Permission Application to Principal for College Activity


Sample format of application to send to principal to arrange a college activity like a seminar, trip, farewell, welcome day  for students to have a complete fun in their college life.

Permission Application to Principal for College Student Welcome Day

 Respected Principal,

With due respect, I wrote this application to request you for permission to arrange a student welcome day for the coming A1 Batch.

As you know that, we got done with the CIES, and it is no doubt a big thing for us student so this party will not be a welcoming event of the new batch but also act as refreshment for the Current batch, and we would no doubt be able to start our second year of A level with renewed ardor. In addition to this, not many events are arranged in our campus about which many students often complain so it will also resolve this issue of theirs. The amount needed for the event will definitely be given by the students, and the venue would most probably be the school’s main ground.

I on the behalf of whole A2 batch wrote this application, and we all request you to please approve us request. You may contact me for any further clarification. We would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

A level year 2

Welcome Speech for Anniversary Celebration


Greetings Speech for Anniversary.

Welcome Speech for Anniversary Party

Good evening everyone, and a very warm welcome on behalf of me, and my Mrs. to our special evening. It has been a blissful journey of two decades now when we first met each other we were still quite young, and stumbling through life in our own way. But the day we decided to be together was the day when all that hardships meant nothing no more. When together we became a force to be reckoned with.

I have always stated that we were lucky enough to find each other in this crazy world. I have never felt as happy as I have with my life partner. She was there for me when no one else was, and together we paved the way of success, and love in this completely neurotic, and selfish world. Every day I wake up there is a smile on my face knowing she is the first person that I will see, and every night I sleep a peaceful sleep know she is safe, and happy.

I feel extremely honored that all of you from your busy lives have spared us a few hours to celebrate our love with us, and making this evening even more spectacular. Thank you, and cheers to all. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Welcome Speech for freshmen in College


Freshman speech ideas. Welcome speech for freshman students. Welcome speech for new students in college. Freshman orientation speech. Orientation speech for first year students.

Welcome Speech for New Students in College

Please be seated, and a very warm welcome to all the freshmen this year. It seems like yesterday I was one of you sitting in those chairs wondering what college has to offer to me, and now I am standing here welcoming you all, time flies children. That’s the thing I want you to keep in mind that there is no time to waste.

Of course a lot of you if not all thinks that college is a place for fun, letting loose which it kind of is but in between this fun do not forget about why are you here which is to learn, to get good education, and to go out in the world with a valuable degree. College years can be the best time of your life if can just remember that the key is ‘’balance’’.

You need to attend all your classes, and be attentive in them during the week, and weekend is your stress reliever, you can have the fun that you imagined then. I can promise you in this place you will learn a lot, you will make a lot of new friends, and you will leave with a valuable degree, and a lot of great memories.

Welcome Speech to Juniors in School


Welcome Party Speech to Juniors.

Welcome Speech to juniors in School

Time passes but memories lasts forever. To dear juniors I welcome you all on the behalf of my entire class, and faculty. This is exactly the place where we people were standing, and now it’s you. Tonight’s excitement is on peak where all are gathered to welcome you, and to amuse you. The students whom are not here will totally miss this.

It’s a totally new phase with new beginning, and new difficulties but you can face them by having more strength, and self-confidence in yourself. School life is more exciting life like a roller costar ride where you will learn, grow, and will be able to know your passion, and capabilities.

Besides lots of hard work you will find some entertainment too like sports, speeches, poems, and art competitions, debates, and refreshing events like bonfire, and concerts because they knew the importance of extra-curricular activities where you people will find your talent, and polish your skills.

Here’s the journey that will provide you path which will lead you to the profession you are hoping for. Try to focus on your goals, and concentrate on what are you doing so then you will become a successful person. It was my pleasure to be here, and to share my views, I feel great honor so thank you very much for listening me, and wish you good luck for future.

Short Welcome Party Speech

Respected All,

We are welcoming you to the welcome party of batch spring batch (Date). I hope we make your this evening so much memorable that during whole these sessions you will always remember this day. Hope you will enjoy this function.

Welcome Speech for Guests in an Event


Welcome speech for guests, and participants in an event, seminar, or workshop etc. Introductory speech for an event. Welcome speech for conference. Welcome speech for school, college, or any other kind of function.

Welcome Speech for an Event of Carnival

Dear everyone,

I would like to formally welcome you all to my one, and only carnival, held every year but always in a different town so I would like to thank everyone that has come every year. For those of you who that apply you already know why I am holding this festival.

