Application to Union Council for 2nd Marriage in English


Sample application to chairman of union council, or chairman arbitration council for restoration of your marriage breakup, settlement of disputes between the married couple.

You need to submit the application in same Union Council where your wife currently residing. It is better to submit application in Urdu.

You only need to submit an application for restoration of your marriage relationship, and in case of failure the authorities will automatically allow you for 2nd marriage, or they will ask you if interested in 2nd marriage. Please do not mention the permission required for 2nd marriage because in some case it may weaken your case. I am writing this suggestion after discussion with some officers in the UC, and Lawyer. You can also get this application in Urdu.

Application for My wife is not living with me & I want 2nd marriage.

Dear President

Arbitration Council,

UC- 79

Samanabad, Lahore

Subject: Application Requesting for Help to Bring my Wife Back

Dear Sir,

I’ (Your Name) CNIC (number) married in your UC area, and My Nikkah (dated 25 Dec (Date)) is registered in your Office. My wife name is (Name of wife) CNIC (Number) resident of Samanabad, Lahore.

Sir my wife is not living with me, and not fulfilling her marital life duties since February (Date). She went to her home for 2, or 3 days but she never returned. I have two baby girls (Name & Name). My babies are living with her, and I am also paying monthly expenses for my babies maintenance. Her parents home is small, and there is no space for living, and sleeping of my babies.

This is long story but in short I have tried my best to bring my wife back. I sent my parents, my brothers, and their wives, asked various other people to mediate from wife’s relatives but she refused to come back to my home. Her parents were interfering in my family matters, and they took my wife to their home, and now they are not willing to send her back to my home. She also took my Gold ornaments (2 Tola) with her.

Further to this, on 1st November (Date) I also filed a petition of conjugal rights to bring my wife back. But they not appeared in court, or not submitted any answer by them-self, or by lawyer till date.

Even during this time I tried my best to convince her to come back but she always refused.

I request you to please intervene to bring my wife back so I can move forward in my life. In the age of 35 living alone is becoming difficult for me.

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

CNIC Number

Cell: Mobile Number



  • Copy of Nikah Nama
  • Copy of Conjugal Rights Case

Corona Virus Store, and Office Closing Notice


Due to corona virus outbreak worldwide governments are taking all the measures for the safety of public from this COVID 19 Pandemic. Here is sample letter to inform your customers, and employees for closing of workplace till next order.

Corona Virus Closing Notice for Customers, and Employees

Dear Customers, and Employees,

Keeping in view all the local government orders for the safety of general public from Corona Virus Pandemic we are closing our stores, and office for a limited time of two weeks from 21 March to 5th April (Date), or till further notice. This period may be prolonged if required by the authorities, or other similar emergency.

All the customers can order home deliveries, and during this we will make sure the safety of our employees at priority.

Stay safe, and be careful about your health, and take all the precautions advised by the governments, and other reliable resources.

Warm Regards,


Sick Leave for Corona Virus Disease, Infection, or Symptoms


Sick leave application to the employer to get paid leaves due to coronavirus infection. Many countries implemented rules for paid sick leave for coronavirus disease ( COVID-19), and many working on it. You can analyze your company whether they allow paid leave for coronavirus or not.

Leave Application for Covid 19 Virus and Quarantine

Dear Sir,

I have not been feeling well for a few days, and now I have tested positive for the coronavirus. I want quarantine for at least 14 days as per SOPs by the government. Please accept my leave for two weeks from (date to date) so that I can keep myself separate for my own safety and the safety of others. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Paid Sick Leave for Corona Virus Infection

Dear Sir,

I am Cook, writing for sick leave as I am diagnosed with a coronavirus infection yesterday at my DH Hospital. I wish to recover myself soon, but it is necessary to stay away from other people for their protection. Keeping in view my sickness, I request you to please allow paid sick leave till my recovery.



Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus Disease

Dear Sir,

I have been affected and diagnosed with COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease Symptoms). I have been admitted to hospital and being observed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the last two days.

I request you to please accept my sick leave till recovery.

Further to this, I think I got this virus from the working environment. Please advise all the staff for their immediate checkup.

Thank you,


Immediate Resignation Letter Sample Format


Resignation letter is a final notice employer for leaving your job, or employment. Normally immediate resignation letters remain short, and mention the one single reason only.

This is the immediate resignation letter i personally submitted when during a meeting a person talked to me with nonsense words, and asked me to resign.

My resignation letter was very simple, and explain all the reasons in one sentence. This type of letters normally do not provide further details of the incident because seniors already knows it, or they should not be told the reason. So they can inquire from other person.

Immediate Resign Letter to Boss

The President

Company Name

Dear President,

With reference to today’s meeting with Mr. Saad, I am resigning from the job as desired.

Thank you,

M. Hamza

Resource Development Department

Image of the original letter is also attached for your review. And this is a complete resignation letter for my job, and it was explained whole scenario to all the senior members. Above letter was types in just one minute after the meeting ended.

Immediate Resign Letter to Employer

You can change the above resignation letter according to your situation. But I am also writing another letter which can be submitted in replacement to the above.

Dear President,

With reference to all the discussions in the meeting held today, I am resigning from the job because I cannot work anymore with such a bad behaviour of Mr. Saad. I apologies for my mistakes.


M. Hamza

If you really want to resign from your job. Above letters are enough to submit the resignation, and explanation of the reason as I have done.

Sister Marriage Leave Application for School

Sample leave application for sister marriage for school by the Students is available with many scenarios. Please select the best for your use.

Requesting Leave for Sister’s Marriage Functions

Dear Madam, I want to request three days’ leave to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. The functions are already planned by the family from (date to date). I hope you will grant my request. Sincerely Yours, (Your Name & Class)

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

Dear Principal, I am Saba Ch. student of Msc Psychology in Kinnaird College seeking leave of three days to attend my elder sister’s marriage ceremony. I request you to please grant me leave of three days from 15th April to 17th April. I will be thankful to you. Sincerely, Saba Ch.

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

To Head of Department The University of Engineering, Lahore Subject: Leave Application for Sister’s Wedding Ceremony Dear Sir, It is to be stated with due respect that my sister’s wedding will be held next week. Currently, my sister is abroad, and since I am the only sister of her, I need to give ample amount of time to her wedding ceremony. From decorations, wedding gown designing, pre-wedding shoot, booking of the hall to catering services, I have to dedicate myself fully to the most important event of my sister’s life. It will be quite difficult for me to catch up with my studies during the wedding week, and therefore I would request you to please grant me leave for one week. I would also like to invite you to the wedding ceremony as our teacher officially and highly appreciate your presence. Since you were her one of the favorite teachers, she would be delighted to hear from you. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. Sincerely Yours, Fatima

Application for Leave of Elder Sister Marriage Ceremony

Dear Principal, I am a student of O-Levels section C1, Barki Campus, and my enrl# is 563H. I have one elder sister, and now my elder sister’s marriage ceremony will be held on Friday Dated: 13th February of this month. I request you to please approve my two days leave of Thursday, and Friday 12th, and 13 February accordingly. I want to celebrate Mehndi’s function on the 12th. Looking for your kind approval. Sincerely, Kanza

Leave Application for Sister Marriage to Principal

To, The Principal, Dear Sir, It is stated that I need two days to leave because of My Sister’s marriage held on the 2nd, and 3rd of Feb. She is my only sister, and I have many responsibilities to arrange, and manage everything on the above days. Please allow me to leave for two days. I will be thankful to you. Yours Obediently, Sherazi, Class 10th

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage to School

The Principal. My younger sister’s marriage has going to be held from January 30th Jan to Feb 3rd. That is why I cannot come to school. I want to take leave for 3 days to attend the marriage. Please give me leave for 3days. I shall be very thankful to you. Yours obediently, Aana

Leave Application to Receive a Relative from Airport


Sample leave application to receive someone from the airport when somebody is coming from abroad, another city, etc.

Leave Application for Urgent Personal Matters from Office

Respected Madam,

It is to state that I am Ali, working as an accountant. I need to file my leave for the day after tomorrow; on account of the reason that I have to go to Airport at 10 a.m to receive my brother who is coming from London. I will complete my tasks by tomorrow, and I assure you that leftover work will be completed the very next day. I will be highly obliged for your permission.

Thank you


Detailed Leave Application for Tomorrow from School

The Principal
Deens High School
Miami, US

Sir, I am Leonard Baines, and I am a student of 8th grade. My father is returning from Canada tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. I hope to go to the airport to pick him up tomorrow so I would not be able to attend school tomorrow i.e. Friday the 13th.

I promise to attend school on Monday. I will cover the missed lectures of all subjects as well. Kindly grant me leave for tomorrow. I shall be very thankful to you.

Leonard Baines

8th grade

Leave Application for Departure of My Father to Travel Abroad

Dear Sir,

My father is going back on Job in US after one month of leave. I want to go with him for his departure at Airport.

Please grant me leave for tomorrow.


Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter


Sample sick leave written by parents to school principal for daughter due to fever, sickness, illness, cough, flue, medical checkup etc.

Medical Leave Application for Daughter Due to Medical Checkup

Harbor School

Respected Principal,

I am Mother of Minahil enrolment no. 57A, student of 10th grade in your prestigious school. She is not well, and I am writing this leave application for her medical checkup. She is feeling sick with pain in right knee.

I request you to please approve one day leave for her, and I will be thankful to you,


Mrs. Qasim

Sick Leave for Daughter by Mom Due to Fever, Cough & Flue

The Principal

Subject: Sick leave for two days

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that my daughter Sara Ajmal student of Grade 3 is suffering from high grade fever, cough, and a bad flu due to the weather changes. Kindly sanction her leave for two days so that she can take rest, and recover her health speedily. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mrs. Saeeda

Leave Application by Teacher for Urgent Work


Sample leave application by teacher to principal for urgent piece of work. Application for leave in school for urgent work by teacher. Leave Application by Teacher for Urgent Work.

Leave Application By Teacher for Urgent Piece of Work

The City School

Respected Madam,
I have a very important piece of work at home which cannot be ignored.

I request you to grant me urgent leave for a day. I will cover all the syllabus of today’s class in the next one. I shall be very thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,


Urgent Work Leave Application by Teacher to Principal going Hometown

Respected Principal,

It is to state that I am a primary grade teacher working in campus B at your school. I am writing to inform you that I am going to my hometown with family, for some family matters, for two days i.e. 12th, and 13th February. It will be a great favor if you grant me leave for the stated days. Your kind concern is required.

Thank you


Leave for Urgent Work by School Teacher in Email

Dear Headmaster,

I have an urgent work at home due to some domestic problems. So today I am unable to attend the school. I request you to please grant me leave for one day, and assign a teacher for my class during my absence. I will be thankful to you, and hopefully tomorrow I will attend the school.


Sonia Mirza

Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students


Sample essay on misuses of mobiles phones by students in schools, colleges, universities etc.

This is an essay about the good, and bad of mobile phone, and how people have miss-used them over time in the modern age. I’m going to give some examples when phones have had an effect on people especially in the twenty first century.

More than half of the whole population of USA owns a mobile phone. And half these are students that use them in class, and disrupt others. What do they do on their phones while in class? Well they are texting their family, or friends. Social media like Facebook, or Twitter, dating websites, and so on. This can be a bad thing as dating sites offer sexual criminals the chance to commit a crime if you meet them in person. However this can also be the place that you meet the love of your life the one you decide to marry. You just have to be careful, and take caution. This outcome is mostly bad, and rarely good. Students are risking their education, and potentially their future.

The internet is the biggest way for bullies to bully others this is called cyber bullying. And seeing that three quarters of the world’s population have a phone also have internet on their phone this has a bad effect on each generation with it getting worse with each. Law states NOT to use your mobile phone while driving yet people still do, and this causes accidents, and deaths.

Scientist have studied that mobile phones leek a bit of radiation which is harmful but with modern times people use them more, and more this will eventually lead to just enough reduction to harm your health. Mobile phones can be a good thing as in the modern day more, and more men are stalking women. If a woman is walking down an empty street, and she feels someone following her. The mobile phone can be used to send that person away because they see that she is on the phone taking with someone, and they don’t want to risk it. This can be a good thing.

When people are texting their friends, and family they are using texting language like abbreviations such as “LOL, or srsly” this has a very bad effect of the English language, and in some schools they do allow their students to use this in their exams. However it can be a good thing for young kids to learn easier.

My conclusion is that people in the modern day do misuse their mobile phones. Phones nowadays are bad however they can also be good thing for women, and also for kids to keep in contact with their parents while at school.

Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay in English


Misuse of Mobile Phone

In the fast pace of 21st century, technology is the part of everyone’s life. Things have become much more convenient. In the past, people faced many problems to perform simple calculation, and day to day task but with the invention of mobile phone everything is just one tap away.

The world has turned into global village, anyone can communicate with each other, even if they live poles apart. Mobile phones have brought people closer, and made things easy. The tasks which were complicated, and time taking are now performed within the blink of an eye. Another important aspect is its use in the field of education, now the students have access to numerous amounts of websites where they can easily gather information regarding their subjects. With all the positive aspects, and brighter side of mobile phone there are many negative aspects that can’t be ignored.

Mobile phones have their own pros, and cons. The biggest dilemma of our society is that mobile phones are now accessible to everyone even children of age 5, or 7 are also found immersed in the usage of mobile phones. The biggest misuse of phone is for the social media which has become very popular in our youth. You can find almost anyone on different social media platforms where young people are indulged in competing with each other for material things. Everyone wants to capture a picture of anything they eat, or buy, and later they post it on the social media just to flaunt off their social status, due to which many other people who belong to the lower strata of society gets involved into inferiority complex, and face depression in their life.

Excessive usage of mobile phone has adverse effects on the health of people. Children at a very young age are affected by weak eyesight. While sleeping at night people keep their phones closer to them, and the harmful rays of the mobile phone radiations affects their brain, as a result brain tumor, or brain cancer is becoming more common in the population. People spend their free time on mobile phones instead of taking rest which adds more fuel to the fire of medical problems.

Apart from health, mobile phones are also affecting the relationships. In the past people used to meet, and greet each other on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s, eid festive etc but now all they do is send a message through their mobile phones, due to which physical contact is lost as a result when people are in dire need no one really approaches them. A certain distance is created between family members because when they sit together instead of spending time with each other, they spend their time on useless, and baseless chats on mobile phone.

There is a beautiful saying, “Realize it before you lose.” This quotation is relevant in the 21st century as we all are so deeply involved in our gadgets like mobile phones that we do not even realize the negative affect that it is bringing in our life, and in our society as a whole. It is the hour of need when we should know the importance of reality, so that we may shift our focus from virtual world to real world.  Excess of everything is bad; if it is used in a correct manner we can enjoy our life as well as stabilize our relationships for a healthy future.