Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility


With reference to the meeting with Mr. __________, and Mr._____________ on dated 20TH Oct, (Date) regarding the Banking Facility for [company]. It was agreed as follow:

Scope of work:

[company] (Consultant) will provide consultancy services to make financing arrangements with one of the scheduled Bank for [company].

Target: Bank Guarantee up to Rs.10 to 15 Millions

Running Finance up to Rs. 10 to15 Millions

Total Limit Approval required: Rs. 25. To Rs. 30.0 Million with condition to having caution (60% of the market value ) in the property which he is offering

1. [company] will provide all required documents, and will provide on demand.

  1. [Name] will try to get minimum Bank mark up for both LG (0.3%PQ), and RF (6 month KIBOR+3% ).

3. [Name] will try to get the Financing Arrangement with in max. one, and half month

(45) days period with condition to provide all the relevant document, and the funds on time.

Consultancy payments:

1. [company] will pay 4% of the total approved Bank limit on Running Finance, and 4% on the Bank Guarantee value (Cash margin will be charged as per the policy of State Bank at that time).

2. [company] will make the payment for misc. expenses up to Rs. 150,000/- as, and when needed basis. Balance payments will be made from the approved RF through Bank.

  1. Partial payments of Rs. 150,000 will be adjusted from the balance payment.

4. [company] will not make any other payments to Bank, or any other concerned dept. [Name] will be responsible to deal will all concerned department’s until DAC issued by the Bank.

5. [company] has no right to back out after receiving the offer letter from the bank if he will do so then he will have to pay the agreed amount on his own source.

  1. In case Financing Arrangements are not approved by the scheduled Bank as agreed, [Name] will pay back (100%) payment to [company] with in 7 days without any notice.

Agreed, and Signed on 20th Oct, (Date)

Name 1: ______________________ Name 2:______________________

Witness: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________________

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility
Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility

Hotel Bill Sample, and Format

Sample billing invoice for hotel. This hotel bill sample is taken from a hotel in DHA Lahore. You can download attached bill formats, and customize as per your needs.

Sample Hotel Bill Template


Walton Road, Defence Chowk, Lahore Cantt,

Tel: 36676518




Amount Rs

















Fried Rice












Fried Rice






Fried Rice































Hotel Bill Sample in Excel Free Download
Hotel Bill Sample in Excel Free Download

Sample Restaurant Bill

Hotel Bill Format in word Free Download

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Sample Quotation for Spare Parts

Sample quotation for spare parts sale to clients, customers, companies, and businesses with specifications, and other details. You can copy the blow sample in ms word, and make changes as per your needs.

Spare Parts Quotation Sample

OUR REF:———–


M/S: ————

Address & City

Tel # ———

Fax # ———


Dear Sir,

Please refer to your enquiry regarding the subject matter. As required by you, we are pleased to quote our price for the supply of Diesel Generating Sets. Detail as under.


Brand New, and Complete SDMO FRANCE Generating Set of type T12K, 10-kVA Prime rating 0.8 PF, 1500 RPM, Brushless, Synchronous, self-exited, self regulated, insulation, and temperature class H, 230/400 volts, 3 phase, 4wire, 50 Hz.


Powered by MITSUBISHIDiesel Engine



F.O.R Site Price (With 16% G.S.T)

Unit Price of Diesel Generating Set : Rs.780,000.00


Ex-Stock. Subject to prior sale. (First come first serve basis)


Brand New, and Complete Diesel Generating set of SDMO industries France, Model T16K, 14.5-kVA Prime rating, 0.8 PF, 1500 RPM, Brushless, Synchronous, self-exited, self regulated, insulation, and temperature class H, 230/400 volts, 3 phase, 4wire, 50 Hz.


Powered by MITSUBISHIDiesel Engine


MECC-ALTE Alternator

F.O. R Site Price (With 16 % G.S.T)

Unit Price of (14.5-kVA) T16K DG Set : Rs.790,000.00


Ex-Stock, subject to prior sales. (First come first serve basis)


Brand New, and Complete Generating Set of SDMO industries France, Model J33, 30-kVA, 0.8 PF, 1500 RPM, Brushless, Synchronous, self-exited, self regulated, insulation, and temperature class H, 230/400 volts, 3-Phase, 4-wire, 50-Hz.


