Application to Participate in Art Competition


Write a letter to your principal seeking permission to take part in inter school art competition.

Application to Participate in Inter School Art Competition

The Principal,
Convent of Jesus & Mary, Davis Rd

Respected Madam,

With all due regards , I am, Arts teacher Ms Qandeel Baloch, submitting an application seeking your permission on behalf of the Senior Section Students to take part in Inter school art competition to be held in May (Date).

I would like to bring to your kind notice that previously our school has won quite a few appreciation prizes, and certificates in Art competitions in Months of May, November, January, September, and January. Students take not only great interest in participating in these Art competitions but their thirst for Art is also quenched. They feel morally motivated, and this has also passed a refreshing energy to their mind, and souls. Students participating in these contests also keep up their academic records, and their parents are appreciating their participation in such healthy school activities.

Mam, with your kind permission to peruse this Art Competition, will also lead our school in co-curricular activities among other schools, and also add publicity, and fame to our School.

We request your kind approval, and heartily prayers for our success.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Qandeel Baloch
School Arts Head

Sample Invitation Letter for Event Participation


Formal invitation letter for meeting in event. Sample business event invitation letter. How to write an invitation letter for a party. Invitation letter for event participation. Sample invitation letter for social event. Sample invitation letter for school event. Invitation letter for event launch.

Invitation Letter for Event Participation

To all students,

I am writing to you because I would like to formally invite you to come, and participate in a sports day. The school has organized a whole day where every student in the school will have the day out of lessons, and to participate in any type of sports that they want. The school will have a list of sport that is available, and the students sign their full name under it.

They will be competing for the first second third, and fourth prizes. This is done to cool off after all the hard work that you have been doing after exams. So have fun, and enjoy.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mark Mooney

Invitation Letter for Participation to School

With reference to the upcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), AH Founcation is celebrating this event in collaboration with higher army command officials to promote awareness for critical issues related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society.

In this great event our school wants to present idea of inclusive education (where normal, and special students are studying in same classes, and working together).

Through this letter we are inviting your school to participate with at least 6 students in the great event to support the cause of special students.

Event will held in our DHA campus on 6th December (Date) around 10AM.

Looking for your participation

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Hamza

Invitation Letter for First Anniversary of an Association

Dear all guests,

I am writing to you all because I would like to invite you all to our first anniversary of the association starting. The association has been on a wild journey with plenty of ups, and downs. But only together could we have got to where we are today. So with this in mind I would like to thank you all for being there, and for making this much easier to control, and handle.

We have been very successful in the last few months. So to celebrate this special occasion the accusation has arranged for all the members to go out for dinner at any restaurant of your choosing, and for a movie after, or first depending on what you would want. Come into the office at five in the afternoon, and we will discuss what you want to do for the night.

I hope that you have fun, and enjoy yourselves. I look forward to seeing you when you are back at work.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Flower Rose

How to Invite Participants on Stage


How to invite student on stage for speech. lines for anchoring on stage. How to call someone on stage. How to invite participants on stage for their performance. How to do anchoring on stage. Anchoring script for prize distribution. Starting lines for anchoring.

Start with Your Introduction on the Stage

Honourable Chief Guest, Mr, and Mrs Khan, and my fellow internees. My name is Minhal Hassan, and I’ve been a volunteer at the resource department. We all know that this day marks the end to our Summer Internship Program 2014. I can say without a doubt, a moment of hesitation , that the past three weeks have proved to be the most memorable days of my life.

My experience at AH Foundation has been an eye opener as I came to this institute with a different perception, and expectation. Ever since I entered this red brick building, I’ve transformed. I’ve become better. A feeling of internal happiness has overtaken me. The empowering smiles of these children along with their pure hearts have allowed me to change my mind-set. These children are God’s best of creations, and I believe that it’s our duty to help them, encourage them, boost their confidence. Stand together with them in their moments of happiness, and accomplishments, and be their support in times of need.

How to Invite Participants on Stage for their Performance

I would now like to bring your attention to the next event where children from Bhawalnagar District who have been studying at the AH Foundation for past one year will be presenting a tablo for you.
The play has been prepared in light of the sacred month of Ramadan, and is named ‘Maula Maaf Karein’. I would be immensely grateful if you could please do your best to encourage, and support these kids, and boost their confidence. These kids have done their utmost to exhibit their hidden talents.

Please put your hands together, for ‘Maula Muaaf Kerin.’

How to Invite Student on Stage for Speech

First Internee
As our journey now comes to an end, and we have all had the time of our lives. We’ve built undying forever-lasting friendships. We’ve not just learnt about these special children but have learnt more about ourselves, and how to be better individuals. These three weeks have purely changed me, they’ve made me a better person. Now, I’d like to call ___________ so she can share with us her experience, and tell us what impact this internship had on her.

Thank You Letter to Attendees for Attending the Company Dinner


Letter from company manager to the participants of the annual dinner, thanking them, and requesting them of a favor. Sample thank you letter to guests after the company dinner as followup.

Thank You to Participants After the Dinner

Dear Participants,

Our company is grateful for your presence at our annual dinner. This was an annual dinner in the honor all the employees, and major suppliers. We specially thank the Chief guest, and all other staff members/persons for attending our annual dinner.

Warm Regards,

Nic & Broth

Letter of Thank You for Participation

Dear Shahid Zulfiqar:

It’s an honor for us that you have participated in event that we have conducted on formal writing. It is noted that letter, and formal communication in professional field is compulsory that’s why I feel this to conduct seminar. I thank you for your presence, and your instructions, and tips for formal writing. I thank you again.

Your Sincerely,

Muhammad Umer Farooq.

Thank Your for Attending Dinner of Company

Dear Participants,

I am writing on behalf of DESKON Engineering Company. You took part in the annual dinner of the firm which took place on 6th of June. The company is very delighted on your act of generosity. It was a great pleasure for us to have to on such an important event. As you know the firm is launching a project of donations which will be sent worldwide. So after such a great favor of participation in annual dinner, you are once again requested to show some more generosity, and submit your donations in company’s official account 234234 in Alfalah Bank. It will be great honor for us to have your participation in this marvelous event which the firm is going to launch. Also it will help in the rehabilitation of flood affected areas.

We hope that you will eagerly take part in this donation fund. We will be delighted to again have your participation in company’s this dinner event. The company pays its sincere thanks to all of you for your participation in annual dinner. We look forward to receive those payments.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours affectionately,

Amna Manzoor

Thank You Letter to Attendees for Attending the Company Dinner

Thank You Letter Sample for Participants


Sample letter to say thanks to the participants of any event, and request their cooperation for further progress.

Sample Thank You Letter for Conference Participants

Dear Sir/Madam,

The AH Foundation thanks you for taking the time out of your precious, packed routines, and spending it with special Children of [company]. You attending our Iftar Dinner, at Royal Palm Country, and Golf Club on Saturday the 28th of July mean to us a lot.

All of us were greatly warmed by your presence. It graced the event, indeed. It was incredibly generous of you to spend an evening with us, and step into our world. We hope the experience was heart-warming, and mystical.

Nonetheless, we hope, and aspire that you will be a support in the following years to come too. You are a ray of light that enlightens the lives of our special children. By holding hands with them, and welcoming them, you have made them feel confident than ever, and nothing is more important.

It would be a pleasure for us if you would continue with your assistance to help [company] grow, prosper, and touch the lives of special children all across Pakistan. Their right is your responsibility, and for fulfilling it as a human with such vigilance, we thank you. After all, the human race wouldn’t exactly be called a race if we all just slow down once in a blue moon to wait for others to catch up with us at their own pace.

Insha Allah, your reward lies with, and shall be granted to you by your Lord, Allah The Almighty.


Mubashar Ali

Thank You Letter Sample for Participants of Event

Thank You Letter for Participants

The participants, Color week events

Dear participants,

Thanks to the all participants for taking part in the color week organized by us. You all have been wonderful participants with so much potential, and creativity. It was so good to have you all at the event. We wish you all the very best for your future, and we appreciate your talents. Thanks for being a part of us. Cheers!


Color Week Events.