Recommendation Letters by a Teacher for a student

These recommendation letter can be used by a teacher, professor, lecturer or anyone who is recommending someone to someone else. You may modify the sample according to your needs and circumstances.

Recommendation Letter for the internship

Leadership is about resilience, about high moral ground that can be emulated. it is the power to sway people and lead them into the right direction. it is to be stead fast till the end and not to break down under deadline pressure. In this context, I can give full marks to () for living up to the student leadership by contributing immensely to college life.()worked with admirable efficacy as the Section Leader and Deputy Head Girl O levels supporting the college management supporting the school management in carrying out duties pertaining to discipline, Parent-Teacher Meetings and other such college activities. () was able to maximise few resources at hand and was able to decipher from wrong to right through trial and error. She worked towards team harmony through inclusive and pluralistic approach. Despite the challenging A levels study they took up the onerous task of taking up the responsibility of the extra curricular to promote the image of the school. Assuming the position of Vice President Debating Society, she took part in numerous declamation contests. Furthermore, she helped in organising one of the greatest hits of Ravi, Ravi Youth Odyssey, bringing in a large number of contestants. I am confident that Mehwish will be an asset to your prestigious university and play a pivotal role in keeping your student community ever vibrant and alive as she has done here at Ravi.

Appreciating the overall performance

I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for (), who is my student in Physics in A-level. () is, undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding students I have taught at (mention your school). He has a high aptitude of Physics and is always very much involved in his work, applying himself with persistence and dedication and often going beyond the regular class assignments. I appreciate ()’s qualities of a good student as clearly seen within his immaculate records of accomplishment during his stay in TCS. He joined A-levels with brilliant O-level results and took up the momentous challenge of maintaining his academic excellence through diligent effort. He is a scholarship student and maintained his scholarship throughout which means keeping up good grades in collage exams. His transcripts speak volumes of his commitment of studies. The brightest of students () owes his genius and academic accomplishment to an innate passion for excellence

() is an analytical and creative thinker with an eye for details and logic, which serves him well both in sciences and outside them. He has the terrific ability to draw on his own experience and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. His regular contributions to full-class discussions provide insight both for his colleagues and for me as an instructor. Without my asking, he always takes on the responsibility of helping his classmates consolidate vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas. As the member of the host team of CSMUN, he carried the event of great magnitude with grit and diligence. 

() is not only an excellent student, but he is an exceptional science individual and personally delightful. He has remained part of various science and math competitions and has won laurels for his alma mater. He is an extremely kind, intelligent and sensible boy. His passion for Engineering is supported by his expertise in Mathematics and Physics.

Indeed, he is an accomplished writer, mathematician and scientist, all of which he is with a passion rare in college students. He has outstanding interpersonal skills, commendable creativity and logical thinking. Undeniably, he is a good learner.

I wholeheartedly recommend (mention the name) as a prospective engineering school student. I can also envision ( )as a highly competent and prosperous engineer, which I say as a high compliment indeed. I am confident that ( ) will contribute extensively through university/College environment. A program of studies in UK will truly bring out the best in ( ) and help groom him as a responsible citizen and a thorough professional. Please contact me if there is anything else I can do on his behalf.



Recommendation Letter For Student Going To College

Sample format in recommendation letters to student who will be going off to college next year. As these students have devoted a a huge time of their life to an institution learning and growing up in it, there is not person more suitable to write them a recommendation letter than a teacher who knows them so well.

Letter Of Recommendation For College Admission

To whom it may concern,

I am a professor who has been teaching students at BeaconHouse School for the past ten years. I am writing to recommend a student, Tyler Hall, who has shown exceptional capability in performing his tasks as my student. In our class of roughly three hundred students, Mr.Hall has achieved one of the highest merits in the A levels of our class. Mr. Hall is extremely hard working, and has never missed a day of class; except due to certain family emergencies. He is very well-mannered and does not complain or start any issues if asked to complete a task.

I believe that both merit and personality go hand in hand – and this student of mine has demonstrated remarkable qualities in all.

For all the reasons stated, it is therefore that I strongly recommend allowing this student to go to this college. I believe Mr. Hall will be a unique student who will never disappoint, will perform his tasks on time and without question, while showing great knowledge of all subjects.

I hereby formally recommend Tyler Hall to this college.


Professor Lindt