Register to Get Sponsored on Instagram (Join Us)

Want to get sponsors as an influencer on Instagram? We are enabling you to get sponsors and connect companies with influencers. Here we will give a guide to finding sponsors from all countries after completing free registration by filling out our forms. TikTokers can read more details here. You must follow our guidelines to get … Continue reading “Register to Get Sponsored on Instagram (Join Us)”

Request for Promotion of Teacher from Lower to Higher grade

This letter can be written by any teacher or professor as a request to the admin for promotion. There can be various reasons for this, but below are mentioned few of these. You may modify the sample according to your needs and circumstances. Application for Promotion of Class/Grade by School Teacher School/College Name,Address, City Subject: … Continue reading “Request for Promotion of Teacher from Lower to Higher grade”

Request/Recommendation Letter to Authority to Request for a Promotion at Work

Sample request letter to apply for promotion at work. This can be used by someone who wants to recommend a junior / someone who wants to request for a promotion/ someone who wants update on already requested promotion Recommendation Letter by a Senior at work to request for a Junior’s Promotion at work Company’s Name, … Continue reading “Request/Recommendation Letter to Authority to Request for a Promotion at Work”

Congratulation Letter for Promotion

Want to congratulate someone? Sample of Congratulatory Letter on Promotion in business, office by fellow well-wisher colleague, or friend of the man of the hour. Email to Congratulate on Job Promotion by Fellows or Seniors, Manager, etc Dear Sir, Congratulations on your promotion. Hopefully, this promotion will be very beneficial for the company as well … Continue reading “Congratulation Letter for Promotion”

Inquiry Letter for Advertisement Request and Rates from a Supermarket

Want to inquire about advertisement rates? We will provide you with letters and email templates to ask for promotional rates. Write a request letter to the superstore, supermarket, or mall inquiring about advertising rates, advertising mediums, and suggestions on how we can advertise to attract customers at large. Request for Marketing Proposal and Advertising Rates … Continue reading “Inquiry Letter for Advertisement Request and Rates from a Supermarket”

Application for Grade Promotion

Application letter to request the grade promotion by employee on govt job, or private job in a company. Application for Grade Promotion Dear college principle, I am writing to you because I would like to request a grade promotion. I feel that the grade I got for my English exam was not fair. I was … Continue reading “Application for Grade Promotion”

Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor

Want to request your job promotion? We will be providing you with application letters to request for promotion by the lecturer in school, college, university, or academy to the senior position of assistant professor on the grounds of education and teaching experience. Application for Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor The dean,(Enter University name here) … Continue reading “Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor”

Application for Promotion in Next Class

Do you need a parent’s application to the teacher for the promotion of the class? Sample applications for class jumping or class promotion to the next class or standard Grade in school are available. write a letter for promoting to the next class after failing the examination School Name,Address, City Subject: Request for Promotion to The … Continue reading “Application for Promotion in Next Class”

Letter to Like Facebook Page

Sample request letter to ask your clients/customers for liking our social media pages to receive promotions, vouchers, gifts, discount offers, deals etc. Letter to Like Facebook Page Dear Facebook Users, We are proud to introduce our Photography page with the name of Shamim’s Photography on Facebook. Now you can contact us on our Facebook page … Continue reading “Letter to Like Facebook Page”

Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss

Sample application letter to say thanks to your boss after your promotion, or being promoted to higher position of manager, director, head, supervisor etc. Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss Dear Sir, I have been a loyal employee at your company for the last 12 years. I have been a hardworking, and faithful employee as … Continue reading “Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss”