Complaint Letter to Municipality About Tree Cutting


Format of complaint letter to the municipality about the deforestation that has been happening around in your areas, Trees are being cut down with anyone giving any explanation to government. This calls for a serious action taken against them

Letter to the municipal corporation informing him about excess cutting of trees

To: Donald Caugh
Municipality of Lauderdale

I am writing this letter to express a great concern of mine regarding the excess cutting of trees by the municipality. I am an environmentalist, and I think this to be a grave problem.

I am aware that trees must be cut in order to build the new roads, and buildings; however there is no system in place to replace the cut trees.
For example, in many cities after road construction is complete the entire road is lined at the side with new seedlings. This prevents detrimental effects on the land such as landfall, and erosion. It also ensures clean air by preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, especially with all the cars driving on the new road.

To conclude, I do not believe trees need to be cut to the great extent that they are being cut now. The municipality must lower this. When there are trees being cut, there needs to be programs in place to replace them elsewhere.

Jean Wiley
Fort Lauderdale, Texas, United States

Letter to the municipal corporation informing him about excess cutting of trees

To the Municipal Corporation

Dear Sir,

With all due respect I am writing this letter to inform you about the excess cutting of trees happening in our area, and elsewhere. I am very fond of nature, and it is very disheartening to see nature being destroyed. Recently, I visited a café that I go to every month because of its lovely scenery but I was shocked to see that the whole forest area surrounding it has been cut down, and left barren. People do not understand the immense importance of trees, and how they need to be protected, and conserved. As an educated person I know you understand what damages come when numerous trees are cut.

I hope you will take immediate action to resolve this matter, and introduce new laws that will help protect our environment.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Request Letter to Cut Trees Sample


Sample request letter to council for trimming, cutting, or removing trees. Letter to forest officer to cut trees. Neighbor tree hazard letter. Letter to neighbors about overhanging trees.

Letter to Council to Cut Coconut tree

Dear county council,

I am writing to you because I would like to make a request. I have been living in the country side for a while now much of my life, and a few years ago my neighbors planted a coconut tree. Over the last year the coconut tree has grown too much over onto my property mainly over my roof, and the coconuts are falling more, and more.

When they are falling they are breaking the roofing tiles on my home, and it is very expensive to fix at 100 pounds per tile. They seem to especially fall in the summer, and as my job is seasonal I don’t have a job in the summer so I can’t afford to pay. Sometimes if it is windy, or if they grow in the wrong position than they would fall in my back garden, and my kids play out there all day in the summer. And they could get seriously hurt.

I would like permission to cut the tree down as it is causing my family stress. I hope that you can grant me this request as it would make my family’s life easier. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Lawrence Paver