Powered by JOHN DEERE Diesel Engine


MECC -ALTE Alternator

F.O. R Site Price (With 16% G.S.T)

Unit Price of J33 (30-kVA) D.G Set : Rs.1,045,000.00


10-12 weeks, Subject to prior sales. (First come first serve basis)


100% Advance with confirmed Purchase Order.


7- Days, with effect from 27thFeb, (Date) (Subject to availability of Genset)

*Note: The Price may change without prior notice due to fluctuation of foreign exchange rates, and duties etc, even after the advance payment. However the Genset will only be booked on 100% advance payment.


One year, or (Date) hours, whichever comes first against any manufacturing defect.


We have factory trained Service Engineers to give you prompt, and efficient after sales service. Our Service Department also offers various packages for trouble free maintenance, and operational contracts of DG set to suit requirement of our valued customers.


We also have an independent Spare Parts Department, who keeps fast moving, and emergency consumable spares in stock. Parts/Spares not in the stock can be procured by our Spares Department from abroad by quickest possible means against customer’s confirmed purchase order.

Note:Please note that Withholding Tax is not applicable on the imported items. In this regard, we will provide you copy of S.R.O along with our invoice.

We trust above meets your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarification, or assistance.

Yours faithfully,


Signatory Authority

Sample Quotation for Spare Parts Free Download
Sample Quotation for Spare Parts Free Download

Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process

Sample letter of Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process to hiring/manpower agencies for construction projects, production projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Middle East, Japan, Korea, UAE, Europe, and USA. Contract letter for Appointing third party services(agency) for manpower of your company.

Outsourcing Recruitment Letter

Dear Sir,

We hereby appoint your company to recruit, and collect Relevant bio data with medical reports of 35 (thirty five) Indian/Pakistani male workers for employment with our company, and to liaise with relevant authorities in India/ Pakistan concerning this recruitment.

Each worker must undergo basic vocational training in which he will be trained on the agricultural traits of Malaysia Plantation Industry.

Our Recruitment Terms, and Conditions are as follows:

  1. Age : 21-45
  2. Nature of Work (briefly) : Plantation Workers.
  3. Daily Wage : R1v133 Per 8 Hours
  4. Monthly Salary : Maximum average earning
  5. RM 1200.00 per month.
  6. Levy : Paid by Employer.
  7. Annual Medical Checkup : Formal medical Checkup fee RM 180
  8. Paid by Employer
  9. Increment : Based on Performance
  10. Allowances : 3 Years, any further extension on mutual agreement
  11. Accommodation : Provide by the Employer.
  12. Food : On the account of the Employee.
  13. Medical Facilities : As per Malaysian Labor Law.
  14. Air Passage : Free air passage upon completion of 3 years contract.
  15. Leave, and Holiday : As per Malaysian Labor Law ( 2 times of agreed daily wage ).
  16. Normal Working Hours : 8 hours per day ( actual working starts from the work site )
  17. Overtime Allowance : As per Malaysian Labor Law ( 1.5 times of agreed daily wage ).
  18. Payment of Levy : Paid by the Employer.
  19. Transport : Provided by the employer from accommodation to work place.
  20. Death compensation : As per Malaysian Labor Law (covered by FWCS).
  21. Repatriation of sick disable workers: Paid by the FWCS Insurance
  22. Repatriation of Dead Body : Paid by the Employer (covered by FWCS).
  23. Restriction

a. That the employee shall not marry with any Malaysian, and shall not participate in any political activities, and activities of those connected with Trade Union in Malaysia.

b. That the Employee shall not change his employment during the contract period, and shall not carry, or do business without the written permission from the Employer.

c. That if the Employee is found creating social problems, and, or engaged in any illegal subversive, or criminal activities, and then he will be dismissed with immediate effect, and will be repatriated to Pakistan on his own expenses

Termination of service

If any employee is terminated on health reasons after three month probation period, he will be repatriated at the expense of the Employer, and if the employee is terminated on disciplinary grounds, he will be repatriated at his own expenses.

Responsibility of agent

a. That you provide recruitment of manpower services, and consultation

b. To arrange, and apply for a passport, birth certificate, identity card, and other documents required by the Labor Department of Pakistan.

c. To arrange medical checkup in India for the selected workers by qualified medical practitioners appointed by our Malaysia authorities.

d. To apply Entry Working Visa in Malaysia (multiple visa) at the Malaysian High Commission in Pakistan.

Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process
Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process

College Farewell Party Speech in English

College Farewell Party Speech in English is available for free download. Sample detailed farewell party speech for internees, volunteers, and social work participants.

Party Speech for Farewell Day

Asalam o Alaikum.

So here’s the start to my 5 minutes speech time. Before I begin, I promise I’ll try making it as less boring as possible :

To begin with, I’ll present my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Salam for presenting us with such an opportunity to be so close to these children and put our energies together to help these children.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who are ever so sure about themselves, their lives, and what they’re supposed to be. Then comes the other kind. Ones are unsure. Clueless of what to be? Where to be? What to do in life, and how to get there? I’m one of that sort. And I’m sure there are too many of that kind in the crowd right now.

Hi, and cheers to You. The first day I stepped into this building, I could only scratch my head and think, what am I gonna do here. But as life goes around, things fell in place, and we have achieved something to this day. Done something, individually, collectively. Something that gives us the feeling of contentment when we lay in our beds comfortably at night. Satisfaction of doing good.

We are from the resource department. Our job is to collect funds. Funds enough to fend and feed a child throughout an entire year. To manage his expenses. And for that goal, we have put in all our efforts.

Through two weeks, we’ve interacted, bonded, and made friends with all the groups. And in all that, we managed to pull off a major event collectively with the music society on the 11th of this month.

The Bake sale/Concert was indeed a success, and it couldn’t have been done with the tireless effort of the management teams. However, I’d rather tell you how much we generated from this fundraiser event before addressing them with a thank you. A total of 25 thousand was made by the end of the day, which is better off than the previous years.

Now to the much-promised thanking business I had to do. To begin with, Faizan. Thank you so much for being right beside me through the whole thing. You are indeed a tremendous guitarist and a great person!

Moving on, I thank my entire team for the hard work, and tolerance, and patience they’ve shown in many cases when I was too demanding or pushy.

Thank you,

Name 1

Name 2

Name 2

And a very special thank you to this one person who has been My support the entire time through this event hosting. And frankly, without her, management of the event would’ve been too hard. Alina Rasheed has been my right hand in all the management. It would have been a mess without you, so much thanks to you.

I would also like to add Sachar Bakes, which is a bakery owned by my friend. They made outstanding contributions by giving us free food for the sale. Only their contributions alone generated a mere 5.5 thousand. So a round of applause for them. They are situated in phase 5 right behind Jalal sons if you Wish to visit them.

Lastly, I’d like to thank miss Saima and sir Hamza for having our backs.

In all, this internship has brought us all closer to humanity, and Bourne within our hearts is the kindness for these kids. This experience has indeed made us a much better people. Everyone deserves to love and affection. Everyone needs to be cared for. In this institution, those very grounds are met every day. So I salute the efforts of teachers who teach here. To the interns who’ve worked here. God bless you, people. And God bless these kids.

I shall conclude my speech now. I’m sorry if it got too dry. Have a nice day, everyone 🙂

Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase

Want to request a discount? or write a reply to the discount request letter? Sample Letters available to request a discount from the supplier, seller, or distributor for the company, office, school, client, vendor, etc.

Requesting Price Discount to Place Order

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to request a price discount for (product name, or material name) as we want to place an order soon. I know your price is already competitive in the market but keeping in mind our long-term business relationship, please add a discount of a minimum of $2 per unit. I am waiting to place an order with your kind approval.

Thank you,

(Your Name)

Request Letter for Discount on Bulk Order


With reference to the subject RFQ; Please send an updated price list for the enclosed/ attached new requirement with regards to the following notes:
– Item 3,14,22,30,40 and Item 26,27,38.

We are very interested in making a purc­hase. We will appreciate it if you can send us the price of one unit, as well as discounts on bulk orders with the freight cost to (place of delivery).

Appreciate your quick response at the earliest.

With Best Regards,

Your Name

Requesting Price Discount from Company

Dear CEO,

I hope you are doing well, and thank you for your call regarding our discussion about the (name of your product, like ceramic tiles), quality, and pricing. I am highly interested in placing an immediate order. But I request you for a favor to please give us some more discount to place this order by today. I am looking for your response asap.

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

Sample Letter Requesting Discount Price from Supplier (Review of Current Price)

Dear Supplier,

I want to request a discount because your competitors are approaching us with lower rates of sample quality material. As we are in contract for material supply, I request you to please review the price for (mention the material name).

