Join us for an Exciting Sports Event

Write templates of Letters to employees to participate in the sports event conducted after 3 years. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom template for your needs. Template 1: Subject Line: Join us for a Sports Event in 3 Years! Dear [Employee’s Name], We are excited to invite … Continue reading “Join us for an Exciting Sports Event”

Application to Participate in Art Competition

Write a letter to your principal seeking permission to take part in inter school art competition. Application to Participate in Inter School Art Competition The Principal, Convent of Jesus & Mary, Davis Rd Lahore. Respected Madam, With all due regards , I am, Arts teacher Ms Qandeel Baloch, submitting an application seeking your permission on … Continue reading “Application to Participate in Art Competition”

Sample Invitation Letter for Event Participation

Formal invitation letter for meeting in event. Sample business event invitation letter. How to write an invitation letter for a party. Invitation letter for event participation. Sample invitation letter for social event. Sample invitation letter for school event. Invitation letter for event launch. Invitation Letter for Event Participation To all students, I am writing to you because I would like to formally invite you to come, and participate in a sports day. The school … Continue reading “Sample Invitation Letter for Event Participation”

How to Invite Participants on Stage

How to invite student on stage for speech. lines for anchoring on stage. How to call someone on stage. How to invite participants on stage for their performance. How to do anchoring on stage. Anchoring script for prize distribution. Starting lines for anchoring. Start with Your Introduction on the Stage Honourable Chief Guest, Mr, and Mrs Khan, and my fellow internees. My name is Minhal Hassan, and I’ve … Continue reading “How to Invite Participants on Stage”

Thank You Letter to Attendees for Attending the Company Dinner

Letter from company manager to the participants of the annual dinner, thanking them, and requesting them of a favor. Sample thank you letter to guests after the company dinner as followup. Thank You to Participants After the Dinner Dear Participants, Our company is grateful for your presence at our annual dinner. This was an annual dinner in the honor … Continue reading “Thank You Letter to Attendees for Attending the Company Dinner”

Thank You Letter Sample for Participants

Sample letter to say thanks to the participants of any event, and request their cooperation for further progress. Sample Thank You Letter for Conference Participants Dear Sir/Madam, The AH Foundation thanks you for taking the time out of your precious, packed routines, and spending it with special Children of [company]. You attending our Iftar Dinner, at … Continue reading “Thank You Letter Sample for Participants”