Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage

Sample application letter to city municipal administration for cleaning of your street, cleaning of your town, cleaning garbage center, cleaning garbage from your house front, clean garbage from office front or clean garbage from shop front etc.

Request Letter for Garbage Cleaning

The Assistant Commissioner

Tehsil Municipal Committee


Subject: Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House


Respectfully it is stated that I am living in Bilal colony Sector 5. I want to inform you via this application that the sanitary conditions in my street are miserable. The hacks of garbage are laying everywhere. There is a lot of pollution because of the sewerage water which has been spread on the roads because of the blockage in the gutter system. The duty sweepers had not been seen in our colony for months.

Sir the garbage and the boiling gutters are causing cholera and other diseases. More ever this has been the hub of mosquitoes which cause dengue fever. You are requested to send some sweeper who cleans out this mess. I shall be grateful to you.


Asif Ali

Street No. 3

Bilal colony, Kasur

Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House

The Manager Operations (East Zone),

Glasgow Waste Management Company.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your attention to the failure of staff working under your supervision on subject matter.

I am the resident of super town; there are two wastebaskets of your company placed in a vacant plot adjacent to our house. Having seen the quantity of garbage thrown by the residents in these baskets, these baskets should have been emptied on daily basis but your staff forget to clean them and often come for aforementioned work once in a week. It fills the entire street with filthy smell and our beautiful town looks a disgusting area where nobody likes to live.

The condition becomes worst in rainy days when the garbage mixes with water and makes safe havens for dengue mosquitoes and other insects. I am afraid there is a possibility of the eruption of epidemic in our society.

In the light of above mentioned circumstances, you are requested to make necessary arrangements for the proper and timely cleanliness of wastebaskets placed in the east zone of super town.

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised by the entire residents of super town.

Thanking you,

Anton Chekhov

Request to Clean Waste from our Street

The  District Manager

Lahore Waste Management Company

Lahore, Pakistan.


Respected Sir,

It is stated respectfully, that I am a residence of Muslim Town House No. 4, Street No.3. I have observed that your waste collection team has not visited the area since last week. There is a lot of garbage mount up making bad smell and ailments. I request you kindly to remove the garbage from this area on urgent basis. I shall be very thankful to you for this.

Yours Sincerely,

Waheed Ali

Application for Return of Original Documents

Sample Letter to Request the return of your documents, visa documents, certificates, degrees from embassy, home department, govt office, school, college or university etc.

Request Letter to Return Original Documents

Mr. Robert
The Principal
District High School
West Street Park

Subject: Application for Returning of Original Birth Certificate

Dear Mr. Robert

With due respect I beg leave to state that I have been qualified for the district soccer team but my coach has directed me to bring my original birth certificate so that my name can be registered in the competition. Sir I had submitted my birth certificate to school authorities when I had got admission in this school.

I request you kindly return my original birth certificate so that I can register my name in the district soccer team and play the competition. Please return it before September 12, 2016.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor


Zem Lolaby
7th grade
Enrollment number 2k45

Application Requesting Return of Original Documents

I am a student. I want to write an application to principal sir to give back my original date of birth certificate to me. Please give me the total format along with the body of application.

The Principle,
XYZ college.

Subject: Request for Original Date of Birth and Character Certificate.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is submitted that I was student of in your college during session 2014-2016. I graduated last week and need my original date of birth certificate along with a character certificate to apply in Mcom. Kindly provide me the requested documents so I can proceed with my admission application.

Yours respectfully,

M. Abubakar

Give Back my Original Documents

The Principal, D P S Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect I beg to say that I have by mistaken submitted my original birth certificated along with my other documents at the time of admissions, Sir I request you to return me the original copy as I need it for passport purpose on urgent basis. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

John Michael,
8th B

Letter for Return of Original Documents from College

Mr. Wilshere Atkins
Oak Side High
Houston, Texas, USA.

Sir, i am Heisenburg Smith and i was a student of A’ level Part 2 of 82nd Batch at your college. This institution has made me feel like home and has never made life hard being a boarder. I have enjoyed my stay at this remarkable institution as well as learned enough knowledge to get in any university i want. For that purpose, I would like to have the original documents of College so that i can get admitted in a good university and start a new chapter of life. I wish to keep in touch. Thank you for your wise words and respect.

Yours sincerely,

Heisenburg Smith
Sugarland, Texas, USA.

Letter for Return of Original Documents from College
Letter for Return of Original Documents from College

Application for Requesting Original Documents from College

Dear school principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to request for my original documents. I have recently been accepted into a new college and they are requesting that I give them my original documents from your college. I need the document for the 12th of next month. I hope this is okay for you. This new college is the perfect opportunity to learn the right skills and knowledge and experience that I need. I hope that you understand and give the relevant documents. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Kithara Lane

Request Letter to add an Infant to my Ration Card

How to write application letter format for requesting to add infant on my ration card.

Application for Adding Name in Card


Mr. Pollack Barkley,

Secretary of Food and Health Minister,

Manchester, Great Britain

Subject:  Request to add an Infant to my Ration Card

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you to add an infant to my ration card. My younger son is now one and a half year old and his dietary requirements are almost the same as that of my elder children. I am unable to feed him well on my own. So it’s my humble request that you please add that infant on ration card so that my child is able to get enough food according to his requirements without being any extra burden on me.

I am hoping for an immediate action.


Michel Muller,

Ration Card No. 7658657

Application For Issuance Of Provisional Certificate

Sample application letter for provisional certificate from college or university to apply for admissions in universities, colleges, schools etc.

Application for Provisional Certificate from College

The Principal
Alpine Public College,
Ajman, UAE

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that I, Umair, College Reg. No. XX43Y is the student of HSSC Part II. As our classes are going to be end for final examinations soon. Meanwhile, Several Universities have started their degree enrollment processes.

I request you to kindly issue me the provisional certificate, so that I can fulfill the application requirement of universities to pursue my higher studies with no delay. I shall be very thankful to you for this compassion.

Yours Obediently,


Application for Issuance of Provisional Certificate

The Principal,
University Law College,

Dear Madam,

It is to request you that I have completed my honors degree in law under roll number 12-023 from your college and my session was 20XX to 20XX. For practicing law as an advocate every candidate must pass the intimation test which is conducted by the High Court Bar Association every year.

The last date to apply for intimation is Oct, 05th but the college has not issued Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC) yet. It is because the results of some of the subjects have not been submitted by the concerned teachers.

Without DMC I am unable to apply for the intimation test. You are requested to issue a provisional certificate on behalf of the college so that I may able to apply for the intimation test.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Yours Sincerely,


Work From Home After Accident Letter Format

Sample application to work from home after injury in a road accident or other type of accident or diseases etc.

Application to Work From Home

The Manager
Graphics and Animations
Knowledge Platform Pvt. Ltd.

SUBJECT: Work From Home For Accident Mail Format

Respected Sir,

Most humbly, I state that I got injured last night after an accident on my motorbike. God has saved me from major loss but my knee tissues are ruptured. In this situation it would be difficult for me to visit office regularly. I will manage to work on my assignments from home so that the ongoing projects might not get delayed. I shall try my best to deliver my routine quality work. It is kindly requested to allow me work from home for a week. I shall be very grateful to you for this kind approval.

Yours Sincerely,

Graphics Lead

Permission Letter to Work from Home

The manager, Nestle HR department, UAE

Respected sir,

With all due respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I met an accident last week and I got my leg fractured and because of this I am not able to come to office as doctor has advised me a complete bed rest for a month at least, sir I request you to allow me to do my job from my house and give me the access to the company’s account as I have some unfinished business which are supposed to be submitted by this month, I shall be really thankful for this favor of yours. Thanks.


Alex Martin,
HR department, Nestle UAE

Work from Home after Accident

The manager, HR department, Nestle

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about my accident I had yesterday. Unfortunately, I have got my right leg fractured and I am not able to move. I have been advised a complete bed rest for one month or more as per condition of my leg.

I request you to allow me to work from home as I don’t want to take a leave as I have already availed them. Please allow me to access the relevant files so I can start working from tomorrow. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of humbleness. I have attached my medical report as well. Thanks


MR. Steve John

Application for Lunch At Home from School

Sample Application to School Principal for Permission of Lunch at Home During Break Time. I want a letter for asking permission to go home in the lunch break as a student or teacher.

Permission for Lunch At Home During School Hours


The principal,

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I need permission to have lunch at home. My home is very close to the school. It is merely a walking distance of five minutes. During the lunch break I can go home and be back before break time is over. However, school policy does not allow students to leave.

Hence, it is humbly requested that permission to take lunch at my home be granted. That is so that I can stay healthy and focus on my studies better. I assure you that I will follow the school timetable without skipping classes for lunch.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,


Request for Permission of Lunch at Home During Break Time


Saint Johannesburg s High School,

Barkley’s Street, London

Subject: Permission to go home during Lunch Break

Respected Sir,

I am writing this application to request you to please allow me to go to my home during Lunch Break. I am a patient of stomach ulcer so doctor has strictly asked me not to eat any type of junk food or fast food. My house is quite close to school and it takes only 3 minutes on bike. I assure you to be back to school on time so that the schedule of my classes is not disturbed.

I am forward to your cooperation.


Linda James

Class Teacher, Grade Three

Request Letter to Principal to Go Home for Lunch from School

The Principal

Govt. Technology College,

Istanbul, Turkey.


Respected Sir,

Most humbly, it is stated that my mother is under medication these days. She has to take medicine thrice a day as per prescription of doctor. Kindly allow me to visit home during lunch break so that I can arrange her lunch and give medicine doze in the noon. My home is nearby the institute so I assure you the timely return in the class session after the break ends. Kindly approve my application and oblige.

Yours Obediently,


Application to Go for Lunch At Home from Office

New Jersey,

United States,

Respected Principal,

With due respect, I want to say that I have a very huge family lunch at home. I will have to take a leave from school due to that family event. Kindly, grant me a leave for a day. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Hans Kelsen

Request for Changing Mobile Number in Bank

Sample letter for banking sector change my mobile no against my bank account in your area branch. Sample letter to bank branch manager to change the contact number in bank account details/ company account details.

Request Letter for Change of Mobile Number

The Manager Operations

Axim Bank

Sydney, Australia.

SUBJECT: Request for Changing Mobile Number in Bank

Respected Sir,

It is humbly request that I own current account number xcv232188 in your bank. I am also availing your mobile banking service. I have recently changed my mobile number to 0123-45678910. Kindly update my new number in your record. So that I can avail services without any disruption. Kindly process my request at urgent basis. I shall be very thankful to you for this kind act.

Yours Sincerely

Marck Whatney

Application for Change of Cell Phone Number in Bank Details

The Manager,

Bank of America,


Subjects: Request to Change my Cell Phone Number in My Bank Details

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have changed my cell phone number and my previous number is no longer with me. So it is my humble request to please change my cell number in my account details to prevent my personal information from being lost. It is my request to please do the above mentioned change as soon as possible.

I hope you would immediately look into the issue.


John Mandela,

Account no. 7859797978

Change Mobile Number in Bank

The Manager Operations,

Standard Bank, Glasgow.

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the subject matter as I am using your bank account for many years. At the time of opening the account in your bank, I mentioned my mobile number 0000 and have been receiving informatory messages on this number. But now, on account of some inescapable matters I am changing my cell number and new number 0000 will be used for mobile banking.

You are therefore requested to please change my mobile number from your database and 0000 number may please be added so that I could receive all messages and phone calls from your bank regarding my transactions and other mandatory works.

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised.

Curtly Ambrose

Request for High School Registration with Ministry of Education

Could you just send me the application for the newly open high school for government registration.

Application Letter for School Registration


Minister of education

Respected Sir,

It is hereby being written to request that I want to register my school with Ministry of Education. As required by laws, our school fulfils all requirements needed for registration. Hence, I am requesting for inspection team which can verify these regulations and grant us the registration letter.

The mentioned school is already registered for primary education. It has been upgraded with an extension to the campus and installation of new facilities. The school has a good record for academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Hence, it is requested that a registration letter be issued so that classes can begin.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


The principal

Application for Registration of School

Ministry of Education,

Edinburg, Scotland.

Subject: Government Registration of New School

Respected Sir,

I am Monarch Paul and I am the owner and chief trustee of newly opened school in Masonry Town. The name of school is Advanced Learners Institute (ALI). We are having classes from Kindergarten to Olevels. We completely meet the standards set by Higher Education Board, Scotland (HEBS).  We are the only private educational institute in the area to have our own gymnasium and a swimming pool. We also have a large playground. Our class rooms are fully air-conditioned and multimedia projectors are also installed. We have a highly qualified and cooperative teaching staff. Teacher to student ratio is also very less so each student gets enough attention for learning. So it is my humble request to please do the government registration of my school.

I am looking forward to your cooperation.


Malinda Gates,

Chief Trustee (ALI)

Request Letter for Registration of School

The Director Registrations

Ministry Of Education,

Lahore, Pakistan

SUBJECT: Request for High School Registration with Ministry Of Education

Respected Sir,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. This letter is for putting up request for the registration of the Pioneer School System, my newly opened school at west town. This school has been constructed under approval by the Schools Development Authority. Infrastructure if school is based on the framework provided by the Ministry of Education. All the required documentation and staff needs have been cleared at the visit of Ministry officials. I hereby submitting all the approval and recommendation documentation required for the registration of the school with your competent authority. Kindly review the documents and process the request please.

Yours Sincerely,

Abu Bakar

Director Pioneer Schools

Request Letter for Increase in Credit Card Limit

Sample letter to hdfc, fnb to increase credit card limit. How to write a letter to the bank to increase my credit card from 100$ to 300$ since have been banking with them for the last 11 years. For my business issue it is argent please.

Credit Card Limit Increase Letter Template

The bank manager

Dear Sir,

It is to request an increase in credit limit on my credit card. I have an account in your bank as reference no.12345. With given credit card and given credit limit I am unable to meet my monthly expenditure. Furthermore, I cannot carry additional cash all the time to pay for top up expenditures.

Hence, it is requested that maximum credit limit of my card be increased so I can manage my monthly expenses with ease.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.



Application to Increase Credit Card Limit

Galaxy Town,
London, England, United Kingdom.
The Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank,

Dear Sir,


It is stated that I have been using your bank as account holder for last five years. During this period, I keep on making transactions on frequent basis, using credit card. The card which I am using has limit that cannot exceed twenty five thousand dollars.

It is pertinent to mention here that I have expanded my business and need to make transaction of amount more than its defined limit.

Therefore, you are requested to please increase the limit of my credit card from twenty five thousand to fifty thousand (dollars).

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised.

Jeffrey Chaucer,

Account No. 000000000.

Application for Increase of Credit Card Limit

Bank of America,

Subjects: Request to Increase My Credit Card limit

Respected Sir,

I am your client since last 11 years. I have shown my trust on your bank despite all the ups and downs but now I am in a desperate need of your favor. I am the owner of a credit card of your bank whose no. is 6896867. It has the upper limit of $100. Due to expansion in my business I have to make bigger transactions and make bigger payments for which upper limit of $100 is very less.

So it is my humble request to please increase the limit of my credit card from $100 to $300 on urgent basis so that I can make my business transactions with greater ease.

I hope you would immediately solve my problem.


John Mandela
Account no. 7859797978

Request Letter for Increase in Credit Card Limit

The branch Manager
State Bank of China,
Nanjing Dist. PRC.

SUBJECT: Request for Increase in Credit Card Limit

Respected Manager,

I, Peng account holder at your bank in this branch  via A/C no. 12345-123456778-00. I am availing your gold credit card service with credit limit of 100 USD. I have felt increase my usage since last two months. So, I request you kindly to increase my credit limit up to 300 USD with platinum service. Kindly approve my request and process it urgently due to business needs. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,


Letter to Bank Manager for Extend the CC Limit

The Manager,
Alfalah Bank Limited
XYZ Road, Township Branch

SUBJECT: Letter For Extend Credit Card Limit

Dear Sir (Manager),

I, Mr. John Robert, have a bank account in your bank and I have got a Credit Card as well on request which has the limit of 80,000/-. According to my piece of business/work I need to use credit card often. I always pay all the credit/bill on time; you can check my usage and pay back statement by yourself. This limit is not really enough for me. One of your employees told me that I can design my card once I get. I got a gold card at the moment with the limit of mentioned sum.

I want you to extend/increase my credit card limit up to 1, 50,000 because I have to use it most of the time. If it is done then I can use it for business or buying purpose more easily. I hope you will consider it as priority. What documents more I shall be needed to provide you for its extension?

And how many days it takes to increase the limit? Let me know in your earlier response.

Your attention will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

John Robert
CNIC: 123456789