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We are providing a complete marketing campaign proposal with budget details for any type of business, or brand. Please looking into the slides attached at the bottom of this page.

Few Screenshots of the Marketing Plan are below:

Introduction of Marketing Plan

Role of TVC in the marketing plan

Role of Cable Channels in Marketing plan with cost

Flyer Distribution as per Marketing Plan

Social Media Part in Marketing Proposal

Print Media Plan for Marketing Campaign

Objectives of Marketing Plan

Printers Flyers, and Letter for Marketing Plan

Electronic Media Plan for Marketing Proposal

Outdoor Media Plan for Marketing Campaign

BTL Activities in Marketing Plan

Proposed Target for Marketing Campaign, and Plan

Complete Marketing Proposal is attached below in pdf for free download:

Marketing Proposal Plan Template in PPT

Marketing Plan Proposal Template in PDF

Marketing Campaign Proposal is available in Power Point Slides. Please Comments below if you need that. We will send in email.

Executive Summary of Marketing Plan Sample


In order to increase the donations, Society is launching a campaign which will increase the awareness about institution as well as bring new donors on board. For this campaign, we have selected different conventional, and modern marketing medium. The goal of all these mediums, collectively, is to maximize the impact, and efficiency of our investment into the marketing.



The Society has decided to launch a TVC campaign by the name of “Raise Me”. This campaign will be aired on different tv channels of high customer base, and TRP. The total budget for the TVC campaign is 1.7 Million PKR, and for the Cable Channels it is 1 Million PKR. To support this TV campaign, a social media campaign will also be started which will consist of number of posts on different social media channels. On the ground level, flyers distribution, and streamers will be displayed the collective budget for which is PKR 1,216,000.

In addition to these campaigns, personal newsletters to different donors will also be sent. It will be the responsibility of Resource Dept to manage these newsletters, and get follow ups from the concerned person. Further we will enhance different indoor, and outdoor marketing tactics such as standees, emails marketing, mobile marketing, banners, and streamers will be used. With all these tactics, we aim to COLLECT PKR 40 Million in donations, and Zakat during this year.

Request Letter to Advertising Agency to Get Proposal


Sample request letter to advertising agency asking for a proposal for your marketing campaign, production of TVC, radio advertisement, and social media campaigns.

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: TVC, and Radio Advertisement Proposal Required:

Marketing Department is looking for a Professional Marketing agency for production of TVC for Fundraising, and Awareness of our brands. This TVC will be our introduction as well as awareness about services, and work we are doing.


TVC of 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 60 seconds, with voice, and without voice for outdoor digital screens, Digital streamers, and social media. Radio Ad is also required.

TVC, and all campaign mediums shall introduce the our organization, ITS Services with success story, its Importance, Donation Appeal, and Call to action for donation.

Further we will also be looking for Designing/Art work for the whole fundraising campaign including Printed billboards, road streamers, newspaper ad, brochure, standees.



Presentation on Marketing Strategy PPT


We are providing a complete marketing presentation on the long term marketing plan. This presentation is not just a sample but it actually developed for a company, and presented there.

Some of the selected slides are available in images, and full presentation is available in PPT format for free download.

Presentation on Marketing Strategy

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 1

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 2

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 3

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 4

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 5

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 6

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 7

Presentation on Marketing Strategy Slide 8

Download Presentation in PowerPoint PPT file

We are working to improve it on regular basis. You can suggest changes, or submit your new presentation. Please don’t forget to comment.

Long Term Marketing Plan Example


What is a short term marketing Plan, and What is long term marketing plan is described below with includes : Long term care marketing strategies, Long term marketing goals example, Short term marketing strategy example, Short term marketing objectives with examples. Company’s Long term strategic Marketing Plan and  Short, and long term projections in marketing strategy example. You can view presentation on this plan here.

Long Term Marketing Strategy Example

AHF is offering services for children with special needs on international standards. The AHF have state of the art campuses, best learning environment, and lots of achievements. Now we are expanding, and looking for further improvements. As a charity organization all will be possible with the enhancement of fund, and for fundraising we need to expand our promotional campaigns, advertisements, and donor list. 

The Resource Development Department is to raise the maximum number of Donors, and give awareness about AHF through attractive marketing strategies.

Long Term Marketing Objectives:

Currently we’ve around 3000 donors but our target is to achieve 12,000 donors from Pakistan, and we love to add more national, and international donors. The more donations we have the more children we can serve, and we’ll utilize these donations to enhance our services quality, and increase projects, or branches in different areas too.

Our objective is not just donations we want to be known worldwide by spreading awareness, and then we can help every disabled in many ways. To be on that level it is difficult, but not impossible, and we need everyone’s contribution to achieve our goal. Serving our people should be easy if we get continuous flow of donations, and for that we need to build strong, and confidence based relationships with our donors. In this 5 years plan our focus is to reach more, and more people, and we’ll put the best efforts we can. Times to time strategic improvements/updates are the core part of this plan. 

