Thanks Letter for Fee Concession

Want to write a thanks letter on fees concession? Sample thank you letter for fee concession to the principal, headmaster, dean, director, or teacher.

Letter of Thanks for Fee Concession

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to thank you for the fee concession in the university fee. I feel obliged for your consideration. I assure you that you would be pleased to see my performance at the end of the curriculum. Your consideration would always be a source of inspiration.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Thank You Letter for Fees Concession

Dear Sir,

I received your letter dated (Date) on (Date) about the approval of the fee concession. I am overjoyed by the news it gave me on opening. As you are well aware that I am not from a well-earning family and am working part-time to afford my education expenses. I would never be able to afford higher studies on my own. So this news of my fee concession approval is nothing more than a miracle for me. Your letter has filled me with joy, and I cannot muster the words to say thank you to you. All I have to say is that you are nothing less than an angel for me.

Now with your this kindness, I can continue my studies further. Now it is my only purpose in life, and I will perform even well than before in my studies. My parents are very happy for me, and they want to thank you in person for this concession. I will bring them along when the new year starts so that they can pay their regards to you more conveniently. Now I will try to make you and the school proud in the coming years, for what I need is your backing and blessings.

Thank you very much from my side and on behalf of my parents. Looking forward to meeting you.

Yours truly,

Alex Lively,

Class O Level,

Brussels Public School

Thanks Letter to Principal for Fees Concession

To The Principal

Sir, it is submitted that I came to see you in your school office the last Friday. Sir, I wanted to get admission of my three children in your institution keeping in mind the teaching standard of your school, which is quite appreciably much higher than any other well-reputed school in this locality. Sir, it was my immense desire that my wards should get an education from your institution under your kind control and supervision, but one thing which was worrying me was the issue of school fees affordability. Sir, as I was a low-paid Govt employee and was very depressed about the issue of school fees of my wards. Sir, therefore, I applied your highness for fees concession, which you approved, showing your true sympathies to me and my children. Sir, the day that I had dreamed of has now arrived, and my wards are getting really a high-quality education from school; on this event, I want to salute the generosity that you showed. Sir, again I thank you very much.

Yours obediently.

Thanks Letter for Fee Concession
Thanks Letter for Fee Concession

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