Salary Slip Request Email Letter to HR, Boss, Company etc

Sample letter requesting salary certificate from your office, company or employer. We provided many letters with to ask for salary slip or pay slips to fulfill your needs like tax filing, tax exemption, new job, increment or any other calculation of your annual salary payments.

Salary slips are also required by banks to open bank account, issuance of credit cards, loan, advance salary loans etc. Click these links if you are looking for Salary Slip or Pay Slip Template.

Sample Request Letter for Salary Slip


Company/Organization Name

Subject: Salary Slip Request Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to request you to please issue my salary slips since June. I have received all the salaries but official salary slips were not issued. I need all the slips for taxation purpose and salary records. I also request you to please issue me salary slips with monthly salary.

Thanking You,

M. Ikram
Manager Sales

Request for Issue of Salary Slip and Experience Certificate

The HR Department
Kinnaird College for Women

Subject: Issuance of salary slip and an experience letter for a new job

Dear Ma’am,
It is to humbly request you to kindly award me an experience letter for working as a lecturer at Kinnaird’s English Literature Department for one complete semester (six months) i.e. from December 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2015. This will improve my CV. Also, kindly issue me a duplicate of my salary slip so that I can maintain my records for further job interviews.

Working at Kinnaird has been a very challenging experience for me, and I thank you for this opportunity.

Nadia Anjum
English Literature Department

Payslip Request Email Letter

Dear Mr. James,

I am Ms. Mariam Amjad working as Manager Hi-Gene since two years. Recently I applied for foreign immigration and they required my work Experience letter and monthly Payslip as proof of job. I request you to please issue me at least four months payslips since January. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Mariam Amjad

Manager Hi-Gene

Issue my Wageslip for Future Reference

Dear Ms. Noor Fatima,
I have worked as Marketing Executive at Marhaba Labs. I request you to please issuce my wageslip for official purpose in future. I have had a great experience working with this company. I will be thankful to you.


Salary Revision Letter Sample for Employees

Below is the salary revision letter sample available for free download. This letter is to inform your company employees that their annual increments will be revised because of new criteria and policy.You can customize this letter as per your needs.

Salary Revision to Employees and Staff

Dr. Sehrish
GM Kamalia Sugar Mills
Kamalia Road,

Subject: Salary Revision of Company Staff

Dear Staff Members.

This is to inform all the staff members that the company management decided to revise the salary increments at the end of this month. Management also announced that all the issues raised by the staff members will be addressed in this salary revision. During the revision process if the salary of a staff member will be increased then the company will pay the revised increment from July onward.

All staff members can submit their salary revision applications to the HRD department before the 15th of the current month.

All staff members also requested to please do not disturb the administration staff regarding revising of salary increments.

Warm Regards,


Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download
Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download

Salary Revision Letter for Employees

Dear Employees,

It is being notified with great pleasure and satisfaction that this firm has reaffirmed its commitment towards providing its employees with best possible salary packages and other perks and privileges for  helping them maintain a good life style.

Keeping in view the rapid increase in commodity prices and an increasing demand from employee representatives it has been decided by the senior management that salary structure of all grades of employees should be revised. It has been approved that Basic salary of all grades should be increased by 20% along with a 15% increase in overtime rates of all the relevant departments.

It has also been decided that a complimentary medical and education insurance will be provided to all the employees and their immediate family members. All the other perks and bonuses remain intact. We hope that these decisions will enhance the motivation level of you all and provide excellent results in the future.

Chief Executive Officer

Salary Revision Request Letter Sample

Below is the Salary Revision Request Letter Sample from your employer or company. You can give different reasons why you need the increment in your salary.

Salary Revision Request Letter Format

Acer Corporation
Manchester, U.K

Dear Mr. James

As you know that I have been working for your organization as production manager for last two years. You can see my complete job record that I have always worked hard and completed every task according to the deadline. I hardly took any unnecessary leave other than yearly leaves.

I feel that I am experienced enough in this job to ask for raise in my salary. Most of my colleagues are promoted in terms of rank and salary, and I expect the same. So, with due respect I want to say that kindly revise my salary package, so I could enjoy this company more thinking that you treat each employee on equal basis.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Andrew
Production Manager
Acer Corporation

Salary Revision Request Email

Subject: Request to Revise Annual Salary Increment

Dear Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully it is stated that my annual salary increment is less than my expectations. I am not satisfied my annual salary increment against my performance, qualification and experience.

So kindly revise my annual salary increment.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Salary Revision Request Letter Sample Free
Salary Revision Request Letter Sample Free

Salary Revision Request Letter

The finance department

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I am an employee at your company. I have been working at your company for more than six years. It has been an honor working with you. However, I believe that I am not paid enough for my qualification and experience I hold for the job. As per company regulations, a certain amount is increased in the total salary of the employees each year. I have only received regular increment, but no bonuses were rewarded for the extra work I have been doing for the company.

I have taken on many side projects and still take extra shifts to maintain quality work environment. It is therefore requested that my salary be revised. Taking my experience and achievement into consideration, I also request for a bonus.

I hope you will understand my concern as my current salary is not enough for the nature of my work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jonathan hill

Request Salary Increment letter Sample for Marketing Manager

I am working as Marketing Manager at Sabri Group of Companies. I want to ask for salary increment. Please help me to write a good letter for asking salary increment from CEO, GM, Boss etc. I need salary increment up to $1700/- per month. My company is annually increasing my salary but this time I need greater salary increment.

Moreover I will suggest you to write a very short and simple letter.

Write a Request for Management to Increase My Salary?

The Solutions HQ

Respected Administration,

My name is Watson and I work in the marketing department of your firm. I am writing this letter to make a kind request that I recently became a dad and now I have to look after 2 children.  I work very hard I am very punctual but my salary is the same old of $1234 as it was 4 years ago when I joined this firm.

Sir I have been an excellent employee to you and this firm I do all of my work whole heartedly and without any mistakes, but it is now getting very difficult for me to make both ends meet. I work really hard but still it is not enough for me to live in comfort. I hereby, am writing this letter to make a request for you to increase my monthly salary. Rates of everything are rising day by day and it is getting very difficult to survive. I hope you will pay heed to my kind request and you will increase my salary.

Employee number #1223
Department of marketing

Increment Request Letter

Ms. Sana Malik
General Manager
Sabri Group
Jail Road,

Subject: Request for Salary Increment

Respected Sir,

It is requested that I am working with Sabri Group from last two years as Manager Sales and Marketing. I am MBA qualified and having five years experience in my field and just because of my education and experience I successfully achieved many targets assigned by you and more than that now all brands under my supervision generating almost double revenue from the date I joined Sabri Group.

This is to acknowledge you that my current salary is not according to my Education and Experience and now my achievement as well. I request you to please enhance my salary at least $4000/-. I will be thankful to you.


Minahil Qasim

Request Letter for Salary Increment by Manager

The Director HR,
Jam Shiri Ltd

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I, Rashid Ali have been working in your esteemed company for 5 years. During this time, I have worked very hard & honestly. I am the only care taker of family at home. This request is being written to discuss about salary increment.

I am working as sales supervisor and my last increment was implemented 2 years ago. It has been a long time of salary increment. During this tenure, the inflation rate has been risen up to 30%. It has become difficult for me to support my family anymore.
I shall be thankful to you if you revise & increase my salary to 20%. I assure that I will serve your organization with same momentum.

Yours truly,
Rashid Ali
Sales supervisor
Consumer product department

Request Salary Increment letter sample for Marketing Manager
Request Salary Increment letter sample for Marketing Manager

How to write a Salary Increment Letter?

Steps for Writing a Salary Increment Application Letter

Decide why you need letter or Application for salary increment?

  1. Decide whether you need to write a letter for salary increment
  2. What are the reasons that you need salary increment (find out some solid reasons)
  3. Whom you need to address in the salary increment letter (find out the right person)

How to write a good salary increment letter. All the steps for writing a salary increment letter are mentioned below.

