Examining the Multifaceted Processes of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning and maintenance of commercial spaces. This ranges from office warehouses, storage facilities, retail stores, restaurants, schools, healthcare centres, etc. But unlike in-house office cleaning, the commercial cleaning service process is comprehensive and wide-ranging. And since no two commercial facilities are the same, cleaning plans are also often customized to cater for the specific needs of the commercial facility.

What makes a commercial cleaning service

However, commercial cleaning services require more than just the usual tidying up. Yes, it still involves the standard cleaning procedures you often see in in-house office cleaning, such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, taking the trash out, etc. But to ensure the highest quality of cleaning, commercial cleaning services employ commercial cleaning team composed of highly skilled, fully trained and equipped, experienced, expert cleaners.

Fully trained and experienced cleaners

Often, a good commercial cleaning company also continuously train their commercial cleaners to use the most effective methods, adhere to the guidelines of the local government, and familiarize various modern cleaning equipment. And since different commercial spaces require a different types of cleaning, professional cleaners are often trained to handle various types of cleaning in a complete commercial cleaning service.

Different facets of professional commercial cleaning processes

Air duct and HVAC cleaning

As its name suggests, air duct cleaning is the cleaning of the air ducts that run throughout the commercial facility. These air ducts are responsible for circulating air from the HVAC system. Due to the nature of the system, air ducts become filled with dirt, dust, and various debris. Over time, these nasty things build up and cause the whole HVAC system to run inefficiently, leading to a decrease in indoor air quality and even leading to various respiratory issues for people inside the commercial facility.

Crucial part of building maintenance

This is where professional commercial cleaning services come in – by thoroughly and regularly cleaning the air ducts, you can ensure improved overall air quality in the workplace. This improves indoor air quality, which can also help mitigate the risk of respiratory issues in people getting inside your workplace. Moreover, clean air ducts lead to increase in energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in commercial spaces are practically dirt traps, and most commercial cleaning service company offers quality service in this aspect.

From foot traffic to spills-causing stains to various allergens, carpets quickly become dirty and unsanitary. And while daily vacuuming of carpets can help remove dirt and dust, it is not enough to keep the carpet clean and sanitary, as these particles get embedded deep between the fibres of the carpet. This leads to poor indoor air quality and health hazards, as dirty carpets also harbour disease-causing bacteria, mould, and harmful microorganisms. This is where commercial cleaning for carpets gets into the picture.

Carpet cleaning is a specialized cleaning service, which is often included in a professional commercial cleaning plan. It involves the use of professional-grade equipment and a cleaning agent. A good professional commercial cleaning company can offer various methods for cleaning carpets and rugs. The most common is using industrial-grade vacuum cleaners and hot water extraction (which involves spraying hot water mixed with a special cleaning solution, then professional cleaners use powerful vacuum to extract dirt).

Other cleaning service companies offer dry cleaning methods (a commercial cleaner uses dry cleaning compound sprinkled onto the carpet and then activated by the machine) and encapsulation (commercial cleaners apply a special cleaning agent to the carpet, which forms crystals around the dirty foreign particles).

When cleaning common areas, carpet cleaning cannot over overstated. In addition to removing harmful particles from the carpet, professional-quality cleaning of carpets can extend the lifespan of the carpet.

Floor mat cleaning

They may come in different shapes and sizes, but floor mats are designed to do one thing – to trap dirt and various debris that would otherwise be tracked inside the building premises. However, like carpets, the floor mats can become saturated with dirt, dust, grime, allergens, and even moisture-causing mould and mildew, leading them to be a cause of concern for various health risks, as dirty mats become breeding grounds for disease-causing germs and other harmful microorganisms. This is another important reason why you need commercial cleaning service for your workplace.

While regular cleaning and vacuuming are vital to keeping the floor mat clean, all it does it just remove loose dirt and debris from the surface of the mat. Commercial cleaning for floor mats, on the other hand, involves deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Floor mat cleaning involves the use of special cleaning equipment and commercial-grade cleaning solutions to effectively and safely remove dirt, stains, and unwanted odour from floor mats. Sanitizing, on the other hand, makes sure that the mats are free of any bacteria and various forms of germs.

Moreover, regular floor mat cleaning from commercial cleaners can also extend the life of your floor mats.

Upholstery Cleaning

No matter the nature of your business, the size of your organization, or the industry you are in, you want to create a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for your commercial space. This is why many companies and organizations invest heavily in good quality furniture in their premises. The more furniture you have in your establishment however, the more you need commercial cleaning services to keep your upholsteries clean and comfortable.

The commercial cleaning services advantage

While in-house office cleaning can help keep your premises clean, it doesn’t necessarily ensure that the workplace is hygienic and safe. One area that is often overlooked by in-house cleaners is upholstery cleaning.

Like carpets and floor mats, upholstery also traps dirt, dust, allergens, etc. These particles circulate into the premises, affecting the indoor air quality of the workplace. Upholstery cleaning mitigates this problem through a thorough cleaning process.

 Moreover, regular upholstery cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your furniture. Dirt and stain-causing grime, spills, etc., can easily damage the fabric of your furniture.

Commercial cleaning for upholstery and furniture also ensures improved hygiene. And since couches, desks, etc., come in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis, they become a hotbed for ground bacteria and various germs. Regular upholstery cleaning can help your furniture look and feel better for an extended period of time. But more than that, commercial cleaning can effectively remove disease-causing pathogens.

Deep cleaning

The bread and butter of commercial cleaning services

As said earlier, regular (daily) cleaning is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial premises. However, every once in a while (twice a year, to be specific), you will need a more exhaustive cleaning to keep your workplace clean and actually safe and conducive for work. This is what deep cleaning is about.

Deep cleaning for commercial facilities involves the use of a more comprehensive cleaning plan. This is the highlight of most commercial cleaning services.

As with regular office cleaning services, deep cleaning also involves vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, mopping, and taking out the trash. However, the unlike most office cleaning services deep cleaning in commercial cleaning services is far more intensive, as it includes cleaning not just the common areas but also areas and spots that aren’t always reached by regular cleanings, such as power washing of windows (window cleaning is often a specialty clean service) exterior walls of the office building, removing cobwebs and accumulated dirt, dust, mould, and mildew in hard-to-reach areas, disinfecting of bathroom (toilet sinks, sinks, cubicle walls, etc.), to sanitizing high touch point areas such (door knobs, elevator buttons, bathroom handrails, keyboards, phones, etc.) within the commercial premises.

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