Complaint Letter To Council About Loud Neighbors


Format of complaint letter to building council, and describing your situation to them that how you live next to neighbors who are non-courteous, and keeps making noise all the time where it interrupts your daily routine.

Complaint Letter About Noisy Neighbors


The council members

Respected sir, with due respect it is stated that I am living in apartment number 1234 in your colony, and I am writing this letter to file a complaint of my next door neighbors living in apartment number 1235. Sir! I am a medical student, and due to my tough routine I have to study at nights, and sometimes till mornings too. The neighbors make a lot of noise, and their kids keep playing music in loud volume so please take an action, and ask them to stop this chaos as it disturbs me a lot.

I will be very thankful to you for this favor.

Warm regards


 Complaint letter to the council about noisy neighbors

To the Council

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the situation of our neighbors. Lately we have been very disturbed because of their attitude. We have tried confronting them but they have treated us rudely every time.

I am a mother of two children, both of whom are students. They have a very rigorous daily schedule, and most of the times are studying. However, our neighbors make this task impossible. They shout all the time so loudly that we can hear all their conversation. As soon as the day begins their television comes to life. They never lower down the volume despite numerous complaints.  At night, their son stays in the car, and turns on the radio listening to songs on full volume. My husband is a heart patient, and this troubles him very much. Not only this but my children not able to study for their tests, or quizzes. We are very bothered by this attitude along with many others.

We have tried our best to deal with our neighbors but now it is time that the council deals with them accordingly. I hope the council will take an action that keeps in mind the best interest for everyone.


Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise


Format of sample letter to file a complaint against the loud neighbors to the apartment manager. Telling them how they have created a ruckus where you live, and their loud noises even at night are making it difficult for you to sleep.

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise

The Apartment Manager,
XYZ Apartments.

Dear Sir,
It is stated that since a couple of weeks now, the tenants that reside right above my apartment are a bunch of spoiled teenagers who don’t understand the ethics, and don’t possess the manners of living in a building.

Every night after 12:00 Am the tenants decide to hold frat parties in their apartment, where almost a dozen of teens come, and go frequently, loud music, banding, screaming are a part of the noise issues they are causing.

Kindly ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Since I live with my family my children experience problems whilst sleeping in the night, and that is highly unbearable. I suggest you to address the teenagers on your own before I take extreme measure myself.

Thanking you,
Tenant (Block C).

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise

Dear Manager,

I wrote this letter to you to file a complaint regarding the noise in our neighborhood. Since 2 weeks, there have been a lot of noises coming from our neighbor’s house.

In the beginning, I ignored it thinking that it is temporary, and they might be having guests so that’s why there is a lot of noise. As this has never happened before so I decided to let it go. But even after one week, they did not tone down on all the noises. I went to their place, and talked with the residents; they apologized, and said that this will not happen again. However that was not the case. The noises are just getting worse. Even at night time they play loud music, which makes sleeping difficult for us. My daughter has her exams at the end of month, and if this keeps on going on then she will not be able to concentrate on her studies.

I request you kindly talk to them about it, or I will have to take legal action against them. I hope I will not have to go that far.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider

23rd September (Date)

Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Noise Complaint

Dear Sir,

We received a complaint from you today in the morning about the noises coming from the neighboring rooms. Actually there has been maintenance work going on along with installations of some other devices on the floor in which you are staying which resulted in the noises of the machines. I sent this letter to apologize for the inconvenience, and disturbance it caused you. We immediately instructed the workers to tone down on the noise as the guests were being disturbed. I assure you that such thing will not happen in the future, and if you continue to hear noises then you can call me directly on the number provided below.

We are sincerely sorry.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Manager PC Hotel