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Request Letter for Donation for NGO

Sample request letter for donation for nog, school, building, fees, road, park and for expansion of new campus etc.

Cover Letter for Requesting Donation

Dear Ms. Sippy,

We are really grateful for your previous support and efforts for AH Foundation Lahore. This year we are facing a new challenge of increased total number of special children in fully furnished campus and again seeking for your generosity and support to our organization. I dispatched a request letter on 5th March and I hope you may have reviewed it. I will also be at your complete disposal of any information that you may require to process our request. Please give us the favor as donation to overcome the financial challenges we are facing. Looking for your kind support.

Warm Regards,

Usama Ahmad

Request Letter for Zakat


Islamabad, Pakistan


Dear Mr. Dalloway,

With utmost respect, the reason of my writing to you is that our KASHF Foundation has arranged a program to collect Zakat from all the reputable and good families of the area to help the poor women and girls to achieve their goals in business, education and other methods of making them independent. We are mostly helping the women from the rural areas. And we also help women against domestic violence and other heinous crimes against women.

Sir, I would want you to give the amount of Zakat you pay every year to the KASHF Foundation, so that, these women get some sort of support from your side. I expect your reply to be in the affirmative.


KASHF Foundation

Request Letter for Charity for Education Project

Dear Sir,

Our NGO was made in order to educate the poor children and pay all their dues till their graduation. We are proud to tell that 1100 poor students till now had done their graduation through our NGO. Further we have also provided the medical allowance to all those poor students who were suffering from any kind of disease. The students for this purpose are selected by our Evaluation Committee who first ensures that the child has a keen interest in studies and can become a good student. In order to carry on our work we need donations from all over the country. Your money can make a great life of a needy student.

Sincerely Yours,

M. Sameer

Request Letter for Donation for NGO
Request Letter for Donation for NGO

Application for Government Quarter

Application for Government Quarter for employees, officers, teachers, grade officer, police officer, income tax officer, protocol officer, clerk, naib qasid etc free download and change for your needs.

Application for Request of Government Quarter

Dear Madam,

This application is to request a Government Quarter. I had been recruited as assistant clerk in National Identification Department two months earlier, but have not been allotted a government quarter till now. The provision of such quarter was mentioned in the job agreement. I request you to allot me a quarter as soon as possible to maintain my motivation at work.

Sincerely Yours,

Assistant Clerk

Request for Govt Quarter Allocation

Dear Sir,

I am Malika Elkawa, Irrigation officer of grade 19 of Sindh Government since 10 years. I belong to Hyderabad which is my hometown city as well but my job placement is in Kerala city. Kerala is far away from my home and it is impossible to travel daily for 200 KM to reach my office. I am married with two kids so it is impossible for me to stay here in a rented residence with current salary.

I request you to please allocate me a Government Quarter or Government Flat in Kerala city. I will be thankful to you. Furthermore, I will fulfill all the requirements for Government quarter like rent, maintenance and utility bills etc on my own.

Yours Sincerely,

Malika Elkawa
Irrigation Officer Grade 19

Sample Application Letter for Government Quarter

Respected Sir,

I am writing to you because I would like to submit an application for a government house. My name is Suyash and I work as a passport manager in her majesty’s passport office in Peters-burg. I am a very hard worker and I love my job. I would like  to get this house because I am the only person my father has to look after him if I am not able to look after him then he will have to go into a care home and I can’t afford that. I also can’t afford to get a home by myself or rent with the high prices each month as my job is not high paying.

My father has a sleeping disorder called insomnia and this means that he can’t sleep or when he does he wakes up in cold sweats shacking from night terrors. My current home if only fit for one person and with my father’s condition it is all the more difficult coping in this house.

If you helped me with a government house then the rent would be manageable and I would have more room to cope with my father. Please help me I hope that you consider me for this and grant me this break.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Asif Suyash

Application for Family Quarter

Dear Sir,

As you know I got married in October. Now I have plan to move my family Bangalore from New Delhi. Currently I am leaving with bachelors in a govt flat. It is not possible for me to stay in a rented house privately with my current salary.

I request you to please allot me a family quarter where I can stay with my wife. I can fulfill all the utilities, bills and other expenses for govt account.
Thanking you,

Karran Nath
Accounts Officer

Request Letter for Company Residence/Quarter

The Manager Resources
Emirates Employee Residence Complex,
Marine Road, UK


Respected Concern,
Most humbly it is stated that I am an employee of lower cadre (clerical grade II) in this company. I have a family comprising six members to support including my parents. I cannot maintain a private residence on my own with my current salary. So, I request you to kindly allocate a family quarter for me. I will be very grateful you for your king approval of my request.

Yours Obediently,

Application for Government Quarter
Application for Government Quarter

Application for Government Quarter

The Senior Civil Judge,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am an employ of Civil Courts. I am appointed as a peon for honorable justice. I have been living in a house of rent for last ten years. I am paying 5000 to owner. My per month salary is 12000 which is not enough to manage with other expenses .I request you to issue me a government house so that I can manage all the basic needs of life sufficiently. I will be highly thankful to you for your kind attention.

Yours Obediently,

Amjad Ali

Sample Letter to Return Products or Ordered Items

Sample request letter to return the defective products and items to company, suppliers, clients or vendors. If it is mentioned in the purchase order than the defective purchased items can be returned to the supplier. Buyer can mention in the purchase order that the defective items will be returned and no cost will be paid as delivery charges or production and material cost etc etc.

Sample Letter to Return Surplus Items

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to our contract agreement for the supply of maintenance stores required for our factory machines. It is to inform you that the stores supplied by you against the above quoted contract was received and acknowledged by our firm as per quantity and quality is required to be returned back as some of the machines have been sold out by our company. In this way the stores delivered by you have become surplus to our requirement. You are therefore requested to kindly collect the store in question from our firm warehouse as soon as possible.


Tanveer Manager Purchase

Letter to Return Defective Products

Dear Ms. Ansa Malik,

Thank you very much for the delivery of our recent order for 3,000 Printed Shirts as per our purchase order. We always found your service as per required standards but this order contain defective pieces. Our Quality Control Unit found more than 500 faulty pieces of shirts and we want urgent replacement or return of these pieces as per terms and conditions written on purchase order. Please process this request and update about your decision. Looking for your response.


Sana Saghir

JTek Embroidery Services

Letter to Return Spare Parts

Dear Shaista,

We bought imported spare parts of Honda Atlas Cars for various Models (2003 to 2014) in June 2014. As per our purchase order terms & conditions we can return, replace these parts within 45 days. After receiving the order and making comparison of your prices in open market. We found your prices are quiet higher with same quality. We request you to please return these spare parts or revise your sale price for adjustments on quotation for our management review. We will be thankful to you.


Urooj Ashraf

Manager Purchase

Ravi Motors Lahore

Sample Letter to Return Products or Ordered

With reference to the invoice copy attached, I am writing this letter to you to let you know that on April 18, 2015, I placed an order for the lot of 100 pieces of eye shadow kit of your brand. The order was received timely to me. I must appreciate to you for this. But after I opened, I found the 78 kits to be broken of four shade colors.

I am sending the order back to you and rejecting the order placed by me as a result of defective pieces of delivery.

I want you to let me know within one week, whether you are going to remit my payment or will replace the defective pieces of order. I would like you to know that I intend to file a case against you if my claim is not going to be settled somehow.

Waiting for your timely response.

Return Ordered Products Letter to Supplier

Dear Sir,

We ordered for a power filter plant which we had received yesterday. We first thought that it would fit in the place we had appointed for such filter but the space to keep it is small. We are unable to assemble the plant in the required place. As we have not used it or opened its packing we request a return of the product. We also request the return of the payment we have given for the plant.


Ayyaz Meer

Sample Letter to Return Products or Ordered Items
Sample Letter to Return Products or Ordered Items

Medical Certificate Request Letter Format

Sample application letter for issuance of medical certificate from doctor, institute, medical center, hospital etc.

Application for Medical Certificate from Hospital

Dear Dr. Sehrish Asghar,

I am Sameena, your patient of eyesight for 4 months. As you suggested rest of two weeks when ever I start medicine. Please note I am working lady and doing job as administrator in a multinational company. For leave of one week my company require a doctor’s recommendation letter or certificate for having rest. I request you to please issue me a medical certificate/letter which can help me to get a leave of one week from the company.

Warm Regards,


Request for Medical Certificate from Institute

The Chairman,
AHF Foundation
XX Sector, D.H.A, Lahore

Subject: Issuance of letter to spend some quality time with my Child

Dear Sir,
It is stated that, I am a Government employee, working in CNW department Kohat. My daughter, Ayesha Shakir is an autistic patient, studying in your prestigious institute. I have shifted my family to Lahore only for her treatment and schooling from Kohat. I use to travel 700 km every week to visit my family.

During the last 3- months, I couldn’t spend time with my family as a result she has start behaving much aggressively, my department has rejected my application for leave from the office without realizing the situation I am passing through.

Therefore, it is requested that issue me a certification/letter on behalf of your institution, in which it is mentioned that I have to pay some special attention and spend some more time with my child during these months until she becomes calm again.

Your favor will help me a lot in securing my job and career and it could become easier for me to pay some attention to my child and family. I shall be very grateful to you.

Shakir Kamal

Request for the Issuance of Medical Certificate

The Medical Superintendent,
Care Hospital,
Glasgow, Scotland.

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I am working as a computer operator in Vodafone Telecom. Sir, for official purpose I need medical fitness certificate as I have to apply for a training session in abroad. The receipt number of medical report which I had obtained was 0000.

The further details with respect to my medical reports are written below.

Name: Peter Pounce
Father Name: William Simith
Age: 30 Years
Blood Sample Number: 0000

Application for Medical Certificate and Letter
Medical Certificate Request Letter Format

Request for Reschedule Job Interview Email Sample

Sample request for reschedule job interview because you are unable to attend the interview on first call.

Letter for Reschedule Interview

Dear Relevant,

With reference our telephonic discussion regarding interview for the position of HR officer, I was informed to come for necessary interview but due to heavy rain I was enable to attend the the same.

However, you are hereby requested to please reschedule my interview again within forthcoming days. I will be there well before in time now. Attaching again my Resume for perusal .


Mudassar Hussain

Request for Reschedule Job Interview

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your interview letter and a reminder call for interview on Monday. Unfortunately I was on the way to reach for interview but near to your company office all the roads were blocked by traffic police due to some bad incident so I couldn’t reach. I hope you may have the idea of such road blockage. I request you to please reschedule my interview for next day or as per your convenience. Thanking you.



Letter for Interview Reschedule Due To Rain

Dear Sir,

I am a civil engineer in a reputable company. I have received an interview call and call letter in response to my application of your job advertisement posted in newspaper in the first week of June, 20XX via email on 21, June, 20XX. As the moon soon weather is all upon us these days so rains are unpredictable and can happen any time.

I was scheduled to have an interview with you on 27th June, 20XX at 9:00 am. I was coming for that interview on a bike then all of a sudden it began to rain so I did not get to your office in time for interview. Please have a courtesy to reschedule this interview again so that I can avail this opportunity and prove my abilities to you in person.  I will be very grateful to you for you courtesy.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Request for Reschedule Job Interview Email Sample
Request for Reschedule Job Interview Email Sample

Letter for Booking a Venue

Request Letter for Booking a Venue or Auditorium, hotel, conference room, training hall, studio, marriage hall, meeting room, room or hall etc. Sample letter to reserve a hotel room is also available.

Letter for Booking of Auditorium

Dear Manager,

We are going to have an Inter School debate competition next month for which we wanted to book your auditorium. This competition is going to held on 5th of next month. The audience is estimated around 500 persons. The timing would be from 10 am to 5 pm.

We need that the auditorium should be facilitated with proper siting, ventilation and air-conditioning. We also require a good sound system, two tables and chairs on the stage. We also want a good drinking water and washroom facility. It would be gratefull if you confirm the availability of the auditorium within a week.



Letter for Booking a Conference Hall

The Manager Continental Hotel,

It is apprised that our office management intends to arrange a party for the staff of our office and their families in your hotel on the coming Friday night. The approximate number of persons including children can be five hundreds. In this party it intended that dinner will be also got arranged from your hotel.

In this context you are requested to book a hall with sitting arrangement in your hotel keeping in mind the number of heads as mentioned above. The menu for the dinner will be conveyed to you after your confirmation letter for the subject booking. You are therefore, requested to confirm this office in writing by tomorrow afternoon so that our representative may visit your hotel for advance payment and other required formalities.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Qaisar Zaman

Auditorium Required on Rent

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in good health.

With reference to our meeting on 6th March 20XX I like to thank you for encouraging me.

I am starting a learning & development institute in the name of “AHF DEV” with an aim to offer the services at corporate and social level.

I have learning partnership with C.M.D. for training & consultancy. Mr. Muhammad Samiullah looks after the training, coaching and consultancy services. My plan is to start from June 20XX. I will need the discussed premises of seminar hall once a week (Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) with following requirements.

  1. Seminar Hall with round table setup for twenty to forty participants as per the response (confirmation will be made one week before starting the session).
  2. AC with back power supply
  3. Facilitation to collect fee on our behalf for which per person a fee can be charged.
  4. Hi Tea / Tea arrangements
  5. A support staff person / Attendant

Please let me know the charges and all the terms and conditions as per your organizations policy for further processing.


Mrs. Minahil Qasim

Letter for Booking a Venue
Letter for Booking a Venue

Letter for Booking Community Hall

The Manager,
Galaxy Community Hall.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my strong interest in booking Galaxy community hall on 29th December for annual function of our organization. Let me introduce ourselves; we are a team comprises of more than 400 employees and work for the betterment of deaf, dumb & blind people. We educate them and enable them to live their lives like a normal person in the society. In the last of every year, we arrange a function to encourage the people whom we prepare and impart new life.

In order to arrange the above mentioned function, you are requested to please confirm the booking of community hall for the annual function of Eminent People’s Organization. For this purpose, if possible then direct your representatives to visit our organization to make contact on phone at least.

I would appreciate your immediate attention to this letter.

Thanking You,

Marlowe Conrad,
In-charge, Galaxy Community Centre

Letter for Reservation of Hall for Meeting

The City Library
United States of America

Respected Librarian,

With all due respect it is stated that I work in an NGO, my name is Smith and my NGO has to hold a conference meeting for which we require a conference room. AS our NGO is non-profitable organization we are not being able to afford all those fancy conference rooms. I came to know that the city library has a very good and maintained conference hall. Sir I would be very thankful to you if you reserve this conference room for one day to our NGO. The time and date is mentioned below.

Please pay heed to my kind request.


Request to Remove The Penalty

Request to Remove The Penalty of deduction, underage and providing books to the students in school or company. Simple applications to request the waiving penalties imposed on you or you company.

Request to Waive the Penalty Letter

Galaxy Town,
London, England, United Kingdom.
The District Emergency Officer,
London Fire Service,
October 19.
Dear Sir,
With reference to your letter bearing the subject “Imposition of Penalty” regarding my offence of being absent from duty on 10th of this month.
It is submitted that I was suffering from fever that’s why couldn’t attend the office. I had also informed my immediate senior about the severe health condition of myself.
Anyhow, I have realized my mistake of not letting you inform about my absence and assure you that I would try my best to avoid this negligence in future.
It is therefore requested to you that imposed penalty may please be cancelled and I may be given one chance to bring improvement in my working.
Looking for a favorable response in this regard.
Anton Chekhov.

Penalty for books

Dear Sir/Madam,
A penalty has been imposed on us for not providing books to the trainees. AH Foundation is an approved training service provider by IEIIA and the curriculum of all the trades is also certified by them.
Sir, all the trainees at AH Foundation are special and many of them can’t read and write. Also, there are not any decided books or notes in the decided curriculum (Copy of curriculum is attached). I request you to please remove the penalty and reimburse the amount of Rs. 50,000- which has been deducted as penalty from our payment of February 2014.
Looking forward for your kind cooperation

Issue of repeated trainee

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is in reference our telephonic discussion that our trainee, Ahmad was enrolled in the second batch of the last Skills for Job Scheme but unfortunately he didn’t complete his training. His Dad was severely sick and he was compelled to go to his home back in Mumbai.

Sir, all the trainees at AH Foundation are Disabled persons. There is no hope of independent future for them until unless they get some sort of skill. We therefore selected him to get his training at AH Foundation to secure a better future. We request you to please allow him to get his training. Please accord your kind permission,
Thanking you in anticipation

Issue of underage trainees

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is in reference our telephonic discussion that two of our trainees, Khalil and Mirza will be of 15 years this year. IIDF has asked us to expel them because they are underage. We request you to please allow us to keep the training of both of these trainees continue as they will gain the minimum required age before the expiry of our contract with PSDF. Please accord your kind approval
Thank you

Meeting Regret Letter Sample

Regret meeting letter for not attending a meeting or visit to the requested organization. Regret letter and email for cancelling the meeting and visit because of commitments. Excuse for meeting cancelled with someone in business to send in email or letter.

Meeting Regret Letter Format

Dear Sami,

Due to commitments with the arrangement of the internship fair, it will not be possible for a personal visit to AHF Foundation at this point in time. However, after your participation at the fair we will surely set up a meeting and visit your organization.


Hira Jilani

Meeting Regret Letter Sample
Meeting Regret Letter Sample

Letter Requesting for Permission For a Visit of NGO

Subject: Letter Requesting for Permission For a Visit of NGO


Dear Mr. Sami,

Ms. Sana Rouf Ali, a staff member at Beaconhouse School System, Liberty Campus spoke to you this morning, requesting for permission for a visit to the AH Foundation, Defence regarding our Global Dignity Day activities.

We would like to send around 25 – 30 Grade VI students for a visit to your institution on Friday, 4th October, 2013 at 9:30 a.m.

Kindly let us have your approval for the above visit as soon as possible so that the arrangements are made.

Thank you,




Ms. Mubarka Khan,

Office Secretary,



Email for Missing Attachments with Letter

Sample Email letter for missing attachments or enclosed documents in the received letter. It is a request letter to resend the attachments for further proceedings.

Email for Missing Attachments

Dear Asim Khan,

I have received your email regarding processing of your Duplicate Intermediate Certificate but I am unable to find the attachments you have mentioned in your email. Please send the following attachments once again so that your case could be processed as soon as possible.

  1. Colored copy your NIC
  2. Colored copy of your Metric Certificate
  3. Copy of your Domicile
  4. Your Passport Size Photograph
  5. Your board Roll number Slip

As soon as we receive the above mentioned particulars, your duplicate intermediate certificate will be ready in next working three days so please remember to collect the same from our office.


BISE, Lahore

Letter for Missing Attachments

Mr. Samiullah
Manager Marketing
AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Missing Attachments with Letter

Dear Mr. Samiullah,

Our school has received your letter regarding your internship program. However, we did not receive any application form enclosed with the letter as mentioned. It would be kind of you if you could please arrange to send a copy of the application form to our school.

Sadia Ahmad
Beacon-house Defence

Letter to Request for Missing Documents with Application

Dear Mr. Sohail,

Hope you’re well.
I write to you in reference to your email received at info.semioffice.com on date 23rd July. I would like to thank you for showing interest in joining our prestigious organization as an aspiring teaching assistant.

In order to proceed ahead, we need your documents which you forgot to attach in the mail. Kindly send us your resume and other supporting documents latest by 26th July at the same mailing address you sent the mail before. Failing to do so will automatically drop you out from the list of candidates to be interviewed.

Good Luck with your job hunt!


Ms. Ayesha Iqbal,
HR Manager
Shining Stars School.

Email for Missing Attachments with Letter
Email for Missing Attachments with Letter

Email for Missing Attachments with Letter

Mr. Mark Andrew, Lawrence college, US

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that we have received your application but we cannot process it further as some of the attachments are missing which are mandatory for the processing. You can resubmit the attachments before the due date i.e. 20th May XXXX. We advise you to submit all complete documents before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience. Thanks


Admin office,
Oxford College