Write a Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day


Heartfelt mother’s day messages to send to your mothers on Mother’s Day. Mother’s day wishes from son, and daughter to your mother, stepmother, or mother-in-law.

Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

How are you? I am doing well; I wish I could be there, hug you tight, and wish you Mother’s Day. You are simply the best mother in the world. I am blessed to have a mother like you. You are the Gift of God, mom. I love you, and I pray for your health, age, and happiness. I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

This day is exceptional for all the children worldwide, and they will wish the same to their mothers. I wish I could wish you face to face, but even I am not there, but you are in my prayers, mind, and thoughts. Please take good care of yourself.

See you soon. Son

Letter to Your Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Dear Mama,

I hope you are doing well in health. As you know, today is Mother’s day, and I wanted to wish you this most adorable day. So happy Mother’s day, mom!  I’m missing you so much. I wish I could wish you in real, don’t worry, next year I’ll be with you, and we will be going to celebrate it together.

Take care, Mama. Love you.

Yours Truly,
Anna Paul

Letter to Mother Wishing Her Mother’s Day

Beloved Mother,

Many hugs, and kisses to you. I am nothing without you. Though you are my heartbeat, which never stops pumping but on this happy occasion of Mother’s day, I want to extend my deep love to you, stretch out my arms, wrap around you, and hug You tightly. You are my world, you are light in the dark, you are a gush of fresh breeze, you are a field of daffodils, you are a superhero for me, and you are everything for me. I love you; I love you so much.

Your Loving Daughter,

Madeeha Yaseen

Merry Christmas Message/Letter to Boyfriend


Sample letter to send wishes of merry Christmas to your boyfriend, who is only yours, and have good relationship with. You can Whatsapp this message, or send this text in SMS. We hope you will receive a very good response from your Boyfriend on Christmas (Date). Best of Luck.

Merry Christmas Email Message to Boyfriend

To my lovely boyfriend

I don’t know how to say what I have in my heart, or mind I just act on my feelings good, or bad, and you have definitely been a good impact on my life. For threes years now we have been together, and still we are getting stronger. I hope you have a very happy MERRY CHRISTMAS love you loads my love.

Your girlfriend

Merry Christmas Message to Boyfriend


I hope you have a very happy MERRY CHRISTMAS love you loads my love.

Your Girl,

Oona Chaplin

Merry Christmas Letter to Girlfriend


Merry Christmas email letter to girlfriend with wishes. You will also learn how to write email message to say merry Christmas, or text to say merry Christmas to your ex Girl Friend.

Merry Christmas Text to Girlfriend

My fantastic girlfriend

First of all I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for just being you. You have saved me from myself, and from other who seek to get money from me. This year over, and over again girls have come up to me, and tried to get money from me cause I come from a family of rich guys. But you saw past that, and saw me for who I am. I love you my wonderful unique girlfriend, and we have a bright long future together . MERRY CHRISTMAS my love I know you will get everything you ask for.

Your boyfriend,

Merry Christmas Letter to Girlfriend

To: Jenny Rogers
2402 Webster Street
Los Angeles, California, United States

To my beloved Jenny,

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas with your family, and I wish I was able to join you all. This is our first Christmas that we aren’t able to spend together for the last few years due to my exams, so it is pretty lonely here without you.

I love you, and I miss you very much; I hope you can come back soon so we can celebrate an awesome New Years’ night together!

Merry Christmas to you, and your family with lots of love,

Robert Abraham
5359 Blanchester Avenue
Branchburg, New Jersey, United States

Merry Christmas Letter to Clients


Sample merry Christmas Wishes to a Client, supplier, vendor, or a contractor company from your company, or business, or as ceo. Clients who are the main reason for the rapid growth of your company deserves a heartfelt joyous Christmas Wish from you.

Merry Christmas Greetings Message to Supplier

Greetings in the name of God

Dear Mr. Shane,

We, (all the team/company) wish you a Merry Christmas (Date). We hope you will celebrate, and enjoy it a lot. You are honorable for us. We are pleased to wish you this Seasonal Greetings of the year. May God increase your faith; give you a good health on Christmas.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Michael Shawn,


Merry Christmas Email Message to Clients

Dear all clients

I am writing to you all to wish you a merry Christmas. It has been a very long year for this company, and I also wanted to thank you all for sticking with us even when things got tough.

So from everyone who works here at my company we hope you get everything you asked Santa on your list, and again thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Company owner

Merry Christmas Letter to Clients

To the Respected Clients of Steven Robinson Law Firm:

As the end of December approaches, we would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. We hope you have a blessed holiday with your loved ones.

Our firm will be closed for December 25th up until after New Years’ day. We will reopen on January 2nd.

Steven Robinson Law Firm
Detroit, Michigan, United States

Merry Christmas Letter to All Clients



Dear Client,

The company wishes a very Happy Christmas to you. May this occasion brings a lot of love, and festivity to all of us, and may the bond we share remains same, and get stronger with time. The company gives you all a 25% discount starting from 25th December valid till 31st December.

Accept a lot of warm wishes from our side.


Company name

Merry Christmas Letter to Employees


Sample merry Christmas letter to employees from boss including junior, and senior christian staff members. You can also wish merry Christmas to sweepers/cleaners of the company etc.

Merry Christmas Wishes to Employees

Seasonal greetings from CEO, and staff

Dear Employees,

We wish you, and your family a warm, and blessed Christmas (Date). We hope you will enjoy each moment of it with your family, and friends. May God give you peace, and happiest moment like this? We are writing to remind you that you are our team, and family, and we do remember you on Christmas. Once again a Merry Christmas to all of you.