Marketing Plan for Year (Date)

Year of Branding & Investment

We shall develop brand based marketing strategies with the help of some leading media partners, agencies which includes:


Following media platforms are suggested to add in our Planning for upcoming year with our limitations.

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Digital Media Strategies
  • Print Media
  • SEO, SEM, and Online Donations
  • BTL, and ATL Activities

For (Date) we suggest the following strategic improvements as part of our fundraising campaigns round the year.

Redesign, and Development

  • Marketing Campaigns with Motivational Contents for all RSE&WS projects.
  • Development of TVC to attract more audience
  • Paid TVC on Cable Channels
  • Daily Newspaper ads(at-least 3) during Ramazan Campaign at least
  • Digital Billboards, and Streamers
  • Radio Advertisement message, and recordings
  • Social media campaigns shall be launched
  • Development, and publishing success stories of children with special needs

Strategic Improvement Suggestions

  • Increase paid promotional streamers in Lahore from1,000 to 5,000
  • Increase billboards from 5 to 15
  • Increase the placement of donation boxes in shopping malls/supermarkets
  • We shall associate our institute with celebrities/volunteers if possible
  • Life changing, and unique personal stories of special children should be published on blogs, Facebook, twitter (social media).
  • Follow up for our donors by emails, calls, and messages with new mechanism
  • Sports event, and handicrafts shall be available for sale on website for raising funds.
  • Invitation to maximum organizations/companies to visit, and engage their employees with special children
  • School Campaigns can be launched with new schemes(events, fundraising)
  • Campaigns on Airports
  • Campaigns inside shopping malls
  • Campaigns by, and for volunteers
  • Fundraising Dinner before every Ramazan
  • Strategies to overcome our week points

Long Term Marketing Budget Requirements:

  • Required budget shall be around Rs. 70,00,000/- for limited, and result oriented campaigns

Long Term Marketing Goals:

  • We can expect the increase in annual donors from 3000 to 4000

Marketing Plan for Year (Date)

Year of Digital Media, Social Media & Online Donations

Now when we will be having the donors around 4000 we shall improve our message, and the patron of campaigns too. We should get latest techniques to satisfy our donors in best possible ways, and make them believe that the donation served on the rightest purpose. It will help us to make the donors more loyal, and word of mouth campaign can be expected. 

In addition to the previous years:

  • We should increase our budget by 20%
  • Increase in Tv Channels For TVc Like Lahore News, City 42
  • We’ll move towards online donations
  • Budgeted Social Media, SEM Campaigns
  • Broadcast the radio ad in the timings of 7:00 am to 10:00am because people go to office, and listen radio, and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the time when people go back to home.
  • Extend number of billboards 15 to 25, and streamers from 5000 to 8000
  • Billboards, and streamers in more areas (3D billboards)
  • Setting Targets for Online Donations according to budgets
  • Online Forum for Consultancy according to disabilities is suggested
  • Video based success stories
  • Video guidance center
  • Fundraising for Inclusive School Project

Long Term Marketing Goals:

  • Working successfully shall increase annual donors from 4000 to 5500

At least 20% of the total additional fundraising in (Date) shall also be allotted for (Date) as additional marketing budget.

Marketing Plan for the Year (Date)

Year of National Reach on TV Channels, and Local Promotions

We should expand to other cities with promotional campaigns, and Increase of RD staff members. 

In addition to the previous years:

  • We Should increase our budget by 40%
  • Cities Include Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad
  • We should hire more resource officers
  • TVc on selected national TV channels
  • Using more flyers>billboards>campaigns etc. in different cities of Pakistan
  • We Should place our boxes in these cities
  • We’ll increase our events, and campaigns (schools, universities etc.)

Long Term Marketing Goals:

  • Working successfully shall increase annual donors from 5500 to 7000

Marketing Plan for the Year 2021

Year of International Donations

With suggested growth of last years, in this year we will be ready to develop strategy for collection of international donations at larger scale. 

In addition to the previous years:

  • Increase our budget by 20%
  • We shall increase the media channels to broadcast our TVC on PTV Global, QTV, GEO, and ARY DIGITAL, HUM TV, Masala TV including international markets.
  • Social media advertisements in selected international markets
  • At least one fundraising event in any other country.

Long Term Marketing Goals:

  • Working successfully shall increase annual donors from 7000 to 9000

Marketing Plan for the Year 2022

Year of Sustainability

In addition to the previous years:

Now we stand at a position where everyone knows us not only in Lahore in all over Pakistan, and in international market. If we will keep improving our advertisements with stronger, and appealing contents the people will get more influenced by the work of RSE&WS. We should also work on donor satisfaction at greater level, and need to prove them change in society. 

At this point our responsibility will be increased for self-sustainability with strategic growth.

Long Term Marketing Goals:

With this gradual growth we will achieve our target to increase 9,000 to 12,000 donors.


Presentation on Long Term Marketing Plan is Available at this link

Long Term Marketing Plan Presentation