  1. Subject Line: Do not mention the direct words in the subject line for specific salary increment. Like “I need salary increment of $2000 from August 2016”. The best way is to mention indirect words like “I am writing for promotion”,”Application for Promotion and Increments”, “Application for Benefits Increment”.
  2. Normally first paragraph of any letter mentions the purpose of the letter. But if you want to adopt a better way for your salary increment you must describe your achievements, expertise, education and working experience. Like “I am working as Manager Marketing and during the year of 2016 I achieved all the impossibles because of my experience, qualification and expertise”.
  3. In the second paragraph you need to mention your desired increment by using indirect words. In this way you may get more increment then you expect. But if you mention the exact increment that you want then there are chances that you may lose. Because if you get the same as you mentioned you might admire double or you may lose the step for negotiations.
  4. In the closing paragraph always be thankful or grateful for you are writing to. Like I will be thankful, I will be grateful, etc. A good letter can benefit you more than your expectations. In a good letter you can easily demonstrate your achievements in words and convey your demands very easily.

Samples of Application for Salary Increment

Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Sample application for installments of Income Tax from your salary to the company director or manager.

Application for Payment by Installments

DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Accounts department wants to deduct Rs. 40,000/- from my salary in the month of June 2016. We request you to please deduct only Rs. 5000/- from my Salary on monthly basis. At this time I am in urgent need to money due to some domestic emergency and facing financial challenges. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager Resource Development

Application for Installments_of Tax Payment from Salary
Application for Installments_of Tax Payment from Salary

Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Public Relation Manager,
American Bank,
New York.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that the annual income tax due on me is worth of $1500, which is payable till Oct, 30th but I am unable to pay the entire tax amount at once. My salary account is in your bank. The account number is 0123456789. You are requested to make installments of this tax and deduct it from my salary. I shall be grateful to you for this favor. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


Salary Increase Notification Letter Sample for Employees

Below are two sample of annual  Salary Increase Notification Letter sample available for free download. You need to change the post, salary increased amount and year. Form Other salary increment letters you can search our site.

Salary Increase Letter Sample for Staff

Ms. Minahil
General Manager
Atlas Honda
DHA, Lahore
Subject: Annual Salary Increment Letter for the Year 2017

Dear Ms. Minahil

Keeping in view your best performance as Management Trainee during the year 2016 and 2017. The company management is very happy to notify you that your salary has been increased up to $1500 since July 2017. The management also decided that if your performance will be better in 2017 you can be announced employee of the year and an increment of $1000 will be added to your salary.

Best of Luck

Signatory Authority HRD Head

Salary Increase Notification Letter Free Download
Salary Increase Notification Letter Free Download

Notification of Salary Increase Letter Format

Ms. Amna
Brand Manager
SemiOffice Corp

Dear Ms. Amna,

Keeping in view your satisfactory services to (Company Name) the Management has decided to give you an increment of $1500/- with effect from July 2016. Now your salary will be $25,500/- per month.


Signatory Authority,
SemiOffice Corp


Salary Increase Letter Free Download
Salary Increase Letter Free Download

Salary Increase Letter for Employees

The employee

Dear Sir,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that your salary has been increased. Your hard work and dedication is acknowledged. All the workers have performed exceptionally well in the last project which has given our company a huge leap forward.

In return, company wants to offer a reward by small incentive to boost morale of the employees. Hence, salaries of all employees have increased with effect from this month.

Please keep up the good work.


The manager
Sebastian cooper

Salary Increase Notification Letter

The cashier
Maryland Bank

Dear Employee,

I am very pleased to inform you that your salary has been increased. Your contribution and efforts to the company are much appreciated and acknowledged. In return, company has raised salary of all employees by X% with effective from this month.

All the details are attached to this letter.

Good luck
The manager,

Salary Advance for Medical Treatment Sample Application

Sample request letter for salary advance for medical treatment to employer or company. Application for advance salary for medical treatment. Sample application for advance salary for medical treatment of Father, Mother, son, daughter, wife, uncle or any other relation.

Advance Salary Application for Medical Treatment

Dear Manager HR,

This letter is to request an advance salary for this month. I am suffering from diabetes from last week. I have an appointment with a good doctor this week. The fees of the doctor and other charges are high and I have very less left from my last salary. So in order to get such medical treatment I request an advance salary for this month. It would be helpful if I get the salary within this week.

Warm Regards,


Advance Salary For Medical Emergency


Subject: Application for Advance Salary for Medical Emergency

Dear Sir,

I am [Name] working as Manager Marketing. I have a medical emergency at home, I need $3000 as an advance from my salary. I request you to please issue me the advance as soon as possible. The whole amount you can deduct from my upcoming salary of December 2017. I will be thankful to you.



