Sample Letter To Principal For Season Appropriate Uniform


Below are the sample letters that can be used by students, or staff to send principals of schools to update school uniform policy to minus the risk of ongoing viruses as a precautionary measures with ever changing season.

Recommendation Letter For an Appropriate School Uniform


The principal, Heritage grammar school

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you regarding the student uniform.As you know that Dengue virus is increasing rapidly, and it is mostly attacking the students as they play in ground, and do not bother to cover their selves properly. It would be a great initiative if we make changes in the uniform of the student.  We can replace the half sleeves shirts with full sleeves, and shorts of the junior boys with pants. In this way they can be protected. Parents will also appreciate this step as they want their kids to be safe. We can apply this rule as soon as summer holidays are over. I am looking forward to you response as soon as possible so we can place the order at stitching unit. Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Raza Shah

Sample Letter to Principal for Season Appropriate Uniform


The Principal,

ABC School System,

North Carolina.


Application to Change of students’ uniform due to early arrival of winter season


Honorable Madam,

As we can see the drastic change in season caused by the heavy rain fall since two weeks, winter has arrived earlier than its usual course of time. Because of this, it has become necessary to make proper changes to the uniform of students so that they may not suffer from flue, or fewer. It will help students to maintain, and improve their performance in school.

Therefore, you are dearly requested to issue instructions to make necessary changes in uniform of students.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Clyde

Father of Tania Clyde (Student of 6th Grade: Roll No. xx)

Sample Letter To Dean For Season Appropriate Attire

 Respected Principal,

As Head Girl O level, I would like to discuss an issue with you regarding school uniform. As we live in Pakistan so we have to go through both summer, and winter weather. At some point, both of these weathers go to its peak. Unfortunately, our school uniform doesn’t help with the scorching sun, and burning weather when summer is at its peak. Just like this, during winters the sweaters of school are not enough to make the weather bearable. This is an issue which is usually ignored by most of students, and I myself have been ignorant of it till now because I think we should definitely do something about it instead of just ignoring it. I would like to request to change our uniforms cloth type to whatever is appropriate to the season along with a thick, or insulating sweaters, and coats for winters.  This would eliminate the threat of sickness to children of junior classes, and everyone would feel comfortable along with a better concentration during classes. I am looking forward to a very positive response from you.


Best Regards;

Bint-e- Zainab

Speech on International Literacy Day


This speech can be used by anyone who is preparing for a speech on importance of education to share with a either a school, or university.

Speech on Literacy, and Its Importance

Respected Mr. President, and my dear fellows, today I am on this stage to share my thoughts with you. There is one word which instigates many of us almost all the time. That is “curiosity” curiosity to know the unknown, curiosity to discover that is uncovered yet, curiosity to share what you have learned. This curiosity takes human being from grounds to sky. This curiosity distinguishes us from all other creatures, and makes us superior. Seeking knowledge satisfies this curiosity. What we do when we get knowledge? We satisfy our mind which is full of questions. The power of learning, reading, and writing is the ultimate weapon of human being, and is the only way to survive in this global village, and to be in the race of diversity.  A single pen can do that a sword cannot do. Knowledge is like a river, and anyone can satisfy the thirst of learning from it. If we talk about the society today then it can be stated that success is in the hands of an educated person only.

Lack of education not only takes you away from the success, and from the educated community of society but also through you in the darkness of superstitions, and takes you away from the reality, and not only this but also affect your social, personal life. People start believing unrealistic things, and then act accordingly without analyzing what is wrong, and what is right. Education tells you the difference between the wrong, and the right. Education should be given regardless of gender. One more draw back of the society is that it is believed that education is confined to male gender. No, it is not. Once a wise man said, that only educated mothers can raise an educated family, if the mother is ill literate that their whole family is going to suffer the darker side.  There are many societies working for women education, and creating awareness in the society especially in the ruler areas where women are still being treated in inhumane way. On this international literacy day I would like to spread the awareness of getting education, and to see the right path for you, and for your upcoming generation. Thank you so much

Circular for School Holidays


How; to write circular for staff, students, and parents

Circular for Summer Vacations

To all staff, students, and parents

I am writing to you all because I would like to make a few announcement. I would like to start by saying congratulations to all the year eleven’s who have finally completed all their exams, and to all the New Year seven students who have made it into this school.  As some of the staff, and students have noticed we have started construction on the west side of the school. This side contains the science building, and we are going to have all new equipment, and class rooms.

This is down to the government giving us the extra funding that we needed to upgrade. The construction is being planned to finish by the time the school will reopen for the next year to begin. This will begin in the new school year, and will take place by communicating, and cooperating with the other schools nearby. The objective will be for a bunch of students, and staff to swap schools, and see the teaching techniques, and swap information.

It will be for a week at a time, and each week it will be different people so that everyone can get the chance, and experience. So in the next year we as a school have a lot to look forward to. So again congratulation to the year eleven’s, and take care we will miss you. I will see all the students, and staff for the new school year starting in September. Have a nice summer holidays.

Yours sincerely,

School head teacher

Application for Clearance of Hostel Dues, and Security


Sir I want a application for clearance, and deduction of security money of my hostel. Sir this point must be included in the application. Application can be written by parents. 1. That I was deposited a security money at time of hostel admission My son left the hostel, and shifted to another place due to some financial problem unable to pay the hostel fee. 2. I hereby agree to abide by the rules, and regulation of the college by my son then I will liable to pay the fee as per payment declared by institute, in case my son found violating any the rules, and found guilty.

Dear hostel manager
I am writing to you because I would like to make an application for clearance, and deduction of security money for my hostel booking. I made a booking on behalf of my son, and I made a security deposit. My son has recently left the hostel due to some financial issues, and not being able to pay the hostel fee. I would also like to say that I do agree, and stand by the rules, and regulation of the college by my son, and I will be held responsible to pay all the fees as per each payment by the institute if in case my son is caught violating any of the rules, and is found guilty. Due to my son leaving the hostel I would like my security deposit back. I hope that you will grant me this, and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards
Mr. Lance Tiger

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men


Format of debate on barrier to women’s advancement Vs Men. What are the challenges that are faced by men, and what are the hurdles that women face in their professional career.

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

As a principal speaker in an inter-collegiate debate, write your contribution for, or against the motion; “Women do not have as good a chance as men as succeeding in life”

This world is ruling by men. Women do not have a good chance as men for succeeding in life. Elaborating it, when we want to decide something we always prefer the decision taken by a man. Whether we are living in America, or in third world countries we always give preference to men. No woman in America ever became president, and ruled the country.

Talking about Pakistan, whenever a woman says that she want to get education,  56% of the families refuse her request, and the rest of it admit them to schools just for status. The illiteracy rate in Pakistan is higher than the literacy rate because the men here still thinks that women cannot do anything, she is only for house hold jobs.

Men are responsible for this they cannot even see women successful in lives. If we talk about single mother if they do jobs for their earning they face a lot of problems, and difficulties, just because of men

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

The barriers that women face in terms of advancement towards men are sickening. Women are treated like objects, and most women do not even come forward if they are harassed, or assaulted in fear of ruining their family’s reputation, the fact that the police will not care, or they will blame the woman instead.

This is the sad state of affairs in our country. Women do not have equal opportunities in this country, and we are falling behind. With the rise of feminism in other countries, we are still stuck in the same mindset that a woman should stay home, and cook, and clean. Women get high level degrees only to have them wasted because they are forced to work at home. For jobs, men are chosen as preference over women. Extremely few women work in the parliament, and government.

These issues are commonplace. The worst part of it is, our superiors, and authorities are actively participating in these horrible actions. They pay the police to turn a blind eye. People with money are able to get away with harassing, and assaulting women because their families’ are powerful. This is a severe issue that must be investigated, and exposed.

This is the kind of activism we need in our society; something that awakens a revolution among us. Something that tears down the walls of everything we know, and allows Pakistan to progress. We cannot ignore issues that affect half of our population. I believe all humans want to leave a legacy behind, and this could be your legacy.  You, the editor, could be known as the person who has exposed crimes against woman by high-level officials as the next Watergate, or Panama Papers. You could leave a legacy behind, and be known as a hero for women in Pakistan. Think about what you want, and think about what is right.


 It is an acknowledged fact that women have always tried to walk pace to pace with the men either by hook, or crook. They have most of the time, tried not to sit within the four walls of the house, and enjoy the meals earned by the men. That specifically, and more appropriately goes for the well educated, and responsible women of our society.  These women have despite of all the efforts they do to enhance the shape of the society, become a target of criticism, and are often bullied by the so called influential men of the society. There are many barriers facing women in our society. First of all the nuisance of the notion that a woman must stay at home, and cook for the family members discourages the inner lying paradigm of action, and strength in a woman. Secondly there are families which still believe, and  implement that a woman must be covered in many layers of a veil before she steps out of the house. They fail to understand that a woman is in all aspects equal to men, she can learn, and earn for the family, and her gender must not be a barrier for her in any way. Another important aspect of this situation is that the men would not allow their women to step out of the house because their advancement can be a trouble for their dignity. Such a thought in our modern day society is such a shame for the entire nation. Jane Topkins, a famous author, once said in her novel ‘Me, and my Shadows” that  “It enrages me how women are used as extensions to men, devices to show men off, devices to help men get what they want. They are never there in their own rights.” Thus in order to make the women advancement a possible phenomenon all what one requires is to mend, and enhance the thinking of the society altogether. Another debatable aspect is that it is not always the men who bring shame to the concept of women empowerment. Often we see women round shaming, and bashing other women down. We would hear an old lady in the town coming up with a stance for her next door neighbor that ‘How shameless is she who has got kids, and a household to look after, and she goes out to earn, what a stain on her man’s dignity”. Such heart wrenching comments from the women for the women have made our society look decrepit enough. It would be a better, and peaceful society if women are treated on an equal standard to men, both in private, and public spheres

Application to Deduct Hostel Fees from College Fees


Application for deduction of hostel fees which the college has added in my annual fees by mistake. Hostel fee is added in College fee mistakenly.

Application for Correction in College Fees

Dear Great Yarmouth College principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to submit an application for deduction of hostel fees that you have added into my annual fees.  As you know I have to pay the college my tuition fee annually. I have recently had a letter delivered to me with all of the cost I have to pay by the end of next month. I am shocked at the fees as normally they are lower, and when I saw why it is more, and usual I know why.

You have added my hostel fees, By mistake. I don’t know why they have been added but I hope that it was by mistake, and that you can fix it before I have to pay. I hope that you can sort this out, and I look forward to hearing back your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Abigail Rosaline

Application to Deduct Hostel Fees from College Fees

To the respected principal, Scott Williams of Wagner College:

We, the students of Wagner College, have collectively written this letter over a grievance we have been facing at Wagner College.

Firstly, we are very grateful to attend this college, and we are fortunate to have the greatest teachers, and facilities in the district. Wagner College is an excellent institution, and we could not be more proud of our institution.

The grievance that we are writing about is that we have noticed that hostel fees are a requirement to pay for all students, regardless of whether they are living in a hostel, or not. Respectfully, we do not think this is fair. We are students with limited budgets, and we should not be required to pay for a facility that we have no part of. We pay a large amount of college fees per year, and many of us are living within the city. This is a major inconvenience for the students who live within the city, and do not require a hostel.

We believe that the students that live in hostels should be required to pay this fee, and not students that already live in the city. Besides this, we have no other issues.

We are very proud students of this college, and we only complain of grievances in order to create a better environment for everyone who is not only currently attending, but for students who will attend in the future as well.

We believe this is a fair complaint, and we hope that you will deduct the hostel fees from our overall college fees for students that do not live in hostels.


Students of Wagner College

Application to Deduct Hostel Fees from College Fees

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I had been living in the college hostel from the start of year but moved out last month. I sent the email to inform the administration about it which was acknowledged.

Yesterday, I received fee notification, and the hostel fee was still added in the college fee. I think there is some sort of misunderstanding. I request to you please look into the issue, and generate the corrected fee circular. I have attached letter of approval for leaving the hostel, and my fee circular so you may confirm the information provided above. You may contact me for further clarification.I would be very grateful to you if you solve this issue of mine before fee submission due date.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

Year 1

Contact ______

Application to Deduct Hostel Fees from College Fees

Respected Principal,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to you with a sincere request to please deduct the hostel fees from my college fees. As you know, that the college tuition fee is already very expensive, and the hostel fee only adds to my expenses. I support myself through a part time job, and pay the tuition fee, and my father pays for my hostel fee. However, my father has fell very ill, and his business is not doing well either. There is no one back home who can take care of the business, and our family’s financial instability has hit its peak. It is my humble request to please provide an exception for me, and ease my burden.

I hope you will acknowledge my situation, and deduct my hostel fees.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Year 11

Sample Letter of Request for Study Sponsorship


Construct my letter asking the hospital to sponsor me for further study. Sponsorship letter for school fees. sample proposal for employer to pay for education.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance for Medical Education

Dear hospital manager

I am writing to you because I would like to make a request that you sponsor me for further studying at this hospital. I have been studying at the hospital for two years to become a doctor. I am very good at learning, and handing all of my assignments on time. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I wouldn’t be able to afford to keep studying at the hospital. This is because my mum, and dad recently split up, and they can’t afford to pay for my tuition fees anymore. I love studying at the hospital, and I am very determined to become a doctor as this has been my dream for so long.

I love to help people, and I know that if I could just finish my studies here at the hospital then I will become a very successful doctor, and I would be able to help many people. That is why I would like it if you would be able to sponsor me so that I can continue my studies, and not let the past six years of my life go down the drain. I hope that you would grant me this as it would mean a lot to me. I do look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely

Miss. Ingrid Gretel

Application for Sponsorship of My Higher Education

Name of the NGO

Respected MR/MRS!

Hope you find this in good health. Recently I have seen your advertisement to sponsor deserving students’ higher education if they can convince you through letter of interest, and their transcripts. I have done my matriculation from a government school as my father died when I was two years old, and my mother could not afford to send me to private school.

