Letter to Hospital for Treatment

Letter to Hospital appointment for treatment. Medical referral letter to a specialist for operation, or surgery. Letter for OT (Operation Theater) Booking Purpose To, The Head of Operations, XYZ Hospital. Respected sir, My son visited you last week, and was diagnosed of brain cancer, third stage. You advised us to consider an operation right away. However, upon further … Continue reading “Letter to Hospital for Treatment”

Sample Leave Application for Mother Operation

Sample of leave application to go to the hospital for your mother’s operation and surgery in the hospital. Sample emergency leave application for mother operation or surgery of any type in the email. You can use this application for eye operation, heart, kidney, brain, leg, arm-related surgeries, etc. Leave Application for Mother Surgery The Managing … Continue reading “Sample Leave Application for Mother Operation”

Leave Application for Surgery Operation for Office/School

Sample leave application letter for surgery, operation, plastic surgery, heart, brain, nose breast of yourself, your father, mother, uncle, son, daughter, brother, or sister, etc., in the hospital. Leave Application for Surgery in a Local Hospital Dear Sir, I need four days’ leave due to my surgery at a local hospital. Therefore, I request you … Continue reading “Leave Application for Surgery Operation for Office/School”

Leave Application for Checkup after Operation

Sample Leave Application for medical checkup after the operation or surgery of any part of your body or any other person. Leave application format for hospital checkups or medical check-up by the student or teacher in school, college, office, or factory. Leave Application for Doctor Checkup The Head Master, School of Arts, England Dear Sir, … Continue reading “Leave Application for Checkup after Operation”