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More than 301 Leave application sample formats to match your all daily needs. Sample leave application formats for students, employees, managers, doctors, and engineers, laborers. You can use leave application templates for company, office, factory, school, college, and university. We also provide Leave application writing services for our visitors on demand.

Leave Application Categories

Accidental Leaves

Death Leaves

Fever Leaves

Long Leaves

Marriage Leaves

Medical Leaves

Office Leaves

Sick Leave for Office

Sick Leave for School

Student Leaves

Teacher Leaves

Urgent Leaves

Sample Leave Applications for Quick Usage

Leave Application Formats for all events, ceremonies, programs, medical problems of males, and females, traveling, etc are available for free download. Republishing any material of SemiOffice.com is strictly prohibited in any case. Please select your required application if not found search in the search box, and if it is not available please leave your topic in the comments form below. We will post your required leave application as early as possible.

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  1. Could you please write me an application for office leave in which, it is written that I have extra working day on my previous month, and I like to have my leave manage with that extra working day.

    Thankyou very much.

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