Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods


Sample letter to claim insurance for stolen goods, robbery, theft, or pirates etc from insurance company.

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

The Manager,
Safe Life Insurance

Dear Sir,

I am a businessman, and I have a departmental store. I purchased an insurance policy for my business five years ago having policy no 54321 which ensures recovery from insurance company of any goods stolen from store in case of any theft. I have been paying the yearly premium regularly, and my policy is active.

Unfortunately, some thieves broke into the shop last night, and stole miscellaneous inventory worth $5000. I am writing this to claim for my loss. Kindly, ensure that my loss gets recovered as soon as possible so that I may be able to repurchase the lost items which are necessary for running my business. A copy of police report, and other relevant evidence regarding the incidence is enclosed with this application for the purpose of your review, and verification.

I hope that I would be entitled to my claim at the earliest, and I thank you in anticipation.

Oliver Finch

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

Dear Sir/Miss,

Recently I came across a bad experience of robbery. All the house hold goods have been taken by robbers. They stole everything from the house. I, and my wife were out, but when we came back faced this tragedy. It’s a big lose for us but the good news is that we have the insurance of all the stolen goods.

I would like to request to please do the recovery of stolen goods as soon as you can, as me, and wife have insurance of all the stolen goods. It was really a blessing that we had done the insurance.

Looking forward for your response.

Name : James David
Address: 36 hasten, block C, New Jersey, USA

Reminder Letter for Payment


Sample letter to customers, and clients for recovery of payments of supplies, or orders delivered, services, or bill payments reminder letter.

Letter to Company for Payment Reminder


The Finance Manager,

Care Catering Management,

Barsha Road,



We are writing this to request for the immediate release of the payment which is overdue now since couple of months. Just as a reference, please be notified that our credit terms with your company are of 30 days after submission of invoice.

Please release the amount of AED 37,345/- before the end of current month failing to which will lead us to escalate the issue to the senior management. Thanks for your understanding as we look forward for a long term business relation with your company.


Best Regards,

Amit Jandal,

Sr. Accounts Officer

Payment Reminder Letter

Sabzazar Colony,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Valued Customer,

It is to inform you that the order had been delivered about a week ago, but there has been no payment through any means. It is to remind you that your payment is still due, and the deadline is about to come. Kindly, submit the payment as soon as possible. The company would be highly obliged to have you as a customer again.


Salomon Co.

Reminder Letter to Pay Bill


United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that your bill for the last week is still due. It will have fine on it if it is further delayed. I request you to pay it timely so that you are able to avoid the extra fines. I shall be thankful to you.



Reminder Letter for Bill Payment

Hasseb Ahmad,

45X, AIT,

Subject: Reminder for Bill Payment

Dear Haseeb Sb,

It is hereby reminded to you that last date of Electricity Bill Payment has passed, and now you will have to pay the bill with surcharge. It is also informed that if you fail to pay the bill after 15 days of the receipt of this letter your electricity connection may be cut off. So please pay your bill as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Huma Block Subdivision,


Reminder for Bill Payment


Mr. Osman Khan, Everest pharmacy, Lahore,

Respected sir,

We would like to bring it to your knowledge that you have not paid your mobile bill from last 2 months; we have sent you reminders but no response from your end. We would like to inform you that if you will not pay your current, and previous bill within the given frame of time, your connection will be block, and we will provide no service at least for one month. Please make sure that you will pay you bill in the given time. Thanks.


XYZ telecom,


Letter for Payment Reminder

Leave Application for Recovering of Hepatitis


Sample leave application due to medical problems like hepatitis a, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and other similar diseases.

Leave Application Due to Hepatitis

Dear sir,

It is stated that I am working in your good office as an Executive Officer for the last three years. Recently I have had coughing and stomach problems regularly. I got it checked by a physician and carried out all the recommended tests by the doctor. By reports, I found out that I am suffering from hepatitis. It is a terrible but common disease these days, and I am a victim of this.

The doctor has recommended I take off and carry out the treatment of this disease as soon as possible. So I regret to say that I cannot come to work from (Date) To (Date). The doctor has prescribed 15 days of treatment for the proper recovery. So kindly accept my leave of 15 days, and pray for my early recovery. I will continue my service from (Date). I will be very grateful for your kind approval.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Luke Shaw,

Executive Officer

Leave for Recovery of Hepatitis

The Managing Director,

Subject: Leave for 15 days for recovering from Hepatitis

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I have recently been diagnosed as infected with hepatitis A. The doctors have suggested hospital admission and recommended that I rest and take complete medical care for a fortnight. Therefore, I request you kindly allow me medical leave from (Date) To (Date). I shall remain much obliged to you.


Umar Shahzad.