Format of Experience Letter for Floor Manager in Supermarket

Sample of experience letter for floor manager in supermarket, retail stores, Target Store, Walmart etc.

Experience Certificate for Floor Manager

Canteen Stores Department

Regional Office


Letter No.: XC-03



It is duly certified that Mr. Kashif, CNIC No. 12345-9123456-1, has served CSD stores nationwide for ten years. He has worked efficiently and dedicatedly in capacity of Floor Manager and Warehouse In charge. He has been found well versed in timely completion of inventory. Following are some of core daily workings he has performed during his tenure at Canteen Stores Department

  • Managing Store Floors
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Store Staff Supervision.
  • Supervision of tagging and placement of goods
  • other relevant tasks

We recommend him for job further as a floor manager in stores, supermarkets, or warehouses as per his relevant skills.


Senior Manager Placement

Maqsood A. Mayo


Experience Letter for HR Manager

Sample experience letter format for hr manager in company, factory, office or anywhere. HR manager is also know as Human Resource Manager or Human Resource Development Manager in many companies and systems. HR manager are normally responsible for hiring new staff, conducting interviews with the help of other departments, giving incentives and benefits to the employees, record performance of the employee, attendance of the employees etc etc.

Experience Letter Format for HR Manager

Mr. Mack Burry,

Director Human Resource

EY Ford Rhodes,


Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your letter no. xxxx dated xx-xx-xxxx and your requirement to obtain experience letter for the post of HR Manager.

We confirm that Mr. Mack Burry worked as a Human Resource Manager with our Company over the period of more than 10 professional years. He gained professional exposure in the field of succession planning, conducting interviews, employees’ enrollment, payroll processing. We considered him an asset of our Company and provided us with a healthy cultural environment by introducing experts of their fields.

We wish him best of luck for his future endeavor.

Thanking you and with best regards,

Very truly yours,

Alex Stewart.

Manager Human Resource

Experience Certificate for HR Manager

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Ayesh D/O Manzoor Ahmed has served the OBTC as HR Manager from July 2014 to April 2015. She helped the company for grooming our employees, hiring competitive staff and scaling incentives for the hardworking and devoted employees. She developed HR System of the company and now we believe her inputs toward the growth of company are unforgettable. We never let the good employee to go but we also not stop anyone’s growth. This job experience letter is issued on the request of Ms. Ayesha our former employee and we wish her success in the future.



Work Experience Letter for HR Manager
Work Experience Letter for HR Manager

Job Application For Social Media Manager

Sample job application for social media officer and digital marketing manager with experience available for free download. You can customize your social media experience and ad networks where you have worked.

Cover Letter for Social Media Manager

The General Manager
Stream Media Pvt Ltd

Subject: Application for the Post of Social Media Manager

Dear Sir,

Having known through reliable resources, there are some vacancies of Social Media Manager under your kind control. I offer my services as one of the candidates. I assure you of my hard and devoted work at all times.

Hard copy of my resume is attached herewith for your kind consideration. In case you need any more information, I shall be glad to furnish you with.

Hoping for a favorable consideration of my application

Yours Truly,

Umair Basit

Applying for Social Media Job


Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am interested in the job of a Social Media Manager you have announced. I want to apply for the job as I have a degree in Mass Communication and I believe I will be able to handle it well. I request you to please provide me the job. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Social Media Manager Job Application Sample

Dear Ms. Saba Chaudhry,

Referring to your advertisement in Sunday Newspaper for the post of Social Media Manager and Officer vacancies. I have experience in social media for promotions, Facebook page management, postings, user engagement, twitter posting and followers and Google plus page promotions, followers and have worked with many other social media platforms.

Please find my educational and experience certificates with details of my achievements. I can do for your company more than your expectations.

Please give me a chance for interview and I assure that I will be the best person for this post.

Sincerely yours,


Cover Letter for Social Media and Digital Marketing Job

Dear Mr. Ahsan Ali,
Through some reliable sources I have come to know about the vacancy for the post of Social Media Manager in your organization is available. I am a capable person and my interest is in social media services as I did my Masters in Journalism and media as well in mass communication.

I have experience of working in social media services with various famous brands for their promotions. I have been in this field since last four years and did perform very well. Recently, I am working with stylo shoe brand I am seeking for better opportunities in future and I am eager to join your organization and want to show my capabilities and skills. I do work with devotion and responsibility and able to work under stress conditions.

My resume along with documents is attached with the application, which will further give details about me to you. My services will purely for organization’s benefit. I will be pleased to get a chance from your side and I will avail it and prove myself to be a diligent person for your organization.
Yours truly,
Basit Hussain.

Job Application For Social Media Manager
Job Application For Social Media Manager