Keeping in mind the company’s terms with you, we require a reasonable discount on the supply to cope with the current market pricing on our goods. Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if you regard us with this discount.

Sincerely Yours,

Production Manager

Letter for Requesting Discount from Supplier (long relationship with supplier)

Dear Sir,

Keeping in view the long relationship, I request a discount on the recent order of (mention your order here). Let us close the deal with good terms. Doing so will enhance the business relationship between our companies.

I hope you accept this request. I shall be very thankful for such a great favor. I thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Discount Request Letter to Supplier

Letter to the partner company requesting it to offer some discount at the end of the year based on the good long relation

Dear Manager,

I am writing on behalf of the finance department of Nestle Products. Coca-Cola and Nestle have attained quite an excellent client-customer relationship since the start. We are using your products for five years.

Keeping in view the past long experience, and history that we share, you are requested to issue us a discount on all the orders made in last month of this year. This year is about to end, so let us enclose it with good terms. Doing so will enhance the business relationship between the two firms, and Nestle will look forward to continuing to use your products by the renovation of the contract, which will expire at the end of this year. It will have a lot of other benefits as well.

The company’s combined sales will increase as we would manufacture many products at the same price. Therefore, we are looking forward to accepting this end year discount request.

I hope I have convinced you enough to accept this end year discount request. I shall be very thankful on Nestle’s behalf for such a great favor. I thank you in advance.

Yours truly,

Purchase Manager

Response Letter to Request for Discount

The Purchase Officer
Dear Concerned,

This letter is in response to your request for a discount on the fiber costs. We regretfully state that we have provided the raw materials of premium quality at competitive market rates to our valuable customers and suppliers since 1980. We assure you of the least possible pricing and rates for our material and services. Being customers, we offer quality and price both in your interest as it is our competitive advantage.

Yours Sincerely

Sales Team

Discount Request Letter

Subject: Discount Request Letter

Dear Sir,

We from the “Company” would like to personally thank you for your donations and your support from which our company is thriving. On the 10th of July (Date), a bake sale will occur in the Defence branch. We are requesting our generous donors to provide us with your various products for the bake sale.

Unfortunately, as the “Company” is a charitable organization dependent on the funds and donations from various donors, we may not buy the products to be used in the bake sale due to the high costs.

So we thereby request you, our generous donors, to provide us with the products to be used in the bake sale for free, or at least at subsidized rates and prices. We are very much grateful for your continuous support and dedication. I shall be personally available at all times if you need any information or assistance regarding this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name and Signature

Discount Request Letter Template of Purchase

Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal of Design, website, business model, or any new idea for approval from the company with proposal development timeline.

Letter for Sending Business Proposal

Nimra Asad

Manager Development
Guardian Properties
East London
United Kingdom

Subject: Proposal of Design

Dear Mirza Athar Baig,

I hope you are fine and will have a good tour of Dubai. As per our telephonic conversation, I am sending you one design proposal. This is just a structure and needs a lot of finishing work with your coordination. I make this web structure to fulfill all present/future needs, and dummy text/images are used. After the approval of the structure, the development and design work will be started, which will take a minimum of 20 working days to complete.

This design includes only one main image[ basically, that will be a slide show]. Please visit this link at, and comment about the design and structure. This design is also suitable for Guardian Properties website. This structure is straightforward to manage/edit/change without going to any complications.

I also request you to give your suggestions for any changes in layout or full design. After your reply, I will prepare a new design if needed.

Best Regards,

Minahil Sami

How to Write a Business Proposal to Companies

The CEO,
Generix Corporation.

Subject: Proposal for Business Venture

Dear Mr. Iftkhar,

I hope that you are fine. Let me introduce myself; I am M. Usman Zaka; we met at an international science Exp. Mr. Ali introduced us, the Organizer of the event when I presented my 180% more efficient radiator design prototype. You promised to invest in my project and help me commercialize my idea.

I have modified some parts of the ventilation system, which increased the efficiency by 40 percent, aggregating the efficiency to 220% than the conventional design.

I have attached the joint venture’s business plan for your kind consideration, and I would be honored to work with your company and launch my breakthrough product under the name of your company.

I will wait for your response.



Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company

Sample Event Summary for Internship Program Ceremony

Below is an example of an event report that was organized for internship guidance. Many universities participated so that their students can secure the top spot. Overall the whole event was a raging success.

