Leave Application for Hajj

Sample leave application for Hajj to perform the hajj from office or school and college with pilgrims on Eid ul Adha. This leave for hajj is for use in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, UK, USA, Europe, Turkey, and all other Muslim countries for teachers, headmasters, principals, lecturers, professors, job holders, managers, executives available for download and use from their offices and institutions for performing hajj.

Leave Application to Perform Hajj in 2015

The Managing Director,

Interior Designs Co


Subject:  Hajj Leave Letter for 45 days

Dear Sir,

With pleasure, I inform you that I’ll be going for Pilgrimage with my family this year. All our reservations have been made. I request you to kindly allow me leave for 45 days i.e. from 15th August, 2015 to 30th September, 2015 so that I can make the necessary arrangements and meet my relatives before leaving for Hajj. Thank you.

You and your family will stay in our prayers.


Mr. Tariq Janjua

Chief Information Officer

School Leave Application for Hajj by Teacher

The Principal,

I am Farya, teacher in your prestigious school branch. I want to inform you that this month I want to go for performing hajj with my husband and other family members. So through this letter I request you to please grant me leave of at least 43 day starting from 4 September for performing the duty of hajj. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,


DHA, Lahore

Hajj Leave Application for Office

The Managing Director,

Construction Company,

Jail Road,


Subject: Hajj leave request letter in Email

Dear Sir,

It is to humbly request you to kindly sanction me leave for 01 month i.e. from 27th August, 2015 to 27th September, 2015 so that I can perform my religious duty, Hajj. I am working extra hours at office this month to cover up the maximum work lined up for the next month. Also, I have been training my assistant to look after some basic tasks in my absence. I have provided my complete contact details, in case of emergency or for seeking any information, you can always contact me.

Looking forward to a positive response from you.


Umar Shahzad.

Resource Manager

Hajj Leave For Teacher

The Principal,

Army Public School and College System,


Subject: 40 days leave for hajj

Dear Sir,

It is my extreme pleasure to inform you that my longing has come to an end. Finally! This year, I will be going for pilgrimage. I request you to kindly sanction me leave for 40 days i.e. from 20th August, 2015 to 29th September, 2015 to perform hajj. I have already taken 5 extra classes and will be taking two more classes in the coming week to cover the maximum syllabi. I request you to kindly grant me leave and arrange for a substitution teacher in my absence. Thank you.

Looking forward to your kind response.


Prof. Saima Chaudhary.

English Department

Leave Application to Perform Hajj
Leave Application to Perform Hajj

Application for Leave for Hajj from Office

Respected Sir,

I am Ahmad Bin Omar, working as accounts assistant at your office. I am writing this letter to let you know that i am blessed to get an opportunity to perform Hajj by the grace of Allah. My flight schedule has been issued by Hajj Deptt. My flight is on 3rd march, 2015. I therefore need to take a leave from march 2nd to april 17th,2015. Furthermore, Mr. Azeem will take care of the matters in m absence, as it has been decided between us. I have handed over all the important matters to him, so that there might not be any problem in my absence. I pray for all to get such a blessed chance. I hope that u will grant my request.

Thank you

Leave Application for Hajj
Leave Application for Hajj

Leave Letter for Hajj Occasion

The Manager Sales Audit,

National Feeds Pvt. Ltd


Respected Sir,

It is to update you that I, Kashif Khan have been working as sales audit executive for the last 2 years. It is really gives me pleasure to share with you that I have planned to offer Hajj in this year.

For this, I had submitted the application & finally got the name in list. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for 27 days as I have 32 pending annual leaves in my record.

I will be thankful to you & also pray for this organization to progress by leaps & bounds.


Kashif Khan

Leave Application for Umrah

Sample leave application for Umrah (only for Muslims) from office, school, company or any working place/job. This Umrah leave application can be used for any job position. Umrah is Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Muslims are advised to perform this Sunnah whenever they have chance.

