Letter to Brother About Mother’s illness


Format of personal letter to your brother, and telling him about the personal tragedy that has knocked on you door. Your mother is going through such a personal turmoil she has been diagnosed with a severe illness, and now she wants to see her son one last time as her days are numbered.

Write a letter to your brother telling him about Mother’s illness

My dear brother Shane,

It has been a long time since you haven’t visited home. I haven’t heard from you in a long time, and I don’t believe any of us in the family have. I hope you are doing well.

I’m writing to inform you about Mother. She is extremely ill, and has been hospitalized for the past few days. We don’t know what will happen in the future, and for now all we can do is be there for her at her side.

Please Shane, I request that you come, and visit Mother. We don’t know how much time we have left. Perhaps when she finally sees you, her health will take a turn for the better. But for now, the least you can do is come visit, and be by her side, so that no matter what happens, she will be surrounded by people who love her.

I eagerly await your response, Shane.


Leave Application for One Month, from Office, Company, School


Application for long leave of one month from office. One-month leave application from school or college. Leave letter for one-month formats available below.

Leave Application for One Month from Office

The Manager of Halal Groups,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly informed that I met with a road accident yesterday. I had a serious injury to my knee, and people on the road took me to the hospital; I was operated upon in ICU; after the operation, doctors advised me to rest for one month.

Kindly grant me leave for one month. I am attaching my medical reports along with my application. I am hopeful for a kind response from you. Thank you

Yours Faithfully,

Imran Ali

Long Leave Application Sample for Office for Tour

HR Manager,
ABC Company,
Ohio, USA.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that my family has planned a visit to France. As a mother, it is my duty to be with my children because they cannot live without their parents. Therefore, please grant me leave without salary for one month from (date) to (date) so that I might be able to be a part of this family tour.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Yours sincerely,


E Mail Leave Application for One Month on Medical Grounds

To HR,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to state that I have been in an accident in which my backbone has been infected, and the doctor asked me strictly for one month of bed rest. Due to this, I will not be able to come to work for one month. I have attached my medical leave form with the application as well and my doctor’s recommendation.

Kindly allow me leave for one month i.e. 1st October – 1st November.

Yours sincerely,

Adeline Basil

One, and a Half Month Leave Letter Due to Accident

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to request a leave letter for one and a half months. This is due to my recent accident, which broke my knee, and the doctor did an operation. He has told me to rest my knee for one and a half months minimum. If I hope to make a full recovery and get the full use of my knee back, the doctor has recommended that I stay off my knee.

I’m not the type of person to make an excuse and play a trick. I can provide you will the operation forms and the medical bill.  I hope that you will grant me this, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Lee Bandit

 Leave Letter for One, and Half Months for Treatment

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. As you know about my accident, I am writing this to ask permission to leave. My operation is going to be held on the 15th of this month in a surgical hospital. And after the operation, doctors have suggested that I rest for about one and a half months. So please allow me to leave for almost one and a half months, it would be so kind of you.


Floor manager,
Ahmed khan

Leave Application For Go to Home Country


Sample Leave Application For Go to Home Country, Motherland, country of birth, or country of your parents where you were born. Office leave applications to go to home town for a visit, meet your family, and parents.

Leave Application For Going to Motherland

The controller
Preston University

Dear Sir,

With all due reverence, it is stated that I need a leave of one month to visit my home country. I am a foreigner and registered as a boarding student. I do not originally belong to the area of the university. Every summer I have to visit my hometown to meet my family. My flight is due on coming Monday.

It is therefore requested that leave of one month be granted to me. It shall be very kind of you.

Yours obediently,


Leave Application for the Visit United States of America

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am an art student of 1sr year in your college. I have a good academic record, and I have been in toppers of the class. My family is planning a visit to our native state America in the coming July (Date). It has been 2 years since we did not go there to visit our relatives. To visit America, I will need leaves from college.

So it is humbly requested that I need a leave for 20 days from college. This is submitted for your further necessary action and your kind approval. Please grant me the required leave at your contentment. I shall be very grateful to you for your kindness.

Looking forward to approval of this application, thanking you in anticipation.

Shayne Ward,

1st Year Arts.

Leave Application To Go Motherland

Respected Manager HR,

I am Jamil working in the Sharjah Sales office of M.H Materials for two years. Since I joined the company, I never visited my homeland, and now I plan to go to my home country for one month’s leave. I request you to please grant me leave for one month of June so I will be able to meet my parents, siblings, other family members.

All of my family members miss me, and I feel sad because they are calling me and asking me to visit the motherland. I hope you will note my increased performance, more happy personality, and energy to work hard on the job on my return. Thanking you, and waiting for your approval.

Sincerely yours,

Jamil Bhatti

Leave Application For Go to Home Country

Manager HR,
Company Name,
Location Address,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I humbly stated that I am living in your country for so long and working in the multi-international company of home appliance manufacturing. I live here in company employee apartments. All of my family members are in my home country, and I am feeling homesick. My mother is very aged remains ill due to backache. I want to go home and meet all my family members as I am here for three years.

I am punctual in my duties and perform all tasks on time. Keeping my good reputation and punctuality under consideration, please allow me to go back to my home country. I’ll abide by all rules and regulations and will be hereafter vacations. I’ll be thankful.

Yours Truthfully,

John Smith

Sample Visa Application Letter for UK


Sample application to apply for tour visit for UK, USA, Europe, or any other country. You can use this application for multipurpose visa like, working visa, work permit, labour visa, visit vist from any country.