Internship  Event Summary Report

A great inauguration ceremony of the internship program was held at AH Foundation on (Date) in the main seminar hall of RSI. The chief guest of the ceremony was Syed Rehan Gillani, Chief Executive Guardian International, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Samin Mir. President of RSE & WS Dr. Abdul Tawab Khan, Vice President Mehmood Ahmad, Finance Secretary Col(r) Saleem Raza Khan were also present in the ceremony. The audience comprises 145 volunteers from various Institutions such as Aitchison College, LUMS, Beaconhouse, City School, Lahore ALMA, LACAS, SICAS, LGS, DPS, College of Home Economics, Kinnaird College who participated in the Internship Program.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a presentation by Dr. Abdul Tawab on the various types of Intellectually Impaired children. Then, he gave a thought-provoking speech describing the challenges mentally disabled children face daily and enlightened us with the success stories of RSI.

The ceremony further proceeded by showing two documentaries to raise awareness about special children to the younger generation. Finally, the ceremony ended with a speech given by the honorable chief guest Syed Rehman Gillan who expressed his support and appreciation for RSI for their relentless efforts towards this noble cause.

Sample Event Summary Organized For Internship Program

In Summer Vacations, Punjab Revenue Authority held an internship for Secondary School Students. The internship was about the tax system in our country and the problems that arose from it. It was a twelve days internship that was divided into 3 phases. In the first phase, all the interns attended sessions to learn about the whole tax collection procedure; the authorities present its distribution and slideshows and lectures from the authorities. At the end of the internship time, a question-answer session was held.

After ensuring that all the interns have gotten basic knowledge about Taxation, we moved to the second phase. In this first, they told us about how some Restaurants collect tax from the customers but do not forward it to the government. Then, they told us about the new system introduced, which was known as “RIMS,” and how very few people know about it. In the next part, we had to visit popular malls and places where we can target many audiences and distribute brochures of RIMS along with some basic guidance. This was an interesting part, and I very once enjoyed it.

During the last phase, we made advertisements for further awareness and wrote reports on our experience and its benefits. Finally, this internship ended with a Ceremony where certificates were distributed along with a very yummy dinner.

Request Letter for Admission to School Principal

Sample Request Letter for Admission to School Principal for a pre-school, special school, Prep school, and nursery school. You can use this request letter to the college principal or admission to the university. Samples are available written by parents and by the students themselves.

Request Letter to School Principal for Admission After You Failed in the Admission Test by the Parent

Dear Principal,

My child (name of child) could not get admission to your school because he failed the admission test. Definitely, your school is commendable but my child was not completely healthy on the day of the test. But he is very much motivated to study in your school.

I request you to give admission to my child to your school. I assure you that he will not disappoint you at all in his studies. I hope you will accept my request.

Warm Regards,

Your Name as Parent

School Admission Request Letter Sample (Request to Apprear in Entry Test by Parent)

Dear Principal,

I am (Your name) writing to request you for my beloved child in your school. Fortunately, the quality education of your school is nearest to my home and affordable. My little boy is quite intelligent and already learned the basics of pre-school. Therefore, please give him a chance to appear in your school admission tests in the coming week. I assure you that my child will qualify for admission.

I will request you to please give my little boy a chance at quality education provided by your school.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Letter to School Principal for Admission by the Mother

Dear Principal,

Respectfully, I, (Your Name), mother of (student name), request you humbly enroll my daughter for the upcoming enrollment of the session from fall (Date) To (Date). I have selected your institute out of many options because I have discussed with people and found that your institute is the best one for the kind of child my daughter is.

She is capable and possesses all the qualities that your institute seeks. Under your supervision, I hope the teachers and staff will groom my daughter to be a competent person in every field of life. I am looking forward to having a hearing from you.

Thank you,

Your Name

School Admission Request Letter For Special Child with Special Needs


Subject: Request Letter for Admission of Special Child

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a father of a little boy (Special Child) Mohsin Ahsan, aged: 14 years, already underwent general school system in Multan, and as I am not satisfied with the current education system, therefore, I have searched a lot for his better education.

Fortunately, I have found your reference and will be very grateful if you can please consider my son being your Institute Name and City student.

Would you please let us know about your way of your respected intake?

