Application Format in Urdu Language for Maternity Leave


Sample application letter in the Urdu language for leave on maternity, baby birth, child-birth, etc., for workers, teachers from their office, or job.

In Pakistan Urdu language is announced as the official language for all government and private organizations. So In Pakistan, you can use this leave application to apply for pregnancy leave. In the private sector, you can use this application for blue color jobholders.

Download Inpage file Including “Application Format in the Urdu Language for Maternity Leave.”

The above attachment can only be opened within the page (Urdu writing software for computers). We also attached the image of the application. You can get an idea of writing a leave application in Urdu, and you can write your own Urdu leave application in your handwriting by seeing the image. In the future, we will be posting new formats of Urdu leave applications as well.

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