Letter to Apply for UK Visa

To apply for visitor visa.

Dear Sir,

I am a working professional with an interest in travelling, and exploring the world. I have been in many other countries with my passion. I would like to explore the United Kingdom, and all its traditions closely. For this I will need a visitor visa to UK for my trip. I have a clean travelling record to my name, and sufficient experience in this field.  It would be highly appreciated if you approve my visa application, and give me permit to visit your incredible country. It would be a great experience.

I am hereby attaching all the documents, and my passport for further necessary action from your side.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

Sample Visa Application Letter for UK

Visa Application for UK

The High Commissioner,

UK Embassy UAE

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I am a citizen of UAE, and I want to travel to UK for higher education. I have done my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Khalifa University, and now I am planning to enroll myself for Master’s degree program. I have decided to take admission in University of London for this purpose. My application for admission has already been granted by the university, and I have received the confirmation letter.

Therefore, I request you to grant me student visa of UK for two years. It will help me in achieving my future goals. All the relevant documents are attached with this application.

Yours faithfully,


Visa Application Letter for UK

UK embassy, US

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have completed my graduation by the end of this month, and I had applied for my master’s program in UK based university. Luckily I am selected among 500 students, and now I have to be there for further processing.

Please find attached all required documents along with my BS transcript. I have been informed by your people that I will be called for an interview so please keep me updated for that. I have given all the bank accounts with my previous application.


Mr. Cane Smith

Leave Application for Foreign Tour


Sample format of leave application to ask permission from the boss for an international tour for a limited amount of time with family or friends

Leave Application for Foreign Tour for Research and Presentation

Manager HR,
Company Name,

Subject: Leave Application for Foreign Tour

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am saying this happy that I had applied for a foreign tour for attending an international conference on modern engineering technologies, and have selected for presenting my research work. I am presenting about new ways of generating electricity. My research work may get published.

I had worked hard day and night and got success. Now I want to present my research work on an international level. It would be a great honor for my institute and me. So please allow me a leave of one week to present my research work.

Yours Faithfully,

Umer Farooq

Foreign Tour Leave Application Sample

Dear Ms. Ayeaha,

I am Ammara student of MPhil Psychology at the University of California, writing for a leave of one week starting from upcoming Monday. Actually my friends from university, including my best friend Ms. Sara Pallen going on tour to northern areas in Pakistan next week, and I want to join them.

It is my extreme wish for many years to visit northern areas(heaven on earth), and this the best time I could enjoy the company of my friends and best friends. I don’t think that such a cherishable movement will come again in my life, so it is the best opportunity to enjoy this tour. I request you to please approve my leave of one week from the university.
Thanking you,


Leave Application for Visit of USA

The Managing Director,
Telecom Company.

Subject: Fortnight Leave for Visiting America

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that I have got a visiting visa for America. My tickets have been booked for (Date).  My elder brother has sponsored me for a trip to America. He has suggested I visit him during his annual one-week break from the office. I request you to kindly grant me leave for 15 days to enjoy some family time abroad.

Looking forward to a positive response from you.


Umar Shahzad

Leave Application for Going Abroad with Family

The Manager, HR.

Dear Sir,

My family has planned a trip to spend two weeks of the coming summer in a foreign country. The destination for our trip has not been decided yet; however, most probably it will be Switzerland as we have relatives there. It has been a long time since I spend my summer vacations abroad with my family members and relatives.

There is no need to remind you that each employee has been allowed to have fifteen days annual leaves in addition to Sundays. I shall be grateful to you if you could approve my leave for the first fifteen days in the next month to accompany my family on the planned trip.

Thanks a lot for your time and kind consideration.

Best Regards,

Alexander Mill

Leave Letter for Foreign Tour for Business

The Manager
Walls Sweets Limited.

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I, Faizan Butt, have been working in this organization as Marketing Manager as you know that the company is in the process of launching a new range of ice creams in the Lahore market initially.

We are in touch with different vendors in Dubai for a successful launch. A meeting has been arranged in Dubai. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for 7 days.

My flight is scheduled from Lahore to Dubai on the 20th of this month. So I need leave for 19th to 25th of this month.


Faizan Butt

Leave Application for Foreign Trip

Dear respected sir,

With all due respect, my family and I have been planning for a euro trip coming this (Date). Actually, I have been working days and nights for the company for past years, and I never had a chance to get enough time to visit even my relatives during this tenure. This time I am feeling very desperate to have this family trip going, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me, so I don’t want to let it go without having the best out of it.

I hope you are well aware that I have been the best employee since I joined this company. So I am asking for very little in return here to approve my leave for 30 days. It is requested very humbly and positively to your good self. Kindly look into this matter with empathy, and consider my leave application for this trip.

I will be eternally grateful to you, and I hope it will not affect our previous relationship with each other, and it does not be considered negative by the company.

Looking forward to a quick reply and positive response from your side, and thanking you in anticipation for the approval of this leave application.

Thanking you and assuring you my best professional services at all times.

With best regards and affection.


Leave Application for International Tour.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this so that I can ask for leaves for my international tour. I am currently doing a job in an American-based company, and I have meetings in America with clients, so I need leaves for four days is from (Date) To (Date).  I know doing M Phil is a great task, and the final thesis submission date is very close, But I assure you, Sir, I will submit that on the due date. So please allow me leaves; it would be a great source of pleasure for me.

Hoping for a positive response.



Haider Chaudhry.