Best regards,

Mr. Shahzad Ahmed

Request Letter for Admission in College

The principal,
College of Interior Designing,
Boston, America

Subject: Admission Application as an Overseas Student

Dear Sir,

Through the facility of internet, I have come to know that your university is giving opportunities for study to overseas students. I got impressed by your given criteria of admission. That is simple to follow, and fulfill.

Thus, I am writing to you this application for getting admission to your university. Recently I have done B.S Honors in home economics with a CGPA of 3.38 out of 4 from Lahore College University for Women Lahore, Pakistan. And now I want to do M.S in interior design. To be an interior designer is my passion. I will prove myself as a devoted, committed, and hardworking student.

My humble request is that please consider my application for admission purposes as all the necessary documents are attached with this application for your convenience.

I am waiting for your positive response from your side. I will be very thankful to you if you consider me on your merit list for admission.

Thanks, and regards

Your Name

Letter to School for Admission by an Immigrant

The Principal, M H high School, UK

Dear sir,

With due respect, I beg to say that we have recently shifted from Thailand to the UK. To continue my children’s studies, I have considered your school due to its high reputation and quality education. I am, Therefore, attaching documents related to immigration and my previous academic record. I shall be really thankful. I will be looking forward to your response.

Yours truly,

Mr. Yaun Chi

Request Letter for Admission to School Principal

Condolence Letter For Death of Father, or Mother

Condolence Letter For Death of Father, or Mother, Parents death, loss of a wife, death of mother in law, father in law, loss of father, or mother.

Condolence Letter on Death of Father

Dear Friend,

I heard the news of your father’s death; I was really shocked to hear this news. I was aware that your father had cancer, but I didn’t know about his critical condition for the last few days. I know that it’s a hard time for you and your family. You have all of my sympathies. You have to be strong for this time. If anything you need from my side, you are always welcome.


Letter for Grieving Friend on Death of Mother

London, UK,

Dear Johnny,

I hope you are fine. I am despondent to hear about the demise of your mother. It is unfortunate news indeed, which Joshua told me yesterday. I was in a state of utter shock. But I want to say that you should not lose hope and not grieve further so that you can take care of the rest of the family members.

May all your family get stabled soon, and may the dead rest in peace. Pay my condolences to all at home.

Your friend

Sample Condolence Letter Format

Subject: Condolence Letter For Death of Father

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was almost shocking to hear the sad demise of your Mother/Father. Although this is Allah`s will ordain in his laws, and indeed a sad reality of life. We accept it with a heavy heart as we all have to pass through this phase.

We are left with no alternative at Such tragic moments but to bow to Almighty`s will and seek his mercy and blessing for our dear departed souls. May Allah, the most beneficent grant you, and all your family endurance to bear this tragic loss and reward you for your patience that he has promised.

We are by your side in this time of grief.

With kind regards,

Your Name and Signatures
Letter to Mention

Condolences to a Friend on the Death of his Mother

and Advising him for his good

Dear friend,

I am really shocked to hear about the death of your mother. How are you keeping after that? I know that it is a very tragic event that has shocked all of us. She was a very kind and pleasant lady. I still have got an image of the good memories of childhood which we have spent together. Throughout my entire life, she had been very kind and generous.

Dear friend, every person has to meet their maker one day or another. Your mother had a natural death which shows that she did not suffer from the long severe pain from which now a day’s people suffer.

Friend, I would like to advise you to keep your patience. Patience is the key to get through such a sad and tragic event. I know it is a very gloomy moment for you; even I became sad after hearing this shocking news. May her soul rest in peace, and may his status be among the pious ones in paradise.

My sincere condolences to you for such a sad event. Just keep your patience. Being the family’s elder son, it is your duty now to remain strong; otherwise, it would hurt her soul.

I will pray for her.

Yours sincerely,

Condolence Letter in Email, and Mobile SMS

I really condolence the sad demise of [name] wife/husband/son/daughter of [name] director of [company]

May Almighty Allah give courage and patience to the bereaved family to bear his/her loss.

May his/her soul rest in peace.


Condolence to my player who lost a parent

To: Benjamin Jesse
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Dear Benjamin,
I have recently heard the news of the passing of your late mother. I wanted to express my condolences to you on your tragic loss.
We are all here for you, and if you need anything, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Take as much time as you need away from the team, and whenever you are ready to return, we will welcome you with open arms. We consider you part of our family, and we will always be here for you.

Please take care,
Coach Dundy
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Condolence Letter on Death of Father