Permission Application to Principal for College Activity

Sample format of application to send to principal to arrange a college activity like a seminar, trip, farewell, welcome day  for students to have a complete fun in their college life. Permission Application to Principal for College Student Welcome Day  Respected Principal, With due respect, I wrote this application to request you for permission to … Continue reading “Permission Application to Principal for College Activity”

Welcome Speech for Anniversary Celebration

Are you looking for a celebration anniversary speech? We are giving you a short speech by the hosts of the event to deliver the speech to guests. If you need a new or different speech please let us know in the comments. Greetings Speech for Anniversary. Welcome Speech for Anniversary Party Good evening everyone, and … Continue reading “Welcome Speech for Anniversary Celebration”

Welcome Speech for freshmen in College

Freshman speech ideas. Welcome speech for freshman students. Welcome speech for new students in college. Freshman orientation speech. Orientation speech for first year students. Welcome Speech for New Students in College Please be seated, and a very warm welcome to all the freshmen this year. It seems like yesterday I was one of you sitting … Continue reading “Welcome Speech for freshmen in College”

Welcome Speech to Juniors in School

Welcome Party Speech to Juniors. Welcome Speech to juniors in School Time passes but memories lasts forever. To dear juniors I welcome you all on the behalf of my entire class, and faculty. This is exactly the place where we people were standing, and now it’s you. Tonight’s excitement is on peak where all are … Continue reading “Welcome Speech to Juniors in School”

Welcome Speech for Guests in an Event

Welcome speech for guests, and participants in an event, seminar, or workshop etc. Introductory speech for an event. Welcome speech for conference. Welcome speech for school, college, or any other kind of function. Welcome Speech for an Event of Carnival Dear everyone, I would like to formally welcome you all to my one, and only … Continue reading “Welcome Speech for Guests in an Event”

Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager

Sample welcome letter for new employee. Manager is welcoming new employees of his organization, or company to set the tone for relationship. Welcome Letter To New Employees from Manager Dear Mr. ABC, We welcome you to our team (company). We would like to thank you for joining, and we are hoping that we will work … Continue reading “Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager”

Welcome Speech to Juniors in University

Welcome Speech to Juniors in University. Sample speech for university students to welcome the juniors in university, department, college, or class etc. Welcome Party Speech for University Students Dear Students I am Kamran (President of students union) at Duke University. I would like to say a warm welcome to all of you for securing admission … Continue reading “Welcome Speech to Juniors in University”

Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day

Sample welcome address by principal of school, college on annual sports day for students, and parents. Welcome Speech by Principal on Sports Day Hello Children, I believe that you all are doing good right now, and are also excited about the Sports Day arranged by the school. Sports should be made a part of life … Continue reading “Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day”

Welcome Address for New Principal

Sample speech to welcome the new principal by a teacher in school, or headmaster of the school, after new recruitment, or promotion to the position of school principal. Welcome Speech for New School Principal Ladies, and Gentlemen, Good Morning! It is a matter of great pleasure, and honor for me to welcome the new principal … Continue reading “Welcome Address for New Principal”

Sample Welcome Speech for New Teachers Free Download

Sample speech to welcome new teachers in school, college, and university. Speech can be used to greet, welcome, to new teaching staff, new principal, head master, department in-charge, department coordinator etc. Speech is best for English teachers, Math Teachers, Physics Teachers, O-Level, and A-Level teachers etc. Welcome Speech Format for Teachers Assalam-o-alaikum, and a very … Continue reading “Sample Welcome Speech for New Teachers Free Download”

Welcome Party Speech for Juniors by Seniors in College

Sample welcome party speech for juniors in college, school, or university. Normally seniors deliver speech in welcoming party to juniors, or new students of the college. Welcome Party Speech for Juniors by Seniors in College Today you have entered in a new phase of your life. College life is one of the most exciting adventures … Continue reading “Welcome Party Speech for Juniors by Seniors in College”

Thank You Letter for Warm Welcome

Letter of thanks for warm welcome after visiting an organization, business, or event, and further proceedings in the business. Letter after a Warm Welcome Dear Hassan, This letter is to thank all the faculty members for such a warm welcome. I have been appointed as the new CEO of the company, and I never had … Continue reading “Thank You Letter for Warm Welcome”

Welcome Letter to New Members Sample

Sample letter to welcome new members of shopping outlet, club, franchises, hotel, pizza point, etc. This letter can also be used to welcome new employees in the company. Letter to Welcome New Members Mrs. Saima Jameel General Manager Saima Corporation Tariq Road, Karachi Subject: Welcome Letter to New Members Dear Sir/Madam, Nimra Linen welcomes you to … Continue reading “Welcome Letter to New Members Sample”