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Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

Sample application letter to complain the airline and informing them about lost luggage during travelling. You can also claim insurance if they do not refund your luggage or damaged and complain to civil aviation authority about the incident with below letters.

Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

The Manager Operations,
British Airline Company.

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to your failure for losing my luggage while travelling in your company’s plane on 12th November. I regret and strongly protest for such kind of negligence by your staff members. I had valuable items and important documents in the luggage that could never be recovered from anywhere. Anyhow, it is entirely a mistake from your side therefore your company is liable for the missing luggage and should provide me the amount equal to all valuable goods packed in the luggage.

Once again I repeat and assert you to pay me the amount for lost luggage.

I hope you would cooperate with me so that I may travel again with your company in future.


George Bush.

Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

Dear Management,

I was travelling from Dubai to Qatar on flight **** on Thursday of 28th October 20XX at 6:00 pm. Due to some mismanagement I lost my luggage on the way to Qatar. I complained to officers over there, but all in vein. It’s been a day and still waiting for response.

I have some important things in my luggage and really worried about that. It’s taking so long. Kindly try to find my lost luggage as soon as you can. I have left my contact number and home address so that you can contact me and parcel my luggage at correct address.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank You

Norman James