The Art of AI in Creative Rewriting for Business Articles

Businesses use articles to promote themselves or to pitch their business model to the public. It is obvious that they have to make their presence known to the world and business articles are a great way for it.

Many businesses already use this strategy, but coming up with unique content every time they have to get a business article published can be a bit tricky. Luckily, as AI is becoming increasingly smart, it can be used to rewrite existing articles differently. This can make it easier for businesses to re-use the content that they’ve already published.

The Art of AI in Creative Rewriting for Business Articles

Businesses can use an AI article rewriter tool to recycle content for their business articles. This can make it easier for them to keep posting more about their services without having to worry about writing entirely new content every time.

This article will demonstrate how businesses can benefit from an AI rewriter for the purpose of rewriting their business articles. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at what exactly are AI rewriters and how they work.

What are AI Rewriters and How Do They Work?

An AI rewriter works using artificial intelligence to understand what the original text means and rewrites that text based on the user’s needs while keeping its meaning intact. It usually works by swapping words for more suitable ones that can be used to achieve the goal of the user.

Article rewriters can help with achieving originality, changing tone, or increasing clarity and conciseness. These tools can create newer and improved versions of existing content and some can also generate completely new content for articles simply by a few prompts.

Now that you know how these AI rewriters work, here are some of the benefits businesses can get from using them for the purpose of rewriting business articles.

  1. Rewrite Titles in a More Engaging Way

Since businesses can’t use the same title for an article every time they have to publish something similar. An AI rewriter can be used to change it. 

The rewriting tool not only changes the existing title but can also write it in a more engaging way so it can capture the attention of the readers. All this can be done in a matter of seconds by using an AI rewriter.

Apart from changing titles that have previously been published by the same business. Titles from the internet can also be taken if they are related to what you want to publish in your business article.

Simply take the title that you like for your business article and add it to the AI rewriter. The tool will come up with a title that is much more eye-catching for the reader.

Here’s an example to help you understand what we’re talking about.

The Art of AI in Creative Rewriting for Business Articles

As you can see, the AI rewriter effectively comes up with a title that is way better than the title we found from Google. Businesses can use the same technique to get more engaging titles from what they previously had.

  1. Eliminate Repetitive Words and Get better Word Choices

There might be improper and repetitive use of words in a business article that has previously been published. Using the same low-quality content again can tarnish the reputation of a business. 

This is where an AI article rewriter comes in handy as it can eliminate repetitive words from a piece of content and add words that are better suited for the context in their place.

This can be a huge win for businesses that want to recycle their content as not only can the tool make the input text reusable but can also increase its quality. Having repetitive words in a business document can make it look dull and boring for the reader and the rewriter can be a perfect remedy for this problem.

To encapsulate this, we’ve attached a screenshot below.

The Art of AI in Creative Rewriting for Business Articles

Notice how the rewriter has swapped words for better suitable ones. It also changed the sentence structure of the text to make it of higher quality. This is how businesses can take advantage of it when they have to recycle content and improve its quality at the same time.

  1. Get Plagiarism Free Content

Flipping content from a business article that has already been published can be considered as plagiarized content. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can get the articles of a business penalized. 

It is considered plagiarism because the content you’re trying to publish has already been published before and it won’t take long for the search engines to realize this and de-rank your business article.

Luckily, using an AI article rewriter for the purpose of recycling content can also get rid of plagiarism since it can also paraphrase the input text by changing its words and sentence structure to achieve better clarity. Business owners can get all these benefits from the article rewriter as they won’t have to come up with content for a business article but can rather recycle previously published content and make use of it again.


Companies can use an AI article rewriter to recycle content rather than come up with a new one every time they have to make a business article. This article demonstrates how AI rewriters can be useful for rewriting business articles and some of the benefits that companies can enjoy by using a tool like this.

Author: David Beckham

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