Speech on Success

This speech can be given by a student, professor, principal or anyone at any event in school, university or college or it might be given in regular assemblies. You may modify the sample according to your needs.

Speech on Success

Respected Principal, Worthy Professors and Dear Fellow Students!

Like each year, we have assembled here indeed to appreciate the yearly capacity of our school and today being the latest day of the festival we will have a great time including eating, moving, joyful making, and so forth. This day is even more significant for us as this is the first year for the last year understudies.

I have been allowed the chance to have the program this year and I am entirely energetic to address everybody as this might be my last collaboration with a significant number of you. All things considered, feelings separated, I might want to use this stage to impart a few mysteries of progress to all of you. So far progress for you should be to effectively finish the assignments on schedule, go to the talks, never miss classes, keep up required participation, give semester tests and obviously to reasonable well in the tests. In any case, life in all actuality is a greater ocean; in truth it’s a sea, which you should swim over. Here and there life may hit you as hard as a block does; yet don’t lose trust. Continuously accept that the individuals who don’t surrender can just meet the achievement at last. Yet, on the off chance that I request that you characterize achievement, a large number of you should state ‘its name, distinction, acknowledgment, enormous house, vehicle, fat bank balance, and so forth.’ But I would state, the translation of accomplishment may change from individual to individual. A definitive achievement is bliss and fulfillment. It’s significant that you seek after your enthusiasm and love. Try not to pursue other’s fantasy; rather pursue your objectives and dreams. For you are not another person; you have your personality and limit and work appropriately so as to make the genuine progress.

I can comprehend that a large number of you should not have chosen about your vocation objectives. Some of you may go for further examinations, some may join the corporate world and some of you may join your privately-run company. Every alternative would accompany its own prospects and difficulties. You should just focus on your exercises and should not envision the outcomes. Try not to get debilitated, on the off chance that you bomb at first, rather continue attempting. Keep in mind that your mix-ups give you important exercises at last and furthermore help you pick the correct way. We have found out about a few stories in our youth, for example, the ‘tale of insect, who attempts to ascend the mountain’ or ‘unwavering mindsets always win in the end’ and some more. The lesson of every one of these accounts is normal that you should continue attempting until you succeed and regardless of you are moderate yet on the off chance that you are enduring, you are surely going to win.

I won’t state that life is a race and you should beat others to win. Rather, you should attempt to remain grounded notwithstanding when you succeed. You folks are the eventual fate of our country; you should likewise attempt to satisfy your social duties so the cutting edge can pursue your strides. Today, we need individuals who are effective yet circumspect. You can present changes and get insurgency each field. So remain centered and pursue your adventure towards progress.

Much obliged to You!


Letter to Sister Congratulating her on her Success

Sample on how to write a congratulatory letter to your sister who has recently aced her examination and the results are clearly showing the hard=work that she has put in.

Letter to Sister Congratulating her on Excellent Exams Result

Dear Sister,
How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. I recently received word on the success of your MCAT. You scored one of the highest marks in the state! That is definitely an achievement worth celebrating! I couldn’t be more proud of you, sister.
I’m looking forward to celebrating with you and surprising you with something special when you return home for the break.

Congratulations again!

Letter to Sister Congratulating her

My dear sister Agatha,

I was looking at the merit list on the board of Boxford Academy the other day and I noticed your name on the list. Not only that, but you were one of the toppers of the entire class. I wanted to congratulate you on this amazing feat and success.

Our parents will be ecstatic to hear this, and I know you will continue to and always make our family proud.

Your brother; Martin Stewart

Congratulation letter for Promotion

Sample of Congratulatory Letter on Promotion in business or office by fellow well wisher colleague or friend of the man of the hour

Congratulatory Letter For Success


Mr. Sam jack, Media department

Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing this letter to pay my heartiest regards for your promotion. You have always been an inspiration and we have learnt a lot of things from you. You highly deserve the place where you are today at. Our company needs employees like you who work with full dedication and perform their job with full sincerity.

You have set an example for everyone here. I really hope that you will give your best and will make further progress in your life. It was a wonderful time working with you and out department will miss you.

I wish you all the very best for your upcoming life and May God bless you abundantly. Work hard and be an example for every single person working in this office. Thank you and best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Bran Wilson

Media department

Congratulation Letter for Promotion And Success

It gives me great pleasure and contentment to inform you that the company has decided to promote you from the post of [Junior accountant] to [Manager]. The company is pleased to see your performance and commitment towards your work. You are also awarded with a 20 percent increment in your salary along with travel allowances.

The decision will be effective from next week.

I congratulate you for your achievement and hope that you will continue in the same fashion.

Yours truly,

Bit e Zainab

Congratulation letter For Promotion

Dear Employee,

Hope you are doing well. I would like to congratulate you for being selected as one of the five employees who are promoted each year.

We have given you this opportunity on the basis of your hard work and excellent skills that make you stand out from the rest of your colleagues. We checked profiles of all the employees and selected the best ones. You should be proud of your accomplishment. You will be given a private office along with the raise in salary. I hope you will stand on our expectations and manage to exhibit the same qualities in the coming time too.

You will start working on this next post from 1st February 2018. I have attached a pdf file which contains all the details of your promotion. Also, you need to sign the document and mail it back to me by 15th January. Congratulations again and best of luck.



Congratulation letter For Promotion

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with much joy to inform you that you have been promoted from the position of ‘Assistant Vice President’ to ‘Vice President’ Congratulations on your great achievement! The director is very happy with your dedicated work and hopes that you will continue to keep your work standards high. You will be assigned with new duties and for that please do visit the Director’s office on Monday at 9 am for a scheduled meeting.

On behalf of the whole team we wish you the best of luck, and congratulations once again!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali