Appreciation Letter for Manager

Sample appreciation letter for manager, bank manager, HR manager etc. Thanks letter to boss for appreciation.

Appreciation Letter for Manager, and staff

The manager, DBX

Respected sir,

We would like to congratulate you, and the staff under your supervision for showing excellent performance during this month, and for that every person under your supervision will get a bonus this month as a gesture of appreciation. We expect the same effort, and dedication from the staff for future. We wish you all the very best. Thanks


Airport management authority, DBX

Appreciation Letter for Manager

To manager,

Hope you’re doing well. The purpose of writing this letter is to appreciate your work, and your presence of mind. You actually gave the presentation very well, and elaborate the little points with good effort that was quite good, and our clients were looking impressed too. In the question answers session I actually got scared as you are new, and don’t exactly know how to handle others but you did good, and answered questions very well. Cheers to your efforts, and work hard.

Yours sincerely,


Appreciation Letter for Manager

To Manager,
Custom office, Taxes, USA

Dear Barbra Oliver,

It is great honor to know that our project from loss angles has been accepted, and it is been used by more than (Date) people in USA. We congratulate you for such great achievement for our company.

It would never be possible without such great effort of Miss Barbra Oliver, who worked with great enthusiastic, and struggled to fulfill this project. We appreciate all her effort for this project.

Thank You


Camilla Nathan

Letter to Appreciate the Effort of Rector

Dear Rector,

I am writing to you to congratulate you on your past administration work for this company. You have done amazing work, and without you this company would not be here in the position that it is now. On behalf of the company director I want you to know that we do appreciate your pass administration work. So thank you.

Kind regards,

Sectary of company director

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