Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc

This TVC concept is made for raising awareness regarding special children/disabled persons/neglected persons of the society, and asking the audience to give them respect, help them, and teach them to care such special people in life. This TVC concept is also asking for cash donations, and can be used on social media, websites, and all … Continue reading “Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc”

Letter of Introduction of New Product Development

Introduction of New product development to clients, customers, consumers, and distributors. Stages in new product development process giving suitable examples. Introduction of New Product Development To whomever it may concern, I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all on the new product development. As you know my company specializes in hearing aids. Last year … Continue reading “Letter of Introduction of New Product Development”

Job Application for Production Manager

Sample application letter to apply for the post of production manager, or production supervisor in any industry is available below. Cover Letter for Production Manager To Mr Hennessey Smith Smith Production House CA, USA Sir, this is Jordan Ally, and I recently learned about the job vacancy at your production house. I have been in this … Continue reading “Job Application for Production Manager”

Job Application Letter for Production Engineer

A job application letter from a production engineer, worker, supervisor candidate to the firm manager, requesting him to offer him the job based on his good educational, and professional background. Cover Letter for Production Engineer Stella Robert The Hiring Manager Levis Germany Subject: Application Letter for Executive Engineer Dear Miss Stella I have come to … Continue reading “Job Application Letter for Production Engineer”