Request Letter for Duplicate Bill and Invoice


Sample letter for requesting duplicate bill from company or invoice from vendor or supplier. Please send me format for requesting invoice copy

Letter Application for Duplicate Invoice


Johnny Pharmacy,

Mandy Street, Yorkshire

SUBJECT: Please Issue Me a Duplicate of Invoice Copy of All Medicines

Respected Sir,

My wife was admitted to Red Cross Hospital in front of you pharmacy and had an acute surgery of appendicitis. I had bought all the medicines and the surgery stuff from your pharmacy. Due to great anxiety during the operation I was unable to collect all the invoices. Now I am in a desperate need of those invoices so that I can claim the medical from my organization. So it is my humble request to please issue me the copies of all invoices against my name and medical record number 5895789 so that medical can easily be claimed. I hope that you will solve my problem immediately.

Thank you in advance.


Guilin Tom,

Customer no. 5895789


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