Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan


Sample recommendation, and reference letter to bank for confirmation of employment of your company staff for getting bank loan by the employee.

Letter of Reference for Bank Loan


The Manager,

ADIB Bank,

Sheikh Zayed Road,


Subject: Reference Letter for Bank Loan


This is to confirm that Mr. Santosh Kumar (Passport No.123 323232) has been working with us as a Procurement Officer since 25th October (Date).

He is drawing a monthly salary of AED 1(Date)/- inclusive of all benefits.

During his tenure with us, we found him a hardworking, loyal, and committed with his job responsibilities. This letter has been issued on his request, and the management does not take responsibility for any of his liabilities with the bank loan at the moment, or in future.

Please do contact us on the below contact numbers if you need any clarification regarding this letter within 7 days of its issuance after which the company will not entertain any relevant queries.

Best Regards,

Bachir Barakaat,

Group HR Manager,

Forever Facilities Management LLC.

Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan

Job Reference Letter Template Free


Sample Job Reference Letter Template for therapists. Reference letter some time required by the employer as surety of your performance, or as formality in govt/high profile jobs. This is also known as job recommendation letter from your boss, manager, director, teacher, professor to apply for overseas jobs when the employer can’t see you physically.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Job


This is to certify that Ms. Minahil Qasim is employed as Senior Occupational Therapist at OBTC Schools Dubai since January 2013 to current date.

Minahil Qasim as an occupational therapist is working with outpatient children requiring mental and/or physical rehabilitation. She is providing quality care services to the clients with collaboration with physician, speech therapists, and physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

Minahil Qasim is skilled in providing occupational therapy assessment to patients with diverse presentations, and complex physical, and psychological conditions, and delivers an individualized treatment program. She as a therapist has the ability to hold responsibility for own case load, working with supervision. She also uses a range of verbal, and non-verbal communication tools to communicate effectively with patient to progress rehabilitation, and treatment programs. She has also capability to evaluate patient’s progress, reassess, and alter treatment programs if required.

As per consideration, she always maintains a collaborative, and harmonious working relationship with her colleagues, and superiors, and presents good moral character. I, consider her to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved good results, and delivers all expectations, and also recommend her to be part of any fast moving health care organization.


OBTC Schools Dubai

Sample Job Reference Letter Template Free

Reference Letter Format for Internship


Reference Letter for Internship Program for students of School, College, or University. Sample recommendation letter for internship student from professor, college, or university for employer, or the company where you want to work as internee.

Recommendation Letter for Summer Internship

The Manager HR
The Aviation Research Institute

Respected Concerned,

It is certified that Mr. Alan is a student of aviation technology at Balkent University with excellent academic record under registration no. XX(Date)04. This letter is to recommend him for the summer internship at your esteemed organization so that he may learn the aviation operations, research methodologies, and work flows. Kindly enroll him in your summer internship program.


Balkent University

Reference Letter for Internship from Professor

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss Rosey Manzoor Roll No 35 is a student of MSc Sociology Program (Semester 2)
(Replica) (Date)-(Date) of this institute. This program is interdisciplinary, and provides training in a wide range of specialization in Sociology.

MSc Sociology is a two-year program, and is comprised of four teaching semester, internship, and thesis.

Internship is a requirement of this degree, and is worth three credit hours. The internship is intended to be hands-on training to work in a good organizational environment. The duration of the internship is eight weeks. The intention is that students develop understanding about the functioning of an organization, office work, inter personal relations;, and develop initiative towards improving working of the organization.

The placement requires the students to submit weekly, and final progress reports duly certified by the supervisor in their pertinent organizations. These progress reports will be used to evaluate their interest, effort, and performance in their respective organizations. The respective remarks from the supervisor will also be used in making the evaluations of the students. These internships are meant to impart training to students but this institute, and students will appreciate if some honorarium is also provided to them.

Ms. Kanza Khan (faculty member) at this institute is coordinating this internship program, and she may be contacted at tel: 042-3123456, or through email: info@semioffice.com for any queries, or questions. Thanks very much for your support, and cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Urooj Ashraf

Reference Letter for Internship

Recommendation Letter for Internship from college

The College of Home Economics(CHE) post graduate program requires our students to complete a mandatory 4 weeks internship during the month of summer break.The College of Home Economics prepares its students in various areas such as Food & Nutrition, Textiles & Clothing, Human Development, and Family studies, Housing, Home Management, and Interior Design, Arts, and Design, Education, and Research.

Our girls are trained in the areas of dietetics institutional Managements, Textile manufacturing fashion designing, and apparel construction, interior designing creative art, and crafts, teaching, conducting research, report writing, and community work to name a few.

We appreciate that your organization/institution offers a professional work environment, and the experience gained by the interns will be valuable to developing their skills.

If applicable please provide the following information:

  • Name of CHE interns that you will be able to take this summer
  • In what different functional areas, are internship positions available
  • In which cities are internship slots available
  • Please describe your process of selection of summer

Yours Sincerely,

Govt. College of Home Economics
Gulberg, Lahore

Recommendation Letter for Job, and Internship

The Principal
AH Foundation

Subject: Internship Letter of Recommendation


The following M.Sc students of this college from the department of Human Development, and Family Studies is interested in internship in your department in your center,

  • Urooj
  • Sumaira
  • Rosey

Your are requested to permit them for conducting the internship. Your kind act will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Govt. College of Home Economics
Gulberg, Lahore