Application for Advance Salary for Medical Emergency
Application for Advance Salary for Medical Emergency

Advance Salary For Medical Surgery

Subject: Application for advance Salary

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I request you to please issue me an advance salary of Rs. 30,000/- from my Salary and deduct Rs. 5,000/- monthly from May 2017. It is very urgent for my medical treatment (surgery of gallbladder) on Thursday 3rd April 2017. I may remain off from my office till the recovery.

I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,


Salary Advance for My Father Medical Treatment

The Manager, Nestle, UAE,

Respected sir,

With all due respect I with grief inform you that my father had severe heart attack last week and doctors have asked for the open heart surgery, my family lives in Pakistan and I am the only person who is earning in the family. The doctors have given us estimated bill of 300,000 for the surgery and have asked us to deposit on urgent basis as his condition is not good.

Sir I humbly request you to give me 4 months’ pay in advance for his treatment. I am in a miserable condition right now and I expect you to understand my problem. I am a part of your firm from last 5 years and have never asked for advance salary but this time I am really in need of it. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness, looking for a positive response.


Mr. Khalid Ashraf
Media Manager, Nestle

Salary Advance for Medical Treatment of Father

Respected Director Finance,

I am Minahil Qasim General Manager Electrical Department writing for five months advance salary urgently for my father’s medical treatment. After recent medical examination, doctors recommended his treatment in London because of poor/incomplete facilities in our home country. Doctor also told about the local bad experiences happened locally.

My father is suffering from Cancer with a very severe and critical condition. Doctors recommended early treatment for better recovery. I confirmed the medical expenditures from my sources in London and I have some shortage of money for this treatment. I request you to please issue me five month’s advance salary. Thanking you in advance.


GM Electrical

Advance Salary for Mother’s Treatment

Respected Director,

This is to have your kind attention and look in to the matter with empathy; I am working in your company as a project coordinator since 2015. I am a reputable and reliable employee of the company. Recently I have been in some problems regarding the financial conditions I am going through. My mother is sick and an urgent treatment is mandatory for her good health but I am falling short of the required money for her treatment.

I am requesting you to approve me Rs. 40,000 as financial aid so that I can carry out her treatment and the money can be deducted from my monthly salary at regular intervals till it’s completely even with the company.

I will be very grateful for your cooperation and support in this moment of need.

Thanking you in advance,

Mariam Sam

Application for Advance Salary for Medical Treatment
Application for Advance Salary for Medical Treatment

Letter for Advance Salary for Treatment


Respected Manager,

I am Mr. Junaid, a patient suffering from knee pain since last three months. If you remember I have gone through all kinds of medical checkups and have been visiting lots of doctors concerning my pain. This pain has taken serious injury I guess as I am unable to walk even now.

As i was recommended for an operation so I am ready for it, but it needs to be done in my home town. I have no money for operation and to invest in travelling and one of my family doctor is suggesting me use his clinic.

Kindly look into this matter and grant me advance salary for treatment as soon as possible.

Your Sincerely,

Aysha Yasir.

Application for Advance Salary for Domestic Use

Sample Application for Advance Salary for employees/teachers/staff members etc. Below Applications are written in English language for urgent advance salary requesting from the company or employer.

We have provide multiple advance salary applications for different job positions and different types of offices and businesses. We hope you will find a best for your usage.

Application for Salary Advance Request Letter in English

Business Name

Subject: Request for advance salary

Dear Sir,

I, Seema requesting for advance salary for the month of December. The following month, I have my daughter’s wedding, for which I need a certain amount of money for arrangements.

Therefore, I request you to kindly provide advance salary so that I can cover the necessary expenses without any delay. I am very hopeful that my institution will understand my situation and grant me my salary in advance.

Anticipating for your reply.
Assistant Lecturer

Letter to Manager Requesting Salary Advance

Company’s Name

Subject: Application for Advance Salary from Company

Respected Mr. Ahmad,

I request you to please issue $2500 as advance salary loan from my next month’s salary. I need it on urgently for some unforeseen domestic reasons that could not be avoided.