Government schools are usually not made to create doctors, and engineers, the poor people send their children to this school so that they don’t waste their time running around in the streets. Despite all the hardships I had faced in my school life I managed to score 95% in my matriculation exams, topping in my school. I was also good in debating, and I have won many interschool competitions debate championships.

Now it is time to enroll in the intermediate, and many institutes have such higher fees, even with the scholarship I do not have enough money to buy the books, and all the other necessities. I have attached a photocopy of my transcript, and certificates of my extracurricular activities. Hope you found me worthy of your attention.



Application for Sponsorship  in Education

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can request you to please help me. Sir the problem is that I am facing some financial issues, as you know my father died two months ago in a car accident, and I am the elder son, my mother is a house wife, and my siblings are too young, they cannot do   any kind of job, government are supporting us only for our food, and shelter, but I want them to support in getting my higher education, so that I can have degree, and can do job in future, and earn money for my family. I want to do MBBA, and it would be great if you support me in getting admission too.

Please Sir Help me I am in big trouble your one act of kindness will save 4 lives, and this will give them a better living standard too.

Please consider my application.
Hope you will help me.


Majid amjad

Application to Participate in Art Competition


Write a letter to your principal seeking permission to take part in inter school art competition.

Application to Participate in Inter School Art Competition

The Principal,
Convent of Jesus & Mary, Davis Rd

Respected Madam,

With all due regards , I am, Arts teacher Ms Qandeel Baloch, submitting an application seeking your permission on behalf of the Senior Section Students to take part in Inter school art competition to be held in May (Date).

I would like to bring to your kind notice that previously our school has won quite a few appreciation prizes, and certificates in Art competitions in Months of May, November, January, September, and January. Students take not only great interest in participating in these Art competitions but their thirst for Art is also quenched. They feel morally motivated, and this has also passed a refreshing energy to their mind, and souls. Students participating in these contests also keep up their academic records, and their parents are appreciating their participation in such healthy school activities.

Mam, with your kind permission to peruse this Art Competition, will also lead our school in co-curricular activities among other schools, and also add publicity, and fame to our School.

We request your kind approval, and heartily prayers for our success.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Qandeel Baloch
School Arts Head

Letter Requesting Donation For School


Sample letter requesting financial assistance for school. Sample letter requesting funds. How to write a letter requesting funding for school? Sample donation request letter for school building.

Letter Requesting Donation for School



DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Sun Institute being a prestigious institute known for training, educating, and grooming special children requires your generous attention in the form of a donation. Your donation, and help can bring smile to millions of faces helping them to lead a good life in the premises of Sun Institute.

The amount of donation in Sun Institute starts from Rs. 5,000, and can vary depending upon how much you want to help, or support the noble cause. The donation will be used in educating, and fulfilling all the basic needs of the special children. Your support will be highly appreciated, and we look forward to strengthen our relationship with you.



Letter Requesting Funding For School

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I’m writing this on behalf of my school Government Public High School for Girls which is situated in the backward area of Punjab. This is the only school for girls in our area, and the girls are in large strength. I am a student of 10th standard, and I have spent ten pleasant years of my life here when the environment was very clean, tidy, and healthy for the students.

Everyone was playing their role very well weather they were teachers, principal, or the students. Teachers do pay some more attention to the extracurricular activities so the students could remain healthy, and will be able to perform well in their particular domain but now it’s being very difficult to see the condition of all the students, and even the faculty because they are suffering with very low budget.

We are facing really serious problems like teachers are leaving as they are not getting their pays, food with the good quality is not serving, the walls of the classrooms are dirty as hell, and seats filled with dirt, sweepers are not there, the play grounds shows the look of some garbage area. The reason of telling you all this is to request you to grant us, and our management some funds, so our management could be able to raise that shine again which was actually our mark like the old times. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Appeal Letter for Changing Course


How can I write a letter about changing course to another course in school, college, or university? Example of appeal letter for changing course. Application for department change in the university. Sample appeal letter to change course. Letter of intent for shifting course sample.

Application for Change of Subject in College

Dear principle

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss some other course options for me. I am on the uniformed Services course, but I would like to change to a different one as I am not liking this one, or enjoying it. If there is space on the law, and order course, then that is the course that I think I would enjoy more, and I think that is the better choice for me. I would much appreciate it if you could help me change course. I do look forward to your response

kind regards


Request Letter for Changing Course in University

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter for the permission of course change. As I am studying Computer sciences for the last 1 year, and continuously, my GPA is Decreasing, and the studies are getting difficult for me. I request you to please allow me to change my course from Computer science to media studies, as I am interested in that, and the studies there are a bit easier than CS for me. Please allow me to change of subject letter so that I can further continue the procedure.



Numan Doger