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Application for Subject Change by Teacher

Sample request letter by teacher to principal for change of teaching subjects because of educational background, specialization in a particular subject. Sample application for change of subject in college, school or university by the teacher, lecturer or professor.

Application for Change of Subject by Teacher

Respected Principal,

With due honour, it is being stated that I am Ms Rabia Zulfiqar, serving as senior teacher in your school for three years. For this span of time, I have been teaching the subjects of English and Maths in grade 6 and 7. I have been performing well in the subjects coaching. But in the new designed time table, Urdu, Islamic Studies and Social Studies have been assigned to me.

I want to let you know that I am not comfortable with these subjects at all. Keeping in mind the stated reason, I request you to change the subjects allocated to me in my time table as I don’t have professional skills to teach these subjects. Looking forward to your positive hearing.

Thank you,

Rabia Zulfiqar

Application for Subject Change by Teacher
Application for Subject Change by Teacher

The Principal,
Glasgow Model School.

Dear Sir,

Application for Subject Change by Teacher

Further to my verbal discussion on the subject matter today morning, I wish to inform you in writing that I have been graduated with the subject of Mathematics Pure & Applied with distinction from Oxford University.

As you know, I have been appointed as a Science Teacher in your school. Unfortunately the subjects for whom I am supposed to teach are irrelevant to my studies and experience. It is creating a lot of difficulties for me and my students.

You are therefore requested to please give approval for the change of my subject and direct course coordinator to assign me Mathematics for teaching.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Anton Chekhov

Application for Subject Change by Teacher

The Principal,
National School System,
May 18,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I am working as a science teacher in national school system. I have completed my graduation with mathematics as a major subject but I am assigned to teach classes of general science. Although, I have good command on this subject but I would feel convenience, if I may be allowed to teach subject of mathematics. Mathematics is my subject of teaching and also field of interest. I can teach mathematics to students adeptly and in better way.

Yours Obediently,

Henrik Ibsen


Application For Change of Subjects in University, College or School

Application For Change of Subjects in University, College or School for any reason. Application letter to request the change of subjects you chosen at the time of admission or semester start.

Application for Change of Subjects in University

Mr. Kamran Sheikh
Lahore School of Economics

Sir, I am Vikram Patel and I am a student of Bachelors in Business Administration batch of XXXX at your prestigious university. We were been informed that the option to choose any major subject would be allowed in the 3rd semester and I chose Marketing.

However, I have been wrongly guided and realized that I am not suitable for this field. I wish to change my major subject from Marketing to Finance. I have great interest in accounting knowledge and I can excel in this field. I hope you will accept my request and allow me to change my subjects. Thank you for your kind attitude.

Yours sincerely,

Vikram Patel
Roll No. 12, Section C

Request Letter to Change Subjects

Finance Director
ARSUN University
Johar Town

Subject: Application For Subjects Change   

Dear Sir,

With due respect .I am a student of Class VI ‘A’ in your school. I opted for Geography  as optional. I studied it for a couple of weeks and found that I am unable  to comprehend the subject well. I am not able to make it sense. I want change to where i can excel and succeed soon.

Therefore, I request you to change my subject from Geography  to Psychology. I have also sought permission from the subject teachers and they have granted me permission. They do not have any objections.

For this favour of yours, I shall ever remain grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Department of Management Sciences
ARSUN University

Application For Change of Subjects in University, College or School
Application For Change of Subjects in University, College or School

Application for Change of Subjects in College or School

The Principal,
Institution name,

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

Our session just started and that a couple of days ago I selected Biology as my main subject in matriculation. I have tried studying biology but I don’t feel like going further in this field. Even after trying so hard, my interest in this subject has not been developed, so I would like to change my selected subject Biology into Computer Science, It would be a great favor to me.