We will arrange/organize a Christmas party when you back from Christmas holidays.

Have a blessed, and cheerful time. Blessings to you, and your family from Above.

Team ABC.

Merry Christmas Letter to Employees

Company name

Dear employees,

As you all know the holiday season is officially here, and it is that time of the year where everyone is in such a joyous, and forgiving spirit that creates an atmosphere of amazement around the world. Starting from tomorrow your holiday will officially be on, and till new years you will be in the comfort of your own home.

All I want to say is don’t forget your second home, and come again to work with some new work spirit, and positive energy .Merry Christmas, and happy new years to everyone.



 Merry Christmas to Staff

As you all know it is the month of December, and the birthday month of Jesus. We are truly honorable to wish you all Merry Christmas from whole team of Trans cure (company’s name).  We hope this day brings a lot of happiness in your life, and end your year with unforgettable memories.

Enjoy this Christmas.

Marry Christmas Letter to CEO/Boss


Letter for Christmas Greetings to Boss from office staff/employees, junior staff members. As the winter come all employees look forward to this time, and heartfelt greeting from their boss would mean the world to them.

Merry Christmas Letter to Boss of the Company


Dear Sir (CEO/MD/GM/CO),

We all staff wish you, and your family a very special Merry Christmas. May this day bring much happiness in your life, and home? This is an honor to wish you this season greetings, and we are happy that we have a nice, and kind boss like you.

Have a blessed, and unforgettable Christmas. God bless you, and your family

From all the staff

Marry Christmas Letter to CEO/Boss


Mr. Sam John, Head of sales department

Respected sir,

I hope that you are having a good time in office with your new staff. We are trying our very best to provide quality service to you. We are writing this letter to wish you a Merry Christmas as it is your first Christmas with us. May god bless you abundantly, and may you touch the heights of success. We have also arranged a Christmas dinner for the staff, and we would like to have you there. May god bless you.

Thank you


Manager, sales department

Merry Christmas Letter to a Friend


Merry Christmas letter for your friend with sending wishes. Funny Christmas letters to friends. letter to friend about Christmas vacation, and letter to friend inviting him for Christmas party. write a letter to your friend how you spend your Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas Email Message to Friend

Hello my dear friend, I do really hope that you are alright. This has been a busy year for both of us especially you with your new bakery shop. Me, and my wife wish you, and your family a very merry Christmas, and even if your naughty, or nice you deserve to get everything you ask for this year. Take care my friend, and please come see me soon its been too long.

Yours truly

Your dear friend

Christmas Wishes to a Friend

Season Greetings to you, and all your family

Hello David,

How are you doing? It’s time to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came in the world to save us from sin, and taught us to get an eternal life. This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice, and spread the love of God, and word to the world.

I hope you all are preparing Christmas Trees, and decorating house, yes of course this is a blessed, and happiest day of the year. What are your plans for 25th, 26th December? Are you celebrating it at home, or will you go out with friends? About me I have decided to go to the Church to attend the morning mass, and then I have a lunch proposal with other friends at a restaurant, there we will cut the cake, and celebrate Christmas lunch/gathering.

May you could join us. I am hoping to see you on Christmas if I could not make it then maybe next year. I wish you a Merry Christmas, and pray that may God let you see, and celebrate many happiest moments of Christmas for long.

Pay my love to your family, and wish them Christmas greetings from me.

Your friend,


Wishes for New Born Baby Girl


Sample wishes, and congratulations on the birth of new born baby girl. When you want to congratulate someone from family, or any colleague who has just been blessed with a baby girl then this is the perfect letter for you.

How do You Wish your Brother for his New Baby Girl

Dear Brother,

I am fine, and I hope you, and your family is fine too, everyone is doing well over here. I just came to know about the birth of your new baby girl just now, and in excitement I decided to write you a letter. Many heartiest congratulations to you, and your wife on the birth of your new baby girl.

Brother, Indeed daughters are a blessing from God, and it is our duty to keep them safe, I am sure that she would be as beautiful as your family is, and you will keep her happy. I can’t wait to see the baby, and I assure you that I will come to you as soon as possible.

Pay my regards to your wife, and congratulate her from my side. I am happy to see that you are growing.
Waiting keenly to hear back from you

With love, and affection,
your brother,

Wishes for New Born Baby Girl

Dear Anna,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I heard about the good news, and I am so excited! Congratulations to you, and your family! Yesterday, my sister called, and told me that you had a baby girl. Have you named her yet? I am so sorry I have not been able to visit yet, but I will visit very soon. I cannot wait to see the lovely girl, and you of course! I hope that this new addition in your family brings much peace, and joy. I wish your daughter much love, and happiness, and with great successes along the way. One day she will grow up to be a strong, and beautiful woman, just like her mother.  Convey my greetings to your husband as well, and much love to the baby.

Take care of yourself! If there is anything you need, please do let me know without any hesitation. I will visit you soon!

Best Regards,

Fatima Amir

Wishes for a New Born Baby Girl

Daughters are the biggest blessings of Creator, the day when you first held your baby in your hands, and saw your own reflection in her eyes, felt her breath for the first time, and held those little toes in your hands, this would be the best day of your life, I wish you the best future of your baby girl as you have got your own little princess your soul will reside in her from now on, I wish may your baby gets all the happiness in abundance, and may she always shine like a brightest star on the sky, may she grow up to be the most beautiful, and amazing woman of this world, MANY  Congratulations of having the most precious gift of a daughter, may your life get filled with endless joys.

With Love,

Name of Sender.