Request Letters

How We Spend Your Donation

An explanation letter to donor that how we spend donations to get more donation from the donor. Donation Request Letter for School Dear Ms. Sajida Sharif, Thank you very much for you call regarding information about donation/zakat spending at AH Foundation. I am very happy to write this email because only few people ask about […]

Recommendation Letters Reports

Assessment Report Special Education Sample

Sample evaluation report special education. Full and individual evaluation sample. Report comments for special needs students. Assessment report sample format. Sample assessment report for students. Assessment Report Special Education Assessment Report Personal Data Child’s Name: Arham Date of Birth: Sex: Male Father’s Name: Aamir Mother’s Name: Present Address: Examining Psychologist: Date of Assessment: 14-09-20XX to 26-09-20XX Phone No: Reason for Referral Arham was referred for comprehensive […]