Difficulties of Living in a Village

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Describe the difficulties of living in a village

This is just a few points on how living in a village can be difficult…

  • Work- Most people have to travel miles to go to work every day and this cost extra money for petrol in cars on a weekly basis. Also there is traffic to work and back home from work.
  • Shops- The closest shops are in the neatest town 20miles away and unless you have your own transport you have to pay for the bus all day. Most people when they go out for the day have to go by bus and so it is always busy.
  • Family- Some people who live in the village is the elderly. They live here to get some peace and quiet. For them they are alone and so their whole family live in town or the city which is further away. They are too old to travel by public bus so have to book taxis that is more expensive.
  • Entertainment-  Some people however have their own family in the village and kids. Living in a village means that there is limited shops and entertainment such as Rcads amusements. So there is not much to do.

Problems of Living in a Village

Life of the village has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all difficulties of village life is technological backwardness. Village life is usually off the grid, cellular coverage is poor and there are no proper landline connections as well.

Secondly, in case of medical emergencies, immediate remedy can be delayed due to lack of proper hospitals in the area. One may even have to travel to city which can cost one’s life. Then there are other difficulties such as no access to super stores, company outlets, proper roads and mainstream services. Village life is not for majority of human population which has become accustomed to urban lifestyles.

Leave Application for Village or Home

Sample Leave Application For Going to Village home to visit your family members, parents, siblings etc.

Leave Application to Go Home in Village

The Managing Director,
Media Company.
DD-Commercial Area,
Phase 4, DHA,

Subject: Leave for a week

Dear Sir,

I am Shahid Mansoor working as the content producer at your organization. I belong to a small village in Okara District. My entire family lives there. It has been more than 2 years that I have not been able to pay them a visit. Kindly allow me a week long leave i.e. from 5th August to 12th August, so that I can go to my village, meet my family and settle down a few important matters too. I shall be very grateful to you for this.


Shahid Mansoor
Content Producer

Leave Application for Going to Village

Dear Manager HR,

I am Waseem, working as accounts manager at JTEV. I belong to a village and my whole family including parents and siblings are living there. I want to go to my village to meet all of them because I went there five months ago and since its been too long, thus I want to pay them a visit again. I request you to please approve one week leave starting from May 4th to May 10th. Looking for your kind approval.


M. Waseem
Accounts Manager

Leave Application as a Soldier

Dear Sir,

It is requested with all due respect that I am serving the army as a lieutenant from 2 years. It has been very long since I have not visited my home and family. So I get a little time to talk to them here. Recently my mother has been looking for a girl to marry me, she had found the one for me so I would be marrying her at my hometown.

I am very pleased to inform you that my wedding date has been fixed by my parents. My wedding date which has been fixed is 21st September, 20XX. So I cannot continue my services for a month starting from 15th September, 20XX. I am requesting you to kindly accept my leave for one month so that I can go through this sacred act with pleasure and without any worries of getting here back immediately after marriage.

I have applied for a month leave because we will plan for honey moon after the wedding,  it will take a week or two to get back home. Then I will come here and continue my services under you.  I hope you can understand my feelings at this moment. A quick action in this regard is requested from your side. I will be very thankful to you for this approval of application.

Looking forward to a positive reply. Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at times.

With best regards,

John Steve

Leave Application for Village or Home
Leave Application for Village or Home