Letter Refusing To Reduce Rent


Format of Rejection Letter by Landlord To Tenants to not decrease Rent Price. Property rate  has increased so much over the years, and tenants are now finding it difficult to pay such huge amount in the limited pay but landlord is not decreasing the rent.

Letter Rejecting Reduction In Rent Price


Mr. Bryce Walker,

Dear Mr. Walker, I have received your request letter for reducing the rent. I totally understand your concern regarding your job, and less income, and I really wish that all your problems get resolved but I am helpless, and cannot do any favors. I am already taking less rent as compared to others, and I cannot reduce it further more. You know I am a retired person, and this rent is the only income I receive to live my life. I hardly manage in this amount, and I have loans as well to be paid. I am also in a miserable condition otherwise I would love to help you but I am sorry I request you not to expect any further reduction from the rent. I hope you will understand my concern. I wish you good luck. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sam Jackson

Letter Denying to Reduce Rent


I feel very sorry to inform you that your request for reducing the rent has been rejected. The company is already facing a financial crisis, and in such situation we cannot afford to give you any lenience in the monthly rent. The prices are final, and non-negotiable.

Company cannot help you in this matter. Kindly adjust with the current rent.

Thank You!

Letter Refusing to Reduce Rent

Dear valued tenant,

We are writing to inform that we have acknowledged your request to reduce the rent of your apartment. Please understand that we take all complaints from our tenants seriously.

However, at this time, we are unable to reduce rent for any of our tenants. Our operating costs for water, gas, and electricity are higher than ever before, therefore it would be a major issue if we reduced rent for our tenants.

We hope you understand our decision.



Letter Refusing to Reduce Rent

Dear Sir,

Last week, I received your mail regarding the reduction of the rent of the apartment in which you are currently living. We looked into the matter, and considered all the factors to see if this is possible. Unfortunately, the points mentioned by you were not enough for a reduction so I will have to refuse your request. Feel free to contact me in case of any query. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali noor

Apartment owner

Letter Refusing to Reduce Rent

Dear Mr/Miss,

I received a request few days back from you where you have mentioned your current financial crises, and highlighted the issue regarding the increase of rent which was a part of our agreement at the time I rented my house.

I do understand your situation, and all my sympathies are with you, these crucial times come in your life sometimes out of nowhere, and it does nothing but make you more stronger, while dealing with such situations a person has to be aware of the facts, and agreements he had made earlier in life, it is very important to stand by your words especially when it is a written agreement between two parties, before sinning such agreements one has to take into consideration all the pros, and cons, the rent of this house is the source of my income as you are well aware of it, this is the reason why the increment is added after every two years in the rent. It is very difficult for me to make both ends meet, with a heavy heart I have to inform you that I cannot entertain your request of Rent Reduction.

Kindly pay your rent as required on time, I can’t manage my affairs with the current rent that you are paying, I hope that you will understand my situation, and I will receive my payment on time. Please pardon me for refusing your request.


Name of Sender.


Admission Rejection Letter Samples


Sample admission rejection letter from principal, directer of the school/college after entry test, or interview of the candidate for a vacant position, or advertised job.

Rejection Letter from Principal

Jubilee Apartment
Sultanate of Oman

 Dear Martin,

This letter is a notification about your admission proceeding against your application to the School of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering at this university. Your application has been thoroughly reviewed by the admission committee but did not pass the final review just because of limited number of the seats against the program. Please note that this program is highly competitive, and this decision doesn’t question your research quality at all.

Best of luck for your future

Prof. Jiao Tong
International Students Office
Tsinghua University

Admission Rejection Letter Template

Mr. Mark Simon
New York. USA

Dear Mark,

I regret to inform you that your application for admission in New York University’s Electrical Engineering program has been rejected by our admission evaluation team on the ground that your performance in the written test was below par in the subjects of Physics, and Mathematics. Although, your record in co-curricular activities is quite extra ordinary, I advise you to improve yourself in the aforesaid subjects, and try again at the time of openings for next session. We hope you will have a better luck next time. I wish you best of luck for your future.

Smith Gregory
Director Admissions

Job Offer Rejection Letter to Company


Sample letter to inform employer that you are not willing to join the job opportunity offered to your after the interview due to salary, benefits, terms, timing, and for any other reason.

Sample Job Rejection Letter to Company

Mr. Huge Grant
G.M, Nestle Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Huge,

Reference to your offer regarding manager’s job in Nestle Pvt. Ltd, I want to apologize that I can’t accept this offer. When I approached your company for this job I had misunderstanding about certain things. Now I have realized that some of your terms, and conditions are not suitable to me. I thank you for giving me this opportunity, but I am extremely sorry that I won’t be able to join you. Hope you don’t take it personally, and accept it with an open mind.

Best Regards,

Andrew Smith

Job Rejection Letter to Company

Respected Manager HR,

I am grateful to your company to offer me the job of assistant manager. It would be an honor to work in an organization like yours, but I am sorry to tell you that I had received an offer from another company to which I have assented too. If I had received your offer a little earlier I might had changed my decision. I again apologize for this inconvenience. You are always welcome for any other service you require from me.


Bilal Aslam

Job Offer Rejection Letter to Company

Job Offer Rejection Letter Due To Personal Reasons

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

It was a great pleasure to receive a job offer from your company. However, I am sorry to inform you that I am rejecting that offer due to personal reasons.

I appreciate your offer, and respect your company a lot. However, due to some circumstances I cannot join your company. Please accept my refusal.

I will contact you again if it becomes possible for me to accept this offer later on.

Thank you very much.


Mr Harvey