Please deduct a sum of $500 from my incentive/commission or monthly salary. Anticipating for your positive reply.

I shall be thankful to you.
Sincerely Yours,

Executive Officer

Advance Salary Request Letter for Domestic Use

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Isha, Senior News Anchor writing to request you to grant me an advance loan from my salary for urgent domestic usages.

I have some significant personal tasks to complete at home, but I am unable to do, due to shortage of financial resources. In case of non completion of these tasks I may suffer in coming months.

Please issue me a loan of USD $10,000/- and deduct it from monthly salary. I would be convenient to pay it back to the company in 5 monthly installments starting from January.
Thanking You for your consideration,

Senior News Anchor

Advance Salary Application for Loan Payback

Respected Sir,

Unfortunately, I want to inform you about my bad financial situation as I have to settle a loan on the promised date of 25th of next month.

I would like to request to issue an advance payment from my salary, worth $18000 and like you to deduct $6000 monthly from my salary. I would be grateful to you for your consideration for my request.

I will be anticipating for your kind reply.


sender’s post/designation.

Advance Salary Application From Office Due to Tax Deposition

Ms. Fatima Manager, HR Department.

Subject: Application Letter for Advance Salary from Security Deposit

Respected Ms. Fatima,

Due to extra charge of tax amount from my monthly salary I am under extreme financial burden. I would request you to kindly grant me ₹6000/- as advance from my security deposit and deduct ₹2000/- Monthly from my salary. I shall be very thankful to you for my help.

Anticipating for your positive reply.

Sincerely Yours,
Sales Officer

Advance Salary Loan Application from Job in form of Email or SMS

Manager of Accounts Department

Subject: Application for Advance Salary Loan

Dear Sir,

Kindly pay ₹6,000 as advance against my salary for the month of November as I have some personal matters to attend. I am in urgent need of some money. I shall be very thankful to you.

Anticipating for your positive reply.

Truly yours,
Officer Sales

Request Letter for Advance Salary in Email for Marriage

Respected Ms. Saima,

Director Operations,

As you know my sister’s marriage is in start of next month. Our company pays salary after 10th of every month but as I am in urgent need of finances. I request you to please pay my salary in advance on the 1st of the next month. I shall be thankful for your favor.

Anticipating for your reply.

Resource Officer

Salary Advance Request Letter Requesting for an Advance due to Urgent Family Reasons

Alex Anderson,
Head of Human Resource Group

Dear Sir,

I hope you are in good health and are enjoying a prosperous life. I am Robin Adam, Manager Finance Department, and I have been associated with the company for more than five years in Delhi branch. But writing to you for first time.
I would like to draw your attention to the matter that I am in need for funds due to the urgent family reasons. I need at least six month’s advance salary/loan to fulfil my family needs.

I am qualifying for advance salary as per company manual and policy for advance salary. I am optimistic that you will consider my application on priority basis as my family matter is quite urgent.

Your Positive step in this regard will be highly appreciated by me.
Thank you for your consideration,

Sincerely Yours,
Robin Adam
Manager Finance

Application for Salary Advance for Domestic Use

Company name

Dear HR Manager,

I am writing this email to inform you about my recent critical financial condition. My wife has left her job due to health issues, that has taken a toll in our family expenses. I already have two school going children and a home mortgage I still have to pay.

I would be grateful if you can approve my advance salary of next two months. I anticipate for your kind reply.




Advance Salary Application Form Format

Advance Salary Application Form Format is below. This Advance Salary form can be customized and changed as per your needs.

Date: ____________________

The Departmental Head
Company Name

Subject: Application for Advance Salary

Dear Sir / Madam,
I will be grateful to you if you will please advance Rs. ________ to me from my salary of the month of _____________. Please deduct a sum of Rs. _________ from my salary of the scheduled month as I have already taken it in advance.

Thank you.

Signatures: ____________________________

Advance Approval Section

Name: ________________________________
Department: ___________________________
Designation: ____________________________
Place of duty: ____________________________


The Advance recommended / not recommended.

Signatures of Departmental Head: _________________________

Date: _____________________

Advance Sanctioned / not sanctioned.

Executive Director ____________________________

Date: ________________________________________

advance salary application form Format
advance salary application form Format