Notification of Retirement to Employee


Confirmation of retirement letter to employee. Retirement letter to employee thank you. Retirement letter to coworkers. Sample retirement letter for government employee. Retirement letter samples for someone retiring.

Notification of Retirement to Employee

Dear Mr. Louis Golf,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss you notification of retirement. As you have reached the retirement age this is your formal notification letter to retire. I would also like to say that during the thirty years that you have been working for us that we have never had someone like you who has worked so hard, and for so long as well. You have made a good reputation inside this company, and you will have that for as long as this company is running you will be remembered in the history of this company.

I hope that you will enjoy your free time with your wife, kids, and grand-kids. Make more, and more memories with them while you have the time, and don’t forget you are a great person.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Wally Harold

Notification of Retirement

Respected Sales Manager,

You have given your productive years to the company with full devotion, and maximum output, and you have always followed the rules of company without questioning them for personal gains. Now it is the time that the company should shake hands with you with full respect, and grant you the retirement. No doubt your presence would be missed but as a matter of age retirement is inevitable now.



Leave Application for Father Retirement Ceremony


Sample leave application for attending retirement ceremony of father, uncle, boss, senior, or junior from your office, company etc.

Leave Application for Father Retirement Ceremony

The District Officer,
London Fire Service,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I am working as a network administrator in London Fire Service since (Date). My father is a government servant who is going to be retired on 11th of this month. In this regard, our whole family is going to arrange a ceremony on coming Saturday. The guests in the ceremony would also be served with dinner at our residence. I, being an elder son, have all the responsibilities on my shoulder to arrange this event.

Keeping in view the above mentioned facts, you are therefore requested to please grant me leave for one day i.e. 13th May.

I shall be grateful to you.

Thanking you,


One Day Leave for Retirement of Father

The principal
Washington central school

Respected sir,

With due reverence it is to state that I cannot attend school on Monday. That is because my father has retired from his government service, and I have to attend a retirement ceremony. All of my family members will have to attend, and be there. Therefore, I will not be able to attend my classes, and come to school.

Please grant me one day leave without any reservation on my attendance record. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,

Levi Pema

Leave Application for Attending Retirement Ceremony of Father

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application to you so that I can ask for permission from you. The problem is that I know work load, and final projects are about to end, and the work now a days are so important that we cannot even think about to leave for one day, but Sir my father is retiring from his post of principal on Friday, and their colleagues are giving them a party for that, and they want ours whole family to attend the function that will be on Friday evening.

So please allow me one day leave so that I can attend my father’s retirement ceremony. It would be a great source of pleasure for me.

Hoping for a positive response


Aleem Alam Khan
Project manager