Importance of Traffic Rules Essay


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Importance of Traffic Rules Essay

Government of every country plan some rules, and regulations, and apply them to the people of that country. Traffic rules are the one of them which is to be made for the better transportation system of country. If these rules are to be followed, 99% of road accidents will be finished.

Pakistan is the country where traffic rules are to be imposed on the citizens many of them follows the rules but others don’t. In Pakistan there are some rules like, to fasten the seat belts, not to take calls during driving a car, or bike, not to drive a bike on single wheel etc. If these rules are not to be followed then some amount of rupees are as a fine to be charged from the person.

As the traffic is increasing day by day in the country, government is making new roads for better environment, and to avoid such hustle, and bustle on the roads. Traffics rules are the most important to make the roads free of hustle, and bustle the traffic, and other things. It is necessary that rules are to be followed by each, and every citizen.

Importance of traffic rules can be observed if we recognize the accidents which took place on daily basis. These accidents take place by the negligence of traffic police, and the irresponsibility’s of people. Reasons behind these accidents are non-other than the breaking of traffic rules. These accidents take place in result of over speeding, signal breaking, over taking, lack of attentions, by using mobile phones.

The only solution to avoid these accidents we should follow the rules which are made for traffic control, only by this we will learn the importance of traffic rules in our life.

Importance of Road Safety in Day to Day Life Essay


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Importance of Road Safety Essay

When you define the word safety all you think of is how you are safe in your homes, your workplaces, and your schools. Have you ever thought how being a person you provide security to yourself? How you close your doors every night before you go to sleep…? Ever wondered why you do it? It’s just because you don’t feel secure, and safe if you don’t lock the doors behind you.

It is said that a person’s brain works in such a way that it tells the concerned person how much safe he is at that time. Wherever you go, wherever you are, your own safety is something you should be concerned for all the time.

Similarly, whenever you go on the roads, driving your car, listening to your favorite music, or even talking to a friend over the phone…Driving a bike, rushing against the wind itself, and making a road character out of yourself…Do you think that you’re safe out there on the roads? Because if you think that you are safe, I have got news telling you that you’re not, and that being safe on the roads is something that can’t be achieved easily…one needs to care of himself, one needs to take care of his surroundings, understand what’s happening around, and then work on it.

Road safety is something that according to me should be taken not just as a concern but as a subject that should be taught, taught to the children, and the ones that are on just learning how to drive, and how to co-op up with the everyday traffic. It’s not a matter that can be taken lightly, as road rashes, road rages are the major things that cause road accidents.

In our everyday lives road safety carries a lot of importance, it’s important how we walk, drive, or do anything on the road. People define road in two ways, one is “A Busy Road”, and the other is a “Not so busy road”. A busy road can be defined as the road where there’s a lot of traffic going in, and out every day. A not so busy road is a road where there isn’t much traffic every day, and can be considered as a place where one can literally “Violate” rules. However, that’s not the case. A road is a road no matter if it has zero, some, or so much traffic on it. A road is a road no matter how busy it gets in the day, or how lonely it gets in the night.

There is absolutely no excuse to not abide by the traffic laws. A person abiding traffic laws, going in his lane, driving at a minimum speed, NOT using his mobile phone gets hit by another car…You may ask “But he was driving safe”. Yes, he was but the thing is the other person wasn’t a law abide. The other person who hit this law abiding citizen didn’t care how the traffic works, and this is one of the main reasons I just stated that “Everyone must be taught the laws of traffic accordingly.” Everyone must understand that if one doesn’t even follow the simplest of rules one can be taken nonetheless.

Abiding traffic rules isn’t hard. Just follow a couple of simple steps, and you are good going.