Application for late Joining of Internship Program

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Sample application for late joining school, job, training program, event, ceremony, convocation etc.

Late Joining Application Format 1

AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Application for Late Joining of Internship Program

Dear Madam,

As informed earlier to the school authorities, I could not attend your summer internship program sooner since I was not present in the country at the time.

I had already talked about this issue with the person in-charge of the admissions who confirmed my position and I was keen to hear that my spot was confirmed, after I told that I had to go for Umrah.

I have now returned, and wish to start the internship from the 8th June. I would appreciate if you accept this application as a token of absence. I hope to do a lot for the program, as I have already pooled in my share of ideas. My name is currently in the Resource Department, Group G, and I do not wish to change it but work with my fellow students for the greater good of the school.

Thank you

Maira Dastgir

Application for late joining of Internship Program
Application for late joining of Internship Program

Late Joining Letter Format 2

To President
AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Request for Late Joining of Internship Program

Respected Sir,

I am registered at your organization as an internee. Owing to my examination I could not join your organization from 1st July. Now, My exams have been finished. So I am joining your institution from 8th July.

Thank you,


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