Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects


Format of request letter to send to your principal/ supervisor/ headmaster, and telling them how you need to rejoin a selective class, or subject which you have previously dropped due to change of interest, or any other reason.

Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects

 Respected Head Master,

With due respect, I sent this application to request you for rejoining the classes of Biology subject. When I joined the school for my A level, I chose Biology as one of my subject, however, with time I lost my interest in biology, and dropped it thinking that it will not necessary for the career which I want to pursue. Just yesterday, I found out that biology is required, at least of AS Level, to get into the program in which I am planning to apply so I will have to re-pick the subject.

I assure you that with the help of peers, I will cover the entire missed course, and will hard to keep my grade up. Kindly approve my application as soon as possible so I do not miss any more of the syllabus. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Ali

A level year 1

Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects

Respected Principal,

With all due respect, I am writing this application with a request to please allow me to rejoin some classes of particular subjects that I want to. Recently, my family’s business has not been doing very well, and our financial instability has hit its peak. I had dropped out of some of my classes to focus on the business, and to help my parents out by lifting some of the burden off their shoulders. The business is now in a stable condition, and I request you to please let me rejoin the classes I want to. I have always been a good student, and I am willing to learn. You may check my previous academic records as well.

I hope you will understand my situation, and allow me to rejoin some classes.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Year 10

Request to Change Compulsory Subject


Format to send an application to your principal, and tell him/her that you not studied Hindi for a day in your life, and it will not be possible for you to study it as a compulsory subject. Please make an exception for your this requirement.

Change my compulsory Hindi subject as I cannot study Hindi. And I have never studied it before

To: Principal Bains
Chandigarh Secondary School
Chandigarh, India

I am a new student at your secondary school in Chandigarh. I have recently migrated here from the UK, and I am enjoying my time here very much.

I would like to complain of an issue I have been facing. I noticed that in my daily timetable, we have a compulsory Hindi subject. This is a major issue for me as I have grown up in the UK and I have never studied Hindi at all, even at the basic level. These Hindi classes are advanced, and there is no possible way that I can study them, especially without learning the basics.

I respectfully ask that you change my compulsory Hindi subject to a different one. I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks,

Deepak Arora