Insurance Claim Letter for Phone


Insurance claim for I Phone. Sample letter to send to insurance company when either your cell phone has been stolen, misplaced, or damaged then insurance can be claimed for either refund, or repair the damages.

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

Insurance Department, (Enter Mobile Phone Company Here).

To Whom It May Concern,
It is stated that I had a phone (Enter Phone Model Here) in my possession since the past six months; the phone was working fine until I lost it today at the supermarket. I tried finding it as hard as I could, moreover I even made announcements regarding my phone but it was nowhere to be found, maybe someone picked it up, or someone stole it, I am unaware of that.

I am writing this letter to claim my insurance for my lost phone, and requesting you to kindly send me a new phone as soon as possible. My insurance number is (Enter Insurance Number Here).

Waiting to hear back from the department

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

I am writing this letter to acknowledge you about the accident I just had, last night. My phone slipped out of my hand, and fell on the road while I was doing grocery in the super store. The store keeper is eye witness of this incident. My phone is completely dead since then. I want to claim my insurance for this loss. As per the insurance terms, and conditions, the company owes me a new phone.

Kindly, study my case urgently, and settle my insurance claim.

Thank You

Insurance Claim Letter for Phone

To: Citi Phones Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am a customer who purchased a cellphone from Citi Phones back in the month of February. I have recently dropped my phone, and the screen has cracked. I would like to have the phone repaired.

I purchased my iPhone X in February of (Date), and along with it I had purchased the added 1 year drop-protection insurance for $200. Therefore, I expect the repair to be free of cost.

Please guide me through the process of sending the phone in for repair.

Matthew Edgar
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada