Application for Rechecking of Exam Paper/Answer Sheet


Sample application for rechecking of exam paper, semester paper, class test, mid-term paper, first-term paper, final term papers, or mark sheet to university, school, or college. You can request review of your exam paper to professor, teacher, or lecturer for revaluation of marks.

Application for Rechecking of Exam Paper/Answer Sheet

The Headmaster,
Bin Kaif High School,
Factory Road, Ajman.

Dear Sir,

This is respectfully stated that I have been studying under your kind control since last three years, and currently I’m the student of Class 8th, section C. As you are aware that final assessment tests were conducted through the classes, and today I was given the result card where the marks in my English subjects are well below my expectations.

However, English is my favorite subject, and I was expecting to be among-st the toppers particularly in this subject. Hence, I would request you to approve my request of rechecking of exam papers to eradicate any doubts.
I will be highly thankful for this kindness.

Yours obediently,
Maya Khan,
Roll Number.

Application for Rechecking of Answer Sheet

To principal,
High School, USA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that I wanted to do rechecking of my answer sheet of business exam, which was help on 9th September Thursday at seminar hall. I have my doubt which I wanted to clear.

Kindly allow me to do rechecking of answer sheet to clear my doubts.
Thank You for your consideration.

Yours obediently

Kevin Tom.

Application for Rechecking of Paper

Dear Sir,

This is respectfully stated that, I have been studying in this school for last three years. I am in Matric now, and today I have received my result card in which marks in Chemistry are below my expectations. I wasn’t expecting this kind of marks. Please I am requesting you to approve my request of rechecking the paper so that I can clear my doubts about checking.

I will be thankful to you.


Javeria Hassan