However for those who are new, and haven’t been before this event is to raise money for my home town that was plagued with a terrible sickness brought by a tsunami, and not just my home it’s all villages around. The money raised in the next few days will go towards rebuilding, and the aftercare of all the people who are sick.

Every year is for a different reason, and this year just so happens to go deep in our hearts as I’m sure everyone has someone to help. So again welcome, and have fun at the festival there are plenty of prizes to win, and plenty to enjoy.

Welcome Speech for Friends, and Family get Together

Welcome ladies, and gentlemen, to my wonderful home away from home by the beach. I am most happy, and pleased you could all make it tonight to enjoy each other company. So please everyone if you could do one thing for me. Eat drink dance, and talk the night away enjoy this party.

Welcome my dearest friends, and family. This is a special occasion as my amazing son is finally getting married, and to a wonderful fantastic woman. They have had a hard time but hopefully their future is brighter as husband, and wife.

Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager


Sample welcome letter for new employee. Manager is welcoming new employees of his organization, or company to set the tone for relationship.

Welcome Letter To New Employees from Manager

Dear Mr. ABC,

We welcome you to our team (company). We would like to thank you for joining, and we are hoping that we will work together for long. We have to be friendly as all the employees in the company are like a family, and they are always happy to help each other. It is a nice atmosphere where you will enjoy the gathering of a frankly staff who is caring.

I know this place is new for you, and many things you do not know but I am sure that you are agreeing with the terms, and conditions of the company. I hope you will work well, and you will follow the rules of the company, and obey, and respect your seniors as well.

If you do not understand anything you can ask any one of us as a colleague, you will find us standing beside you, if you are facing any trouble regarding work. As a manager I always try my best to keep my staff happy, and solve their all issues, or problems. Well, I hope you will not let us down in any matter.

You will get more benefits, and opportunities here to have a good future, and career.

Welcome you once again, and go ahead, show that you are the best.

All the best to you


Welcome To New Employee from Manager

Company name

Mr. Jane!

I would like to welcome you on the behalf of our company. Our company is a multinational firm, and diversity is one of the main factors that we keep special care of in our company. It’s our top priority that our employees feel comfortable, and respected working with us. I hope the excellence that your resume promised we will be able to take a glance at it in our company. Welcome aboard.

Hr manager,

Welcome Letter To New Employee

Dear Sir,

We warm welcome you to your new office, and thanks for joining our team. Hope you’ll enjoy working with us, and gain experience. For this you just have to submit your work on time.

Best of luck!


HR team

Welcome Speech to Juniors in University


Welcome Speech to Juniors in University. Sample speech for university students to welcome the juniors in university, department, college, or class etc.

Welcome Party Speech for University Students

Dear Students
I am Kamran (President of students union) at Duke University. I would like to say a warm welcome to all of you for securing admission to this prestigious institution. This is a place where you all will have the opportunity to make your careers as per your dreams, and wishes. The college administration, faculty & infrastructure has the capability to turn dirt, or raw into gold.

My advice to all of you is to adhere to the college’s discipline, rules & regulations, and never indulge yourself in any unlawful activities. You have come here only for the purpose of higher education, try to make the most use of it. Yes, there certainty are amusement sessions, and themes, and this college has excellent sports facilities, and infrastructure.

You can utilize, and polish your sporting skills here as well. Dear fellows, our institutions has this great legacy of producing most fine, and adept graduates in the field of science, engineering, medical, management, and humanities. Try to become a shining part of this great legacy, and tradition. T

ry to make sure while your stay at here, when you go into professional market, you are well prepared for the real time challenges, and have a clear vision about making a strong career. All the teachers are very experienced, and will be very helpful to you . You will find all the administration readily available for your help, suggestions for improvement, and betterment. Try not to get involved in politics, drugs , and other unlawful activities, and focus on your career objectives. Me, and my whole union will available for your help anytime.
Thanks & regards

Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day


Sample welcome address by principal of school, college on annual sports day for students, and parents.

Welcome Speech by Principal on Sports Day

Hello Children,

I believe that you all are doing good right now, and are also excited about the Sports Day arranged by the school. Sports should be made a part of life as we are all meant to have good physical strength, and health too. It’s good to see you all fresh, and happy, and excited about the performances which are about to start by all those students who have participated in different sports. I wish them all best of luck for their performances, and I pray that they are able to do their best. And also, those students who have not participated this year should be encouraged today to participate the next year so that they should also use their abilities to see the best of them. I wish you all, best of luck. Thank You.

Welcome Address by School Principal

Respected members of faculty, and my dear students,

I welcome you all at the Annual sports day being held in this school. Extra-curricular activities are an essential ingredient of the overall education process. As they say, sound bodies possess sound minds, and I am happy, and proud on what my students have achieved both in studies, and in sports. I urge you all to take an active part in sports because it is necessary to keep you healthy, and fit. I congratulate those of you who have won, and to those who could not make it this time, I hope you will do better next time. I also want to congratulate the faculty members because without your support, and hard work it wouldn’t be possible to conduct such an amazing event. I wish you all best of luck, and I hope we will continue this tradition of celebrating Annual sports day.

Thank you very much.

Welcome Address for New Principal


Sample speech to welcome the new principal by a teacher in school, or headmaster of the school, after new recruitment, or promotion to the position of school principal.

Welcome Speech for New School Principal

Ladies, and Gentlemen, Good Morning!

It is a matter of great pleasure, and honor for me to welcome the new principal of Aitchison, Mr. Mahoon. He has previously worked for 6 years at Scarsdale International as principal and has remained successful in delivering positive results. During my conversation with him, I have found him a very bold, and brave man with great ideology, determinism, and vision. I, on behalf of the entire administration, faculty, and student body, wholeheartedly welcome you Sir to (institute). We hope that with your energy, enthusiasm, and focus on education, and learning our institute achieves greater excellence. Under your leadership, and guidance, may we reach the next levels of glory.  Ameen. Congratulations, and WELCOME!

Welcome Address for New Principal in College

It is honor to have a personality like you as our principle. We all are delighted to have such an eligible person with such a good experience to monitor our school. We assure that you would find our school a good place to work, and the students would show respect. And we all also hope that you would contribute your best efforts to improve our school position in the country.

Welcome Address for New Principal

Welcome Address to the New Principal

It is such a pleasure, and great honor for me to welcome our new principal for the high school Mr.Ali Altaf. He has been working in a government high school from last five years, and he also has some experience working in Aitcheson College as a coordinator of English department, and now he is here with us, and he is joining us with new hopes.

He has always been very punctual, and humble throughout his whole life with the students, and even with all the members of club, and faculty. During our conversation in last days, I have found him a very bold, and great man with great courage, and patience to handle any issue so calmly. His ideology is unique, and determined from others. I on the behalf of my entire administration, faculty, and students welcome you in our institute.

We hope that with your energy, enthusiasm, and focus on education, and learning our institute achieves greater excellence. Under your leadership, and guidance may we reach the next levels of glory;, and we also hope that you would contribute your best efforts to improve our school’s position on better level.

Thank you so much for joining us, and wish you best of luck.

Sample Welcome Speech for New Teachers Free Download


Sample speech to welcome new teachers in school, college, and university. Speech can be used to greet, welcome, to new teaching staff, new principal, head master, department in-charge, department coordinator etc. Speech is best for English teachers, Math Teachers, Physics Teachers, O-Level, and A-Level teachers etc.

Welcome Speech Format for Teachers

Assalam-o-alaikum, and a very good morning to all of you!

It is my privilege that I am standing here, at this prestigious stage, and given the opportunity to say warm words of welcome to the new teacher of LGF Burki Campus. I cordially welcome the teachers on behalf of our institution.

We are obliged to you, for choosing this valued profession. Many of people don’t think it as important as doctors, engineers. But who are the one who make them, who are the worthy personalities who make students able to be at superior level.

You the teachers are the mentors of society; teachers are the ideal personality for them. They follow teachers, their rules, their lifestyle, and their habits. Being popular among students, and being the one from whom they are afraid of, they are happy with, they are frank with is the charm of teaching. With a positive attitude, and a sense of humor, you will create wonderful learning environment for your students.

It is said that, Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. Teachers are the one who bring about change in student’s life with fun, excitement, and develop thrill of learning in them. You are the one who guide children, help them in setting an aim, supports them in every condition, and make chances for them to come forward.

We found ourselves lucky to have such talented, and competent personalities as teachers among us. We are really thankful to you for choosing this, and thinking this profession valuable are worthy.

A teacher is one who creates alluring ambiance with his students, and sets a target in their minds. Who make the students able to bear the hardships, and aware them of upcoming circumstances. We appreciate the services of a teacher, thinking him as a best Councillor, guide, and mentor of personalities, and societies.

We wish you all the best for your tenure in this organization, and we hope that you will keep your heads high, and bring golden feathers in the cap of our institution. Our motto is to provide quality education, and that will definitely be accomplished by our quality staff. We are proud of our team for choosing the best, and talented teachers for our students- ‘The builders of nation’.

It was all from my side, I want to call Ms. Fatima on stage to further continue the event, and say some memorable words.

Thank you so much!

Sample Welcome Speech for New Teachers Free Download