Leave Application for Umrah from Office

The Manager Marketing
Zainab Group of Companies,

Respected Manager,

Hope you’ll be fine & enjoying good health. I am Muhammad Ali, working here as Marketing executive. I have recently been promoted to this post. It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you that I am going to offer Umrah with my parents.

It is really a blessing of Allah upon me that I have got this chance even though I have less financial resources. So in order to avail this holy opportunity, I need leave for 15 days as our tour consists of 12 days. Rest of 3 days will be covered in travelling & ultimately rest for a day, so I can re-join with the same spirit.

I need leaves from December 10th to 25th. I will remain thankful to you & definitely pray for your long & prosper life while offering Umrah.


Muhammad Ali

Umrah Leave Application for Office

Respected Madam,

I am Hamid Khan, working as H.R manager at your company. I am happy to inform you that i am blessed by Allah to get a chance to perform Umrah. I have received my flight date scheduled on march 15, 2015. So i need to take leave from 15 to 31 march, 2015. I have completed my assigned tasks and have guided my assistant to look after the matters in my absence. I pray to Allah for every one to get such blessing of Allah. I will cop up as soon as i come back.

Thank you,

Hamid Khan

Application for Umrah Leaves in Ramazan

Dear Sir,

I want to go for Umrah during the holy month of Ramazan for 15 days. I want to inform you and request you to approve 15 days leave for my Umrah. I will be thankful to you.


Umer Mahmood

Application for Umrah Vacation in Email

Respected Manager HR,

I am Atif Aslam, senior accountant at Jtex writing inform you that I am going to perform Umrah in next month for 21 days. I request you to please approve my leaves from 1st June to 21 June. Thanking You,


Atif Aslam
Senior Accountant

Leave Application for Umrah in Ramadan

Dear Principal,
I am Sobia Hassan writing for leave of 15 days for Umrah during the holy month of Ramazan. My husband, I and my elder child have booked our Umrah tickets on Sunday 5th July. Sir I know that our office workload doesn’t allow such a long leave but I am going to Um-rah for the first time and this would be most special for me during this month of blessings. I request you to please approve my leave and assign my job responsibilities to my colleagues during the absense. I will be thankful to you.

Obediently yours,

Sobia Hassan
Manager Operations

Leave Application for Umrah
Leave Application for Umrah

Umrah Leave Application Format

Respected Manager,

I am Samiullah, manager marketing at OBTC. I want to go to perform Umrah for fifteen days starting from 1st March 2015 to 15th March 2015. I am requesting a leave of fifteen days and consider them as my annual leaves. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

M. Samiullah
Manager Mrketing

Umrah Leave Application Sample

Dr. Ayesha
Director Marketing
AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Leave Application for Umrah Performing

Respected Dr. Ayesha,

I am Mehreen Akhtar, Marketing officer writing for 15 days leave to perform Umrah along with my parents and other family members. This is the first time our whole family including children are going to perform Umrah During Ramazan-ul-Mubarak from 12-July to 27 July and I don’t want to miss this opportunity at any cost. I am also aware that workload in on peak but I already handed over all of my tasks to my colleague. I also inform many of our clients I was communicating with and I also leave auto email reply regarding Umrah leave. My cell phone will be on during leaves because of roaming facility so you can SMS me or call me for any urgency. I will be thankful to you.


Mehreen Akhtar
Marketing Officer

Leave Application for Umrah
Leave Application for Umrah

Leave Application After Performing Umrah

Dear Manager,

I couldn’t join my job from 1st July to 15th July, because I was out of country to perform Umrah. So, Kindly permit me to join my job now. I’ll be very thankful to you.

Sana Samiullah

Leave Application for Umrah

Respected sir / Ma’am,

With due respect I am writing this to inform you that I am going to offer umrah with my family next month, I have been waiting for this moment from many year and I have prayed a lot for it. So for this precious purpose I want some leave approximately for 15 days. Kindly accept my leave application I will be very thankful to you for this kind act of yours.

Yours sincerely,