experience Letter for Female Marketing Executive

Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother

Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother, Parents death, loss of wife, death of mother in law or father in law and loss of father or mother.

Condolence Letter on Death of Father

Dear Friend,

I heard the news of death of your father; I was really shocked to hear this news. I was aware that your father was suffering from cancer but I didn’t know about his critical condition since the last few days. I know that it’s a hard time for you and your family. You have all of my sympathies. You have to be strong for this time. If anything you need for my side you are always welcome.


Letter for Grieving Friend on Death of Mother

London, UK,

Dear Johnny,

I hope you are fine. I am very sad to hear about the demise of your mother. It is very sad news indeed which Joshua told me yesterday. I was in a state of utter shock. But I want to say to you that you should not lose hope and not grieve further so that you are able to take care of rest of the family members.

May all your family get stabled soon and may the dead rest in peace. Pay my condolences to all at home.

Your friend

Sample Condolence Letter Format

Subject: Condolence Letter For Death of Father

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was most shocking to hear the sad demise of your Mother/Father. Although this is Allah`s will ordained in his laws and indeed a sad reality of life. We accept it with a heavy heart as we all have to pass through this phase.

At Such tragic moments we are left with no alternative but to bow to Almighty`s will and seek his mercy and blessing for our dear departed souls. May Allah the most beneficent grant you and all your family endurance to bear this tragic loss and reward you for your patience that he has promised.

We are by your side in this time of grief.

With kind regards,

Your Name and Signatures
Letter to Mention

Condolences to a Friend on the Death of his Mother

and Advising him for his good

Dear friend,

I am really shocked to hear regarding the death of your mother. How are you keeping after that? I know that it is a very tragic event which has shocked all of us. She was a very kind and pleasant lady. I still have got image of the good memories of childhood which we have spent together. Throughout my entire life she had been very kind and generous.

Dear friend, every person has to meet its maker one day or other. Well your mother had a natural death which shows that she did not suffer from the long severe pain from which now a day’s people suffer.

Friend, I would like to advise you to keep your patience. Patience is the key to get through such sad and tragic event. I know it is a very gloomy moment for you; even I became sad after hearing this shocking news. May her soul rest in peace and may his status be among the pious ones in paradise.

My sincere condolences to you for such sad event. Just keep your patience. Being the elder son of the family it is your duty now to remain strong otherwise it would hurt her soul.

I will pray for her.

Yours sincerely,

Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother
Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother

Condolence Letter in Email and Mobile SMS

I really condolence the sad demise of [name] wife/husband/son/daughter of [name] director of [company]

May almighty Allah give courage and patience to the bereaved family to bear his/her loss.

May his/her soul rest in peace


Application for Issuance of Experience Letter

Request letter for issuance of experience letter for new job, visa, or to add in personal profile. Sample application for experience letter of employee, worker, staff, manager, officer or any other post. Some time companies does not issue experience letter until you request them with solid reason. Experience letter certify that you worked for certain time period, job position and may include salary for the post you worked.

Sample Application for Experience Letter

Mr. Mujtaba Khan
Managing Director
Leeds, United Kingdom

Subject: Application for Issuance of Experience Letter

Dear Sir,

I am sharoon writing to request you to issue my job experience letter for the duration of 2 years. I am leaving this job for some personal reasons and later I may again search for job. My experience letter will ad value to my career and make my job search easy. My experience in this company was fascinating and I worked with full of my devotions.

Best Regards,


Application for Job Leaving Certificate from Company

Respected Manager HR,

It was a great pleasure for me to work with such a leading business corporation of our country. During the job I always try to perform best and utilize my educational expertise for maximum results in favor of our business.

I submitted my resignation letter (with employee # 648ev) one month before as per company policy and now I am writing you to issue my job leaving experience certificate without any delay. I need to submit this job experience certificate in Canadian Embassy for my immigration to Canada and Visa Processing. I request you to please issue my certificate before 29th June so I will submit it to Embassy before the deadline of my Visa Application.

Looking for your cooperation and waiting to receive my certificate as soon as possible before the 29th June.

Sincerely yours,

Raheeq Abbasi

Application for Issuance of Experience Letter
Application for Issuance of Experience Letter

Request for Experience Letter in Email

Dear Ms Ayesha,

I am Shumayla has worked as Floor Supervisor and Manager Client Services at Target Stores for 3 years since 2014. Recently I resigned for better career opportunity and my new employer requiring my previous experience certificate for documentation and office records. I request you to please issue my experience certificate before end of this month so I will submit them before the deadline. I will be highly obliged.

Warm Regards,


Application for Issuance of Experience Certificate

The Manager, HR
Coca Cola Pvt. Ltd.

SUBJECT: Application for Issuance of Experience Certificate

Respected Sir,

I is stated that I, Anthony Richards, Employee Reg. no. X5QRD, have served your company for three years and resigned from the company as a Marketing Lead last month and fulfilled all the requirements of legitimately leaving the company. But till now I have not received my experience letter. I am writing this application with due respect for the purpose of issuance of my experience letter. Kindly issue me the required document as it is of immense importance for me in my career and job placement. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Richards

Application for Experience Letter

HR Manager,
XYZ Trust,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have been working with your organization from past three years. I joined your reputed organization in 2013 and worked as an Assistant Manager Accounts.  But now I have to move to Dubai for a job. The organization require experience letter for past three year.

I request you to please issue me experience letter so I may move there.I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Assistant Manager Accounts.

Application for experience letter for cook

To Director of the Hotel,

It is hereby told that I have been working with you for last two years. I hope that I have done my job faithfully and according to your expectations. Moreover, it has been a great opportunity for me to utilize my humble skill under your kind control. The time spent with you has been excellent which has provided me a chance to escalate my skills.

Now, on my request, I have been given permission to leave your hotel and look for another comparatively better place. So cutting the long short, I request you to grant me with experience letter. Such kind of letter will definitely help me to get a good job. Always wishing well of you.


Letter for NOC Request (No Objection Certificate)

Sample request letter and application for No Objection Certificate from School, College, University or Govt and Private Offices. Normally NOC is required for admissions, events, jobs and travel purposes.

Application for NOC from Current Employer

Galaxy Town,
London, England, United Kingdom.
The District Emergency Officer,
London Fire Service,
October 19,
Dear Sir,
It is submitted that I have been working as a computer operator in London Fire Service for last ten years. During my period of job, my work is praised by seniors including your good office.
Sir, some posts of IT Manager has been advertised in Scottish Rescue Service and my qualification and experience is quite suitable for the said post.
You are requested to please provide me a No Objection Certificate so that I could apply for the job of IT Manger in Scottish Rescue Service.
Looking for your nice cooperation
John Keats.
Computer Operator

Request for the Provision of No Objection Certificate

The Deputy Chief of Police,
South Wales.

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I am writing this letter to request you for the provision of NOC. I am to apply for a vacant post in ministry of finance. The requirement for the application is the NOC from the current employer. As this post is most relevant to my qualification, so I want to apply for this post. Kindly issue me the NOC, so that I can complete the application by the due date. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Sincerely,
Juli Paddington

Application for NOC from College or University

Dear Madam,

I am Aqsa Islam D/O Abdul Salam student of BSc successfully passed my BSc examination with Enrolment No. 24748 in General Sciences from GCU. I request you to please issue me NOC for admission in MSc Economics from Punjab University. As per admission requirement NOC is required with admission form and last date of admission form submission is next Sunday. I again request you to please issue my No Objection Certificate(NOC) or Migration Certificate as early as possible.

Sincerely Yours,
Aqsa Islam

Cover Letter for NOC Request for the Event

To:Head of Department
LMN Sports Club

Subject: Letter for NOC Request for Concert

Dear Sir,

On behalf of ABC Trust and UMT we want to arrange Musical Concert at LMN Town Sports Club. This is a charity concert to aid needy patients and we are working on moral grounds. The amount collected after this concert will be beneficial for ABC Trust charity purposes. You are requested to allow us to arrange this concert at LMN Sports Club at to help humanity as beloved Citizen. Your kind approval in this regard shall be highly appreciated in the eyes of those who work for this great purpose voluntarily.

Thanks and regards,

Manager Marketing

ABC Trust

Letter for NOC Request (No Objection Certificate)
Letter for NOC Request (No Objection Certificate)

Experience Letter for Financial Accountant

Below is the Experience Letter for Senior Financial Accountant and you can use this for various other Finance and Accounts Jobs.

Experience Letter For Financial Accountant

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Ms. Kanza Faisal D/O Mr. Faisal Khan has served SemiOffice Corp as a “Senior Financial Accountant from May 08, 2011 to January 11, 2016. She has always proven herself a hard worker. Visual Ascent really appreciates her work and her services are very important for our top level management. She has been dealing all of company’s financial matters perfectly and in manners required to fulfill the needs of each department of group unit.

SemiOffice Corp

Minahil Qasim
Manager HR Policy Services

Experience Letter for Financial Accountant
Experience Letter for Financial Accountant

Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive and Manager

Sample Appointment letter for marketing executive, manager, agent, officer, consultant and  officer from the company to its employees. This appointment Letter includes terms and conditions for job and probation period of three months. You can customize this letter by changing the terms and conditions offered by your company, salary and duration of probation period of the employment.

Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive Format 1 


Mr. Ankit Kumar

Subject: Letter of Appointment for Marketing Executive

Dear Mr. Ankit Kumar,
With effect from [Date September]  we are happy to offer you the position of Marketing Executive, Grade E3, with [Company Name] on the following terms & conditions:

  1. Your probation period will be for three months starting from the date of your joining. However, this period can be cut short or extended based on the individual’s performance and at the discretion of the management.
  2. Your pay during the probation period will be USD $1540 per month
  3. You will be entitled to travel reimbursement (@ $1. 3/- per km) based on your actual traveling related to your assignment.
  4. You are not entitled to any leaves with pay during the probation period.
  5. You might be placed at any project as and when required by the management.
  6. Either party can nullify this contract by giving a notice of 20 days.
  7. After the probation period, you will be given a proper letter of appointment with terms and conditions for permanent employment.

Best regards,


Ranjeet Singh
Manager HR Group Policy
Media Productions

N.B: Kindly submit the below mentioned documents with the signed copy of this letter:

  1. Your I.D. Card copies
  2.  References with I.D. Card copies
  3.  Bio data Form [enclosed]


Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive
Appointment Letter for Marketing Executive

Appointment Letter Format for Marketing Manager 2


Ms. Minahil Qasim
Postal Code:
New York, United States

Subject: Letter of Appointment for Marketing Manager

Respected Ms. Minahil,

We are pleased to offer you employment in our company in the capacity of the Marketing Manager starting of employment on [Date]. You will be on probation for a period of Three months, which may be reduced or further extended at the sole direction of the organization. Your salary will be $6000/- per month inclusive of all benefits. Please sign on the duplicate copy of this letter as an evidence of your acceptance.

We are pleased that you will be working with our office and look forward to your success.

Manager HR                                                   Company seal

OBTC Marketing Services

My signature indicates that I accept the position as Designation as described above.

Name of Applicant and Signature                          Date

Appointment Letter Format for Marketing Manager
Appointment Letter Format for Marketing Manager

Job Application for the Post of Marketing officer

Sample job application for the post of marketing officer, executive, manager, agent, sales officer, sales agent, sales manager. Best Job Application including details of professional experience of previous jobs.

Job Application for Marketing officer 1


Subject: Job Application for Marketing officer

Respected Sir,

I am looking for long term successful career position & writing you to express my interest for the above cited position. I am submitting my C.V for your consideration. My qualification overseas exposure and work experience has given me the confidence to apply for this position.

I strongly believe that if given an opportunity, you will find me worthy for this position. I assure you to fulfill my duties to your entire satisfaction.

Hoping for a favorable reply

Sincerely Your’s,

Sharoon Joseph

Resume Cover Letter

Sample Job Application for the post of Marketing officer
Sample Job Application for the post of Marketing officer


Marketing Officer Job Application


Subject: Application for Marketing Officer Position

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have come to know that you are hiring staff for your renowned company. Sir I believe that my qualification, experience and my credentials will prove my ability in Marketing Department.

I have good command in English speaking as well as in writing. I am working as Marketing Officer in ABC Co, a well-established marketing company.

Previously, I worked as SMS Content Provider and Marketing Officer in Red Zoom Technologies FZ-LLC. I have an extensive experience of Client services to the leading organization like Cube Cell Technologies FZ-LLC and Royal Arts Technologies FZ-LLC in Dubai Media and Internet City and many more.

I also worked at various levels in ORIX Leasing as an Assistant Branch Manager in Auto lease Department. This opportunity added valuable skills in my professional career and enabled me to learn different operations and processes of other departments. I believe that I could make a significant and valuable contribution. I served as Assistant Manager Marketing in ORIX Leasing in Micro-finance Department.

I hope to hear from you soon. My Resume is attached with this letter.



Job Application for the Post of Marketing officer
Job Application for the Post of Marketing officer

Application Letter for Marketing Fresh Graduate

as a sportsman, volunteer, medalist,

Respected sir,

I kinza shahnawaz student of 7th semester at ucp business school writing to you to express my interest for position that is required in the marketing department of your institute.

I believe that I’m excellent fit for this seat because I’ve a lot of experience related to that seat I always take marketing as an interesting and challenging thing for me I’ve worked socially almost for four years for my university which includes arranging mega events of cup, as I’m a sports women and vice president of sports club of ucp and arts and design head at ucp dramatics club and also part of many societies, these societies gave me a big platform to show up my skills and marketing skills too.

I’ve done all duties perfectly and won many gold and silver madels in sports and other extra-curricular activities from (LUMS, BNU, FAST, UCL, COMSATS etc.)I always got appreciation from my teachers in marketing projects, I presented a project in which for the very first time an energy drink as a variant of coca cola at national level with all the functionalities was launched by me, another project includes the launch of a camel milk in tetra pack packaging first time form engro foods. These all things gave me a wide experience. And the best experience I got from RSI internship I think I’m suitable for this job.

I’ll look forward to hearing a good response from you.

Yours obediently,

Kinza shahnawaz

Contract Work Experience Certificate

Sample Contract Work Experience Certificate and Letter for University graduates for working within the university or in other institutions. Sample work experience letter for  Non Permanent employees of the company worked for few days.

Contract Work Experience Certificate

To whom it may concern
Work Experience Certificate
University of Central Punjab,

Dear Sir/Madam:

(Name) has worked in our institute for Nine (9) days as a contract worker. We appreciate his/her stay in our Organization and also appreciate his/her work in the following Departments.

1)      Resource Department,  2)      Vocational Department, 3)      Marketing Department

This letter hereby is the letter of appreciation and experience from the Institute for his/her efforts in the development and betterment of the society. We wish him/her best of luck for the future.

Thank you.

Manager HR

Contract Work Experience Certificate
Contract Work Experience Certificate

Free Download company experience certificate in word file. You can use search box for more experience certificates and letters at semioffice.com.

Job Experience Letter for Cashier

Sample Job Experience Letter for Cashier available for download. Cashiers of any level like cash manager, bank cashier,  chief cashier, junior cashier, senior cashier can use this letter as experience letter by changing or updating your name, father name, NIC and your position in a particular company.

Work Experience Letter for Cashier

Dear concerned,

It is hereby certified that holder of this document has been working in company as cashier for two years from 2015 to 2017.

Mr. Bruce joined us as a trainee three years ago and showed his excellent behavior and skills. Due his hard work and dedication he was promoted to cashier after one year. He was professional, accurate and calculated during his work as a cashier.

Our company endorses the holder of this experience letter.


The Manager

Cashier Experience Letter


It is to certify that Mr. Waseem S/O M. Anwer, CNIC# 00000-00000-000-0 has been working with our company as “Chief Cashier” for the period from 1st April 2017 till today.

During the job we found him very hard working, honest and punctual, reliable and his job as well as up to our expectations. We are sure about his capability that he would fully be able to do justify to his profession with Bless of Allah Mighty. We certify that there is no liability during the job on him.

“Company Name” wishes him best of Luck for betterment of his future and success in his coming life for endeavors.

For X.Y.Z Company (Pvt) Ltd



Job Experience Letter for Cashier
Job Experience Letter for Cashier

Job Experience Letter for Cashier

To whom it may concern,

It is verified with great joy that Miss Maria Philips has been working in this bank for five years, from 1st July ____ to 30th June ____ at the designation of Cash Officer. Her duties here were receiving and handling cash in case of deposits and withdrawals, maintaining cash book, handling and recording entries for cash transactions and maintaining petty cash book and supporting record.

During her tenure here, she has proved herself a skillful, determined, punctual and vigilant individual. She has always worked appropriately under tremendous pressure. She knows how to meet deadlines and has shown great capabilities as a cash operator. She has firm grip on computer based accounting software. We strongly recommend her for any related future appointments and we wish her best of luck for her future endeavors.

Steve Johnson
Branch Manager
City Bank New York

Experience Letter For Teacher from School

Sample experience letter for teacher form school, college, academy etc. You can use this experience letter format for school teacher job like Computer Teacher, English Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Physics Teacher, Biology Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, Urdu Teacher, Islamic Studies Teacher or for any other subject that you want to mention in experience certificate for teacher of your school.

Teaching Experience Letter Sample For Teacher


This is to certify that Miss. Mehreen D/O Mr. Ch. Akhtar CNIC # 12303-1234567-9 has worked as a [Subject: English/Urdu/Biology/Chemistry/Physics] Teacher at our LA, DHA Campus for two years from June 2016  to June 2017.

We found her responsible, enthusiastic and hardworking during her working tenure. She can prove to be an asset for any organization. We wish him/her success in his/ her future endeavors.

This experience certificate is being issued at the request of Ms. Mehreen.

Hon. Director

Sample experience letter certificate for pre-primary school teachers only as a proof of teaching experience.

Work Experience Letter for Primary School Teacher

To whom it may concern

It is to certify that Ms. Rabia Salar has worked as a full time primary school teacher from 1st August 2016 to 15th August, 2017 at Alma Mater School. During her tenure, she has been very regular and dedicated towards work. She has a charismatic personality and easily bonds with children of all temperaments. She understands well the needs and emotions of every child and cares for them accordingly.

She had a good command over the subjects she taught. Her students have always shown good grades. She has great communication skills and is very cooperative. She brings innovative teaching methods to keep her class active. She is a good planner and manages work nicely.

We wish her good luck for her future.



Experience Letter for the Teacher

To whom it may concern

I am writing this in the capacity of Principal, Unique Institute for Intermediate Studies (UIIS), London. Mr. Alexander Nobel has been a part of faculty in my institute since February, 2017. During the span, he has showed marvelous talent and professionalism in his teaching. His students always appreciated his methods of teaching and his diligence in his work. He also scored high in recent annual ‘Students Feedback for their Teachers’ which has been proud tradition of our institute since its establishment to improve the quality of teachers and teaching methods.

As a teacher, he possesses all qualities of head and heart. Moreover, his conduct with his students and colleagues has been exemplary during his stay in the institute. I am sure he will prove himself as an asset for any organization or institute he joins in the future.

I wish him good luck for all his future endeavors.

Mr. Josef Martin,

The Principal

Experience Letter For Teacher from School
Experience Letter For Teacher from School

Experience Letter For School Teacher

To whom it may concern

It is hereby certified that Ms. Mehreen has attended Kips College as teacher from June 1st, 2016 to July 20th, 2017. She has a pleasant personality and great interpersonal communication and administrative skills. She is very co-operative, and depicts good manners. She has been very supportive to the Special Children and has a great human resource potential. She is a keen observer, learner and a dedicated voluntary worker and teacher. She has good leadership qualities, and can prove to be an asset to any institute.

Manager Human Resource Development

Experience Letter For School Teacher
Experience Letter For School Teacher

Sample experience certificates are just to be used as formats. If you have a good experience certificate letter for teaching post and want to share with us please write in the below comments form.

If you need a custom experience certificate for yourself, your school etc then also write in the below comments form and we will reply you quickly.

Application for Experience letter as science teacher

The Principal,
Osama High School.
Ravi Road,

This is humbly requested that I worked under your kind control as a Science Teacher for five years. I had resigned because of the relocation with my family to another city.

Kindly issue the experience certificate for me as my new employer has demanded the experience letter in order to confirm my job.
I had requested the same via email to the Admin Department last week but so far nobody has responded.

Please do the needful at the earliest and oblige.

Best Regards,

Ibrahim Khalil,
Science Teacher-Elementary Level
Employee ID________________