Extension of my leave due to my Mother’s surgery


This letter can be used by a senior manager, a junior employee, a general manager, a labor worker, a personal assistant, a clerk, or any post in the office for extension of leave due to mother’s surgery.

Extension of my leave due to my Mother’s surgery




I am writing to request you to extend my existing leave by one week. I have been working in your office since two years as a General Manager of the branch. I was granted a week’s leave due to my mother’s surgery, and due to some unforeseen, and unfortunate complications in my mother’s surgery , her recovery time has increased. She went through the surgery of urinary bladder in last week, and now with the grace of God, she is home. But, she needs to be looked after 24/7. My mother has been leaving with me since I got married. In current circumstance, it is not possible for my wife alone to look after the household chores as well as my children, and my mother. My children are taking their end of semester exams, and they need to be dropped off, and picked at very irregular times. Therefore, she needs assistance to take care of my mother. My mother cannot walk without assistance, and she also cannot sit. Moreover, her daily medical progress needs to be recorded on daily basis. My mother has always been very attached to me, and she has refused to be taken care of anyone else. In such circumstances, I will not be able to do both things at one time, and moreover, I will not be able to deliver my best to the office, and neither my mother. So, therefore, it is requested to please extend my leave by a week so that I can take care of my mother. I hope you will understand my position, and grant my plea. I shall be very thankful to you for your cooperation.


Extension of my leave due to delay in my Mother’s surgery

Respected sir,

I hope this email finds you in good health. I am working as a junior staff assistant in your company. Recently, I was granted one week leave on the basis of my mother’s surgery. I am writing this email for the extension of my leave. My mother was to go through cardiac bypass in last week but due to some serious medical complication her surgery got delayed. As being the only child of my mother, and being unmarried, I have to take care of her. She is around 60 years old, and need assistance in walking, and other personal chores. Her bypass surgery caused a lot of complications due to which the expected recovery time is also expected to increase. Her recovery progress needs to be daily recorded, and has to be reported to the doctor weekly. As you already know, I earn a very humble amount of money, and due to which I can not hire an expert nurse to take care of her. Therefore, I will have to do all the chores myself. Moreover, there are certain exercises that are supposed to be done on daily basis as well. Due to a lot of reasons, I am bound with my mother 24/7, and it is not possible for me to come to office. I have attached all the documents, and reports of the surgery.

I will be very thankful to you, if you could extend my leave for about a week more. I am looking forward towards your cooperation.

Best regards,

Your employee,

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