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Job Cover Letter Generator

SemiOffice.Com on the way to make the best tools for our visitors. This is a cover letter and job application generator. You can use it for free. We will be adding more tools for our visitors like calculator, notepad, leave application generator, pdf converter, online text editor etc.
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Customize or Edit Your Text offering online notepad for letters, applications, essays and speeches editing. You can use it free. This script is taken from codepen which is open source. We will be adding more and more features on this editor to make it a complete solution for our visitors to edit any type of content.

Write or Customize Letters, Applications, Essays, Speeches.

We will also be adding some more tools at like calculator, pdf generator, text to image, image to text, and various other tools for office needs.

If you are looking for a special tool which is not available for you. Please let us know in the comments.

Further You can also suggest tools for so we can excel